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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Round 2 for skydog at Stanford

Sure feels good feeling good again. Now that the pain has made its way from my neck slowly down the shoulders to the arms and now rests just slightly in my right elbow. How does this happen this way? Procedure # 2. The whole trip from start to finish couldn't be better. It was perfect in all aspects. We arrived early and stayed late which gave time for meeting three of our fellow Patients/forum members. ...
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Brain Bucket

Kind of an interesting video, granted the MRI does not show the jugular veins, but still a cool invention.

'Brain Bucket' Can See Into Your Brain

Developed and implemented at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the device, officially titled the "multi-channel phased ray coil," is basically a helmet featuring a myriad of sensors and coils connected an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.

With the Brain Bucket, the ...
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CCSVI symptoms...besides MS?

So I have connected some of the sensations I have had for a while with CCSVI and wondered if anyone else has the same symptoms/sensations?

I have felt these as long as I can remember and never mentioned them because I thought it was normal. Come to find out my husband and everyone else who is "healthy" that I have asked does not.

I have not been tested for CCSVI, but I do have MS, ...
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side effects of stenting

Hi All!
Our polish ms community suffer from lack of info about possible side effects of stenting,and all we hear from our neuros is bunch of threats (we think that's their way to stop us from trying to go ccsvi way) So I would ask You to help prepare list of possible side effects.This will help us to make decisions.We tried to compare risks of stenting of neck veins to stenting of superior vena cava,but ...
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Vascular Scientists vs Neuroscientists

The following is the body of an email that I sent to the Administrative Director of the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. Any comments ???


Dr Zamboni is a vascular doctor. Most scientists/doctors researching MS are neuroscientists/neurologists. We need this kind of collaboration at the Hope Center for MS research : discussions of Zamboni's work between vascular scientists/doctors and neuroscientists/doctors. All the information that ...
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Who is waiting for Dr. Dake?

I just thought it would be interesting to see who is waiting to see Dr. Dake. Maybe those of us who have our paperwork in could post here and keep the rest of us updated on the process, then post on the skicky post when we have the procedure. Some of us may end up at Stanford at the same time!
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PPMS. High iron levels


I'm a new PPMS UK member brought by researching CCSVI. I'm a 68 y/o male, dx late 1980's, but early symptoms since '70's. Have now been wheelchair bound for about five years, but am not on any medication.

I recently discovered/realised that my deceased mother had suffered from haemochromatosis - iron overload. I had a blood test and it was found I am a carrier of one of the two copies of the gene ...
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Amazing resolution from new faster scanner.

Saw the scans on BBC last night. 3D showing phenominal detail of all the vessels and bones. Almost like a perfect model of the internal anatomy.

Acheived in seconds with new machine.

This is going to be great for the CCSVI research.

BBC: check out the video: ... 363756.stm

A scanner at a Cambridgeshire hospital which can examine an entire heart in quarter of a second, is being ...
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how many repeat procedures?

So my company's health insurance will be changing on Jan 1st, and there is a 50% chance that Dr Dake will no longer be in my network.

I'll be having my initial MRV and probable procedure prior to the insurance change.

If I am no longer in Dake's network, I'll have to find a local vascular doc to do my followup MRV. That's not a problem I don't think.

But I'm sort of worried about ...
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checking in

Any new breakthroughs/progress in the last couple of months to report? I know, I could go through the threads but I thought this would be easier and quicker!!!
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