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Treatment in Italy - When?

Besides being Argentinian, I have Italian citizenship (Grazie tante Nonno) so it would be natural for me to go to Italy to get the treatment.

So, does anyone know or imagine or estimate when a treatment will be available there? As far as I know the procedure would be free for Italian citizens (?)


EDIT: Changed the subject to reflect the contents better.
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Dr Simka's PP presentation from Monaco


Dr Simka has a brand new paper about to be published, here is a powerpoint presentation he gave in Monaco just last week on this new work. How about that--this is going all over the place all at once with these wonderful researchers really putting themselves into it.

He explains well the CCSVI paradigm and includes some nice graphics that demonstrate things such as the tight junctions of the BBB ...
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CCSVI PreCongress Meeting- September 7, 2009

Monday September 7, 2009
Bologna Italy
CCSVI PreCongress Meeting

Dr. Paolo Zamboni welcomes the gathered doctors and guests to the CCSVI Cenaculum Studiorum.
His topic is CCSVI, How to Move Forward-
He states that there are professionals gathered here from the studies of the blood’s path on the blood brain barrier side to the nervous system and that we all must share opinions and have exchanges. We need to dialogue and to learn from ...
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Question for those who have had a follow-up

What does the follow up visit require as far testing and procedures go. Just trying to plan for our next trip and how long we will have to stay.

Thanks, Cat
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Cheer's excellent adventure

Hey guys...
In Bologna!! Going out to walk around town, but wanted to let you know I survived the 10 hour flight from LAX to Paris...squeezed in the center seat of the center aisle in a group of 25 Norwegian motorcyclists who'd just done route 66, and were celebrating. It was like a norwegian happy hour. For ten hours. At 30,000 feet. The guys wanted to give me drinks, and one of them called me ...
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Lisinopril and CSVI patient

As I have stenosis and also high blood pressure I have decided to ask my doctor to change my pills for high BP for Lisinopril.
Usually only my pulse is high around 120. My BP was about 150/110 so I was taking Vasocardin.
I got the information it is good for MS patients with CSVI to take Lisinopril.

So today was my first day.
I paid for 30 pills 1,17 Euro. My health insurance company ...
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Clinical History for Dr. Dake???

Hi, I am writing up my 'clinical history' for Dr. Dake that Alex asked for. I just tried to call, but of course she is gone. I wanted to ask you guys if you could give me some direction. I have started and right now it is 2.5 pages of my MS stuff. Is that what he wants? I know he will call and ask more questions, but I feel sort of off track. TIA! ...
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Blake's experience at Stanford

We just returned from Stanford earlier this week, where my husband got two stents placed in each jugular. He also did HiCy which so far had stopped his progression, but he had some lingering symptoms. It wasn't a bad experience at all and was up and about the next day no problem. He already feels better- has much more energy, walking better, no more dizziness, and no heat intolerance any more. It's pretty exciting stuff, ...
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