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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

worried the most about coumadin . . .

Hello to everyone. :-) Thank you so much for your wonderful help and replies -- you are the very best people! :-)
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meet and greet at the Sheraton

What a good day yesterday. I got to sit down with Mark (skydog) and Oliver (Radeck) and their families. It was absolutely awesome to sit down and talk face to face with people who are going through the exact same thing. And what wonderful people. I think we talked for 2+ hours but it felt like ten minutes as everything you wanted to say gets washed out with enthusiastic greetings and warm feelings and before ...
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Just returned from Dr. Haake's MRI study

Well, Yesterday I made the less than enjoyable drive to Detroit (not my fav city) and had my MRI/MRV done at Harper Hospital.

I must say, once I got through the sea of people in the lobby, and went through the tunnel to the MRI reseach wing, all went smoothly. Paula was a real peach, and was very kind. The MRI room was suprisingly nice, and the machine looked quite new. I am a stickler ...
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Zamboni's posters on Facebook ???????

I am glad that someone put the images of Zamboni"s even posters on Facebook. The problem is that the pictures are low resolution so if you blow them up to try and read them it's impossible. Does anyone know if/where better images of these posters are ??? Maybe they are purposefully blurry for reasons of academic protection.

I am meeting with some MS researchers today and the images of the posters would be good to ...
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Appt. with Dake in Dec. but need help with insurance stuff

Hi all

I desperately need advice. I have an appointment with Dr. Dake in early December. I actually sent all of my records to Alex and the doctor in early August! I made the appointment in Aug., did not hear from them for 3 months and so I assumed everything was okay. I called 2 weeks ago to confirm my appointment in Dec. Alex told she is still having issues with my insurance which came ...
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Symposium on Spinal Cord injury/repair. Video.

Hi all, I know there's not much new under the sun here, this was mentioned awhile ago but the video is great for newbies like me and oldbies too! I stumbled across this on the Research Channel and was fascinated by it all.

Also it is good at explaining in picture form some of the various processes as it relates to oligodendrocytes, myelin, calcium and sodium channels, etc etc.

FWIW applies here of course.

This ...
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Which comes first? Candida, CCSVI or MS?

This will be a long post, but please bear with me and hear me out. I have NO medical background, I’m just another MS patient on a similar search for answers to the question, What causes MS.
My little uneducated brain keeps coming to the conclusion that we are what we eat and absorb through our skin and breath from our environment. I can’t wrap my head around the thought that our own bodies would ...
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New to the forum

While I have been lurking for a while so I thought I would introduce my self. My name is Jason I am 36 and I was DX'd almost 1 year ago RRMS and found the CCSVI info about 2 months ago so I am scheduled with my PCP the 23rd to get a refferal to Stanford then hopefully that portion can happen quickly, luckily I live just north of Phoenix so Stanford is not to ...
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Zamboni at Charcot foundation meeting !!!!

The CCSVI Facebook page has a new entry this morning about the Charcot Foundation Meeting in Europe. Apparently Dr. Zamboni and Dr. Salvi will have their CCSVI posters there. It's being held in Lisbon November 12, 13 and 14. I was disappointed that Dr. Zamboni is not giving a talk !!!! We all know the lack of impact of his posters at ECTRIMS. The Charcot foundation page has a button survey to see if a ...
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