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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Missing links?

I have been chewing on this for a bit and I guess this must be the obvious direction of CCSVI in relation to MS. MS is generally associated with a myriad of symptoms, lesions on the brain and spinal cord, and brain shrinkage. This is the obvious part - The elusive cause, or trigger, or reason, of MS might be CCSVI? They have been looking for years in brain matter and have never found anything ...
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Appointment with neurologial surgury researcher !!!!


Yesterday I contacted one of the top brain researchers at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis Missouri !!!! Google "Thomas A Woolsey" and you will find lots of hits about him. I told him that I was interested in volunteering for Dr. Haacke's SWI/MRV study and wanted his opinion.

Well, Dr. Woolsey replied to my email this morning. He is looking into CCSVI for himself and will reply to me today or tomorrow ...
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Results after surgery over time?

Hi all,

The Sticky post Tracking project has only had 9 posters sofar. I was under the impression that many more had the stent surgery.

Is there another post I missed with results of the surgery? Perhaps I did not look right.. :)

I am very much interested in how everybody is doing after the surgery and whether all the initial improvements persist over time.

Thanks for ...
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Stent site question

For all of you who have received stents that are in a location that you can feel with our fingers. My one stent on my right side I can feel right under my ear in the area right behind my jawbone. Probably 3 mornings a week while I'm putting on my shave cream that area is noticeably, visually and through touch, swollen. Does anyone else notice this. I don't know if it means anything, but ...
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News from Rici, a polish patient being operated

Rici is a polish patient being operated several days ago in Katovice. He is 54 years old and has EDSS 6.

Rici reports every day about his improvements in health in our german forum so here is a short summary I made as Rici only speaks polish and german:

Day 1

"I can stand heat. Can bend my fingers without any physical exercises. Fingers aren't as stiff as before and the feeling is different. Tinitus ...
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Presentation of CCSVI at HUCA (Spain)

HUCA means "Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias". I think it doesn't need to be translated, except for Asturias which it's just the name of a province of Spain

It is the most important hospital in that province of Spain.

Anyway, very, very preliminary. And not too much info. There is a Blog by a neurologist from that Hospital. He uses it for developing clinical sessions of neurology: ...
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Ok MRV done, are these pictures normal to you?

Ok, here are a few pictures of my today MRV session.

Do these pictures show CCSVI on ur opinion?
My radiologist says they are normal....




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If the pictures I've seen cause problems, then I'm dead!

Three years of symptoms (cognitive difficulties, tinnitus, fatigue) and no answers. My scans show I only have one jugular instead of two, and the one I have is severely pinched. No answers from any Dr's so far, so maybe this can be a first step for me. Check these scans out. I hope this works ;)



Thanks for your interest,

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Forceps as a cause???

I was a forceps delivery. I'm curious. Any others delivered with the help of forceps?

Bilateral obstruction of the internal jugular veins is rare in the neonatal period and no long-term follow-up has been reported yet. We report two cases. The first developped an extensive thrombosis of superior veina cava related to a central veinous line, the second an unilateral thrombosis of the transverse-sigmoid sinus associated to a constitutional hypoplasia of the contralateral jugular vein. ...
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CCSVI: had liberation done in April 09

I was a participant in the study for CCSCI under Prof. Zamboni from Italy. This past April I went to Italy for Liberation in Ferrara. I am 10 years in to my MS diagnosis and have done Avonex and Rebif. Cytoxin as well as Novantron and now Tysabri. With in 24 hours of liberation I was able to ambulate without thinking of it first. Was able to get dressed standing in middle of room without ...
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