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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr Haacke's website is soliciting volunteers !!!!!!

I just 1 minute ago went to Dr Haacke's website and clicked the "be a volunteer" button. Yesterday it said "coming soon", but today there was a from to fill out to volunteer, SO I FILLED IT OUT. I wanted to let you all know even though I'm just a newbie here. I assume I'm volunteering just for an imaging study. I'm anxious for them to reply !!!!
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Do any other non-MS people ever have blocked CS veins?

Just a question - do any non-MS people ever have these kind of blocked veins? What happens if blocked jugulars are detected, routinely?

I am going to my GP next week about CCSVI.
I had an MRI done about 3 months ago to investigate repeated migraines. It has suddenly occured to me when looking at the CCSVI MRI example that Cheer posted that I'm looking at the weird "anomoly" I saw on my MRI. I ...
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I don't feel right messing Erica's topic,so I decided to start a new one about CCSVI in Poland.I'm now Dr Simka's patient,so I'll observe his work and will share everything with You.I also would like to invite for discussion my polish friends who,I know, read this forum but are affraid to write in english (don't be silly-no grades here).
ok,so for today : as You know ,doppler usg showed very bad blood flow (amazingly bad ...
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Would a CCSVI Forum Update Thread be possible?

CCSVI Forum Update Thread:
Some MS symptoms make it difficult to keep up with how fast the forum moves.
Perhaps a summary of new info could be provided.

Questions: Ideas and comments wanted!

1) Are there members willing to do the updates?
2) Are there others also interested in reading updates?
3) Should a poll be done to gauge interest?
4) Should the updates be monthly, weekly, or even daily?
5) Is this idea even ...
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Dr. Haacke/Dr. Reichenbach (Germany) CCSVI case 1

New paper online today-
Dr. Haacke collaborates with Dr. Reichenbach in Jena, Germany-

Multiple sclerosis with the CCSVI protocol: SWI, MRA and FQ

Case 1 of the NICE protocol as proposed by the MRI Institute for Biomedical Research

The first complete case we studied came from a collaboration with Juergen Reichenbach in Jena, Germany.

This patient was 45 years old and had a full brain susceptibility weighted imaging scan, an MR venogram of the major ...
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Idea's for compatible med's while waiting for 'the call'

I am impatiently waiting for my call from Dr. Dake (info sent to him 9/21).

In the meantime I meet with my neuro this week and after 14 months of tysabri I am still progressing, I want to change. I am hoping for the stents, but even with them I think I will stay on some med anyways for a while.
I have been seriously studying the abx protocols, but I figure my doc is ...
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Procedure in Poland

Today, it was the first procedure/surgery in Poland made by Dr. Simka and his team. Of course, successful!
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Rhonda's Consultation and Surgery DAY!

I'm leaving soon to meet with Dr. Dake. Sharon has offered to post for me as soon as I can update her. Wish me luck!
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CCSVI Research Funds

There are now three funds dedicated to CCSVI research, and I thought it would be useful to have them all in one place. I’ve listed the link to the TIMS discussion on the topic relating to the fund as well as the link to each fund. The three funds are:

1. Dr. Dake’s MS Innovations Fund at Stanford University. If you donate to this fund, please remember to note that your donation is in memory ...
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Rose Testing/Stents

Hi All.
I go to Stanford tomorrow Oct 19/ Stenting Oct 20th if indicated.
I did write somewhere I would start a thread to enter my experiences if you want to read.
I just spent an hour writing this then pushed something and it disappeared, so I think this will be shorter. Lucky for you!

Dx 2001 RRMS still. Diagnosed and hospitalized for over a week in 2001 at Stanford so I do have a ...
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