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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

MS website writer seeks interviewee(s) re: CCSVI

I'm in contact with the woman who writes for this site: ... 30/central

- and she is interested in interviewing someone about CCSVI - she asked me, but since I have not yet been scanned or treated, and I don't feel I am as fluent in the background as some on here, I thought I'd punt ...

So if anyone would be interested, let her (Diane) know at ...
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Gici recently commented that a lot of money will be saved by this treatment if it is shown to be the singular treatment for MS (not yet proven)

I have insurance--a cadillac plan too. I have been on copaxone since it came out. It was originally a shocking 1200 a month. My husband and I at a job change had some scary time worrying about how to get it.

I remain on it though I ...
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Dakes contact info?

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Co-workers wife had the tests with Dake yesterday......

Bi-lateral IJV occlusion.

Bi-lateral stents inserted to restore blood flow, surgery today.

She had very similar symptoms to Mel lets hope she gets the same results!
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Oligoclonal immunoglobulins

We all know how those Oligo bands are used to diagnose MS....the bands show signs that IgG has been elevated in the CNS, and myelin is being destroyed. The story MS patients have been told is that this is caused by a rogue immune system, eating up their myelin for no good reason.

BUT....Oligo bands are found in other cerebrovascular diseases...not just MS.

Oligoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig) bands were found in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) by agarose ...
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"Beggars" become "Choosers"

It is time for people to start thinking.
Let us review the situation of MS sufferers before the Zamboni's revolution.
Nobody knew the etiology of MS but everybody knew the inevitable outcome. Being diagnosed with MS meant a sentence to a painful and distressing death. Neurologists and allied professionals prescribed all sorts of different treatments for a condition they did not know the cause of. These different kinds of treatment, from shots of prednisolone, interferon ...
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Plavix in the news...

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2 letters to editor re: Zamboni's article in JNNP

One is from Steven Brenner, neurologist in St. Louis MO and the other is from Marian Simka, specialist in angiology in Poland. Isn't someone on this site seeing her?

At any rate, Brenner I can understand but I can't make heads or tails as to what Simka is saying here. Easy to understand medical lingo, anyone??! Maybe these letters are already posted on the sticky above?--I didn't see ...
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On Hold w/ Houston

getting app. for ultrasound testing.

looks like it will be sept. 24th and after the ultrasound i will meet with the Dr. to discuss the results.
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Rationale and preliminary results ...... Doc to text

The preliminary results paper by Zamboni is a scanned document, and therefore cannot be searched through or easily quoted, so I recently ran the pages into an on-line OCR site, and got the following. I thought others might find it of some use.

NB: I have not proof read the pages, they are literally full of mistakes.

Page 3 wrote:
Rationale and preliminary results of endovascular treatment of multiple sclerosis, the liberation procedure
P Zamboni, R ...
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