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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

A few pics from my scan by Dr. Haacke

I am still waiting on the 3-d images from Dr Haacke, but these scans are pretty telling. For those who don't know, I only have one internal jugular.

If you look at the very bright part of the top of the jugular, then go about one inch down, you can see where the bone from the vertebrae is pinching the jugular. There is also more narrowing about two-thirds of the way down, which I didn't ...
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I ran across this post on another site ( and thought the information might be useful here. It was posted 11/10/09.

I have some contact info for you regarding testing. First of all, in Saskatchewan, at the Saskatoon City Hospital, you will want to call the office of Katherine Knox,MD, FRCPC at 655-8447. The lady I spoke with there is Bev. They say that they will begin testing in a couple of months after some ...
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Stanford helps an innovator

This article has nothing to do with CCSVI, but I found it interesting because of the possible use of the invention in cancer and because Dr. Dake and the interventional radiologists at Stanford encouraged the inventor to move forward.

Cassidy: Silicon Valley inventor seeks next big thing in cancer fight
By Mike Cassidy
Mercury News Columnist
Posted: 11/12/2009 12:00:00 PM PST
Updated: 11/13/2009 01:29:14 PM PST

Robert Goldman ...
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Relapses - when do they occur?

Hi - this is my first post - so please bear with me :-)

I've been reading a lot about the CCSVI topic, and I am very optimistic about this being the real reason for MS.

I have RRMS, and I would like to discuss the following:

At what time of the day do you normally discover that you've had a relapse, or worsening of your MS-symptoms? ...
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What to do to support healing?

Finally i did it! I went to Dr. Simka in Katowice and he confirms what he has already found in the MRV pictures i send to him: Stenosis in left and right jug due to pathologic valves. Im scheduled for dual stenting the 1. December!

Now im looking for advice what to do after the procedure to support the healing of my nervous system as good as possible. I know of taking lots of vitamin ...
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I've been lurking

I've been lurking here for a few weeks- so much to read! Thought it was time to introduce myself.

I have advanced PPMS. Full time wheelchair user. Problems were confined to my legs until about a year ago. Now I have difficulty with my hands. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking a lot for dictation software. Took long term disability from my engineering job in May.

My question today is, does anyone know if procedures have ...
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Canadian Documentary ????!!!!

OK... so I've seen posts on this board about a Canadian documentary coming out on the 24th of November. That's not very far away. I searched the whole board for the word "documentary" and got only a few hits. This sounds HUGE !!! Would anyone out there who knows more than I do (which is NOTHING) give us some more scuttlebutt on this ????????
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Shot down in CO

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mrhodes40 wrote:I Surgeries are strong placebos, actually the strongest they've tested in allopathic medicine

This is true of course....

I'm going to Poland for the procedure but sometimes there's a nagging voice in my head which asks:

Could all the positive results of the people who have been stented be due to a placebo effect?

I hope not :(

Excuse the mistakes in my English. I'm from ...
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How do I put my photo on?

I feel so silly, but I really don't know how to attach my photo, can someone help? Such a little thing, but so frustrating.
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