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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

OT Physiology questions

I get a lot of PM's about physiology: why things work the way they do in the body. I would like to have a place where people can ask that kind of question and I'll do my best to answer so everyone can read the answer. I will reduce the repeat answers in pm for me :wink:

Here is one I got recently:
reading over the ...
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I have a doubt....Plz suggest !!!!!

In 2004 i was dx "AQUEDUCTAL STENOSIS" and referred to Neurosurgery dept for having an operation,but the Neurosurgery dept denied saying "the MR brain shown mild to moderate ventricular dilation,it appears to be arrested hydrocephalus and not the cause of present neurological status".Later at a different hospital in 2006 i was dx "? PROGRESSIVE MS "

I am having swelling in my feet and the other symptoms are difficulty in walking ,Bladder and Bowel dysfunctions. ...
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Anyone contacted prof. Zamboni?

Did anyone here contact prof. Zamboni? Does he answer on questions? Is he performing any diagnosis or surgery on demand or doing research only?
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Hypoxia and hemoglobin?

Does hypoxia lead to elevated hemoglobin count in CCSVI? Have you had abnormally high hemoglobin levels?
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Happy Bithday Erika!!


Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!! :) :) :)

We are always here for you and will remain by your side.

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Blood flow and remission in MS: a new interpretation

Blood flow and remission in MS: a new interpretation of historic observations

30/01/2006 to 02/01/2009
cause of MS,
Grant number
King’s College London
Prof. K.J. Smith
Amount funded

MS results in intense inflammation within the brain and spinal cord, and there is increasing evidence that this can directly cause conduction and neurological deficits. This PhD project explores the hypothesis that the deficits arise because the nerve ...
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Tracking Project Suggestion

Sharon, Marie, Jeff, Sport, and Randi:

I will "dump" your responses into a surveymonkey survey and post the link on the message board so we could all see what this would look like.

I'll try to get it done tonight. I think you will find it a handy tool to review and analyze data and easy for input.

If the TIMS administrators want to keep it going, there would be nothing extra that would need ...
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CCVI outcomes and other approaches

I am very curious about the operation and how it ties in with diet, heavy metal poisoning, supplements and Lymes disease and if patients outcomes are different when tied into any of these other approaches. I am due to have the operation at Stanford in November. I follow the Best Bet Diet, take supplements, incorporate Dr. Wahl’s advice ( don’t smoke or drink, am currently being treated for Mercury ...
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List of Those Who Had/Scheduled to Have Procedure-Stanford

This is a list of those who had or are going to have procedure at Stanford. This list was part of another topic and it was suggested that I move it under its own topic. Also noted those who have posted to the Tracking Sticky.

The names I can remember:

Jeff (Cheerleader or Jeff w MS) 5/12/09 -posted to Tracking sticky
Marie (MRhodes40) 5/19/09 -posted to Tracking sticky
Sharon (Sharon) 6/2/09 -posted to Tracking sticky ...
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