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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

radeck's Stanford experience

I had an MRV Wed night and have have an appointment with Dr. Dake Monday morning (hey Rhonda and Rose, hope to run into you...).

Not much informative to say at this point, except that the technician doing the MRA said afterwards that I breathed really regularly and that made the images come out crisp. I wasn't aware that this mattered, so y'all might want to practice some deep breathing before the next scan. I ...
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CCSVI and sweating, etc

Hellou again, I'm always asking questions and once again. This time about ccsvi and it's relation to temperature issues and sweating. Many operated people has said that they have felt better dealing with hot/warm weather and sweating also.

Is there scientific explanation for this, yet? Thank you.
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I am going to Stanford!

Well, I have dates. I am going to be at Stanford November 9th and 10th. I have been pretty nervous, but when Darcy gave me the dates, I found myself relieved. (Yep, that's right, Dr. Dake has more help! She said she was new because they were so busy! No one here would have predicted that, would they?)

I am meeting with an internal medicine doctor on November 4th. This name was given to me ...
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Clinical and pathological spectrum of brain-stem vascular...

The clinical and pathological spectrum of brain-stem vascular malformations. Long-term course simulates multiple sclerosis.

Three cases of brain-stem vascular malformation with progressive and fluctuating clinical courses of longer than one year were studied. One patient with a rare brain-stem arteriovenous malformation lived for 20 years with symptoms notably similar to those of multiple sclerosis (MS). One case each of cavernous hemangioma and capillary telangiectasis are also described. The clinical, roentgenographic, and pathologic features of these ...
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Wobbly, I saw your name listed under "Users browsing this forum" today. Why not let us know how you're doing?
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hey ladies and gentleman

I wanted to let you guys know that you were right and I was, well, not as open mined as I should have been about CCSVI. I have just been through so many treatment "duds" that I guess I have trouble with claims of "major breakthroughs". I now see that a major university is prepared to do a pretty large study on CCSVI and how it may relate to the progression of MS. I am ...
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sleep position (not angle) & CCSVI

I rarely sleep on my back - always preferring odd positions on my face or side, all twisted up. I've noticed in the past that this is detrimental to sinus pressure/congestion, and recently noticed how much external pressure the pillow puts on my neck in many of my preferred positions.

Anyone think there is any chance this could contribute to jugular occlusion/reflux?
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I' m new...but my ms is old

I' m Max from Italy ( sorry for my language ... maybe it is english 8O ... maybe)
It' s very easy traslate with Google from english to italian...but write it's different unfortunatly.
:idea: Now it's better come back to read 8) ...better for me and of course for you
Best ...
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CCSVI and Ventriculomegaly?

Hi there... I've been dx'd with MS for 6 years or so now. When I had my first MRI, they noted mild stable ventriculomegaly. This is sort of a congenital issue that hasn't caused me any symptoms. My understanding of ventriculomegaly is that it can be caused by impaired drainage of CSF from the brain during fetal development, and I can't help but wonder if this might be related to the drainage issues described in ...
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My doppler scan

Hi all.

My radiologist and I have attempted to perform a doppler scan following the Zamboni protocol. However, we have found that we did not have enough information to perform it properly. In addition, we did not have a 2.5 MHz transmitter head to perform the transcranial.

But we have come across 2 very strange findings:

1. We couldn't detect the flow of the left jugular when standing upright. The flow of the right jugular ...
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