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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Best article to bring to medical school doctor?

I have an appointment tomorrow with my neuro opthamologist for a usual checkup at the medical school in my city. I'd like to introduce him to CCSVI. I'm sure this has been asked before but what are the best scientific articles to bring copies of? The sticky keeps getting bigger and bigger! I like this doc.. He's a smart one and open to talking about new ideas.
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CCSVI: had liberation done in January 09

I am sorry that I failed to mention,I was the first U.S. patient in CCSVI's preliminary study. If I had to go back & do it again,my answer is YES,YES,YES.

In January 2009, I left my home & country and went to Italy for Liberation at the University of Ferrara Vascular DiseasesCenter,all in hopes to help my brothers&sisters around the globe end the suffering!

3 years in to my MS diagnosis, tried Avonex, MANY IV's ...
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Iron is associated with neuropsychological symptoms MS ??

There is a new(Oct 25, 2009) link on the CCSVI Facebook page that points to a news article about CCSVI. The article is short and pretty much rehashes what most of us already know. However the article states : "Iron is associated with neuropsychological symptoms of the disease". Now that is news to me !!!! Does anyone here have any more information on this ??
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Response from Canadian MS Society Re: CCSVI

I had expected better:

My take on this article is that it is factual and fair but it doesn't convey the kind of hope and promise I feel CCSVI deserves.
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SWI Spine

I've searched but haven't found any info on whether the SWI MRI technique has been used to identify iron in the spine. Everything I've found is about the brain. Has anyone run across anything?
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<Moderator's Note: This thread is for any Italian speaking participants in the Zamboni study who wish to share the results of their liberation procedure. Interested readers can use Google's Language Tools to translate the page from Italian to many other languages. Use the following link to automatically translate this page from Italian to English.>

[La seguente introduzione e schema esemplificativo possono essere modificate su richiesta motivata da parte di un utente TIMS. Le richieste possono ...
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Inclined Bed Therapy

I have inclined my bed couple of days ago.
It is 16 cm higher (only that part under my head). The piece of wood is on a floor.
I have also tried it with pillows because I was not patient enough. It was really bad idea. Do not do it!

I should start to feel some positive changes after 4 weeks.
So far I can only tell you for sure that I do not wake ...
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Marketing CCSVI

As we started discussing on another thread, it seems like it is time to add promotional materials, or swag, to our efforts. So anyone out there in marketing or graphic design or advertising who has any suggestions?

We're thinking that a logo and slogan for mugs and t-shirts might be good. How about a slogan contest? Here ar a couple to get the juices flowing:

1) 'CCSVI - sticking our necks out for progress ' ...
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Missing links?

I have been chewing on this for a bit and I guess this must be the obvious direction of CCSVI in relation to MS. MS is generally associated with a myriad of symptoms, lesions on the brain and spinal cord, and brain shrinkage. This is the obvious part - The elusive cause, or trigger, or reason, of MS might be CCSVI? They have been looking for years in brain matter and have never found anything ...
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Appointment with neurologial surgury researcher !!!!


Yesterday I contacted one of the top brain researchers at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis Missouri !!!! Google "Thomas A Woolsey" and you will find lots of hits about him. I told him that I was interested in volunteering for Dr. Haacke's SWI/MRV study and wanted his opinion.

Well, Dr. Woolsey replied to my email this morning. He is looking into CCSVI for himself and will reply to me today or tomorrow ...
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