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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Catfreak's date for the testing and intervention

Alex called me today about Noon my time or 10AM Stanford time. She gave me a choice of Aug 24-25 or Sept 2-3. I spoke with my husband and we decided Sept 2-3 would work best for us since we are on vacation now and need to get back and get everything ready like flights and hotel.

She is still working on my insurance.

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Endovascular treatment of MS: personal experience

I am a 63 year old Italian consultant cardiac surgeon working full time in Belfast since 1993. I was diagnosed wirh chronic progressive MS in 1986. It started with spasticity and progressive weakness of the lower limbs, more marked on the right side. It affected my ability to walk and control of bladder and bowels became a problem, in addition to erectile disfunction. When I met prof. Zamboni two years ago I walked with a ...
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I have an appt. for the procedure

Hi all. I decided to give Alex a call to check in. I spoke to Dr. Dake who agreed to do my surgery in mid Dec. Because of work I cannot get away until then. So I will come back and report in a few months!! Just to let those know who are waiting I think Alex said there is still an opening in Aug. 24th or 25th??? Good luck to everyone else who is ...
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For Holly...

She's back home, her boyfriend and sister will update us.
For those who do- send her our love.
I'll update when I hear more,
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relapsing/relapsing & collateral vein formation

I know we think that the cyclical nature of early MS is due to the plasticity of the brain alone - recovering and finding new pathways to work around the lesions -

- but is it possible that an occlusion of the veins causes relapse, and the subsequent formation of collateral veins around the blockage permits a return to a more normal state?


Just a thought I woke up with today, no worries if ...
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Is an MRV or CT really enough?

It really is a question. The wonderful Dr Dake has been performing MRV's (as well as dopplers and doing some poking about during the operation), however, reading Zamboni's papers, I read things that in my simple mind, may or may not show up on an MRV or a non-specific CT scan (by that I mean with no catheter injecting dye). I do not know.

From the paper presented at the Charing Cross conference:
Zamboni wrote:Histological examination ...
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Press release Bologna September 8th

I am an italian patient originally treated from Professor Z more than 2 years ago in Italy. I improved significantly and my MRI scan are without active lesion with no more relapse at 2 years F-Up. Dr Salvi, my neurologist, is really satisfied. Last week I underwent colorDoppler control of my jugulars and azygous by Professor Z and Erica his wonderful sonographer, who works back to back with him from the beginning. All is going ...
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Suggestion for the "Stent-o-teers"

With the :D growing number :D of people having the stents placed, its getting hard to remember who has what :? . It would be really good if those that have yet to do so, placed a quick summary of what they had done in their "Signatures" (

Some ...
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My friend James at Stanford

Just got off the phone with my friend James and his awesome companion Kate. He has completed the full complement of tests and met with Dr. D. Sounds like his stenosis has topped the charts. Left side not working and right side, well lets say missing in action. Dr. Dake says the worst he has seen so far. Great news for James as his disability is high and reflects the diagnosis well. He goes in ...
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Peeks follow up

got my follow up MRI/MRV's and consult w/Dr D. My stents are looking great but....I am going in surgery for 2 new stents Jugular at ea. collar bone. Dake said I will be able to go home afterward if I felt OK to do so.

He was totally enthusiastic and excited about it all. Took a short survey re: fatigue and tasks also an EDSS self assessment. tell more tomorrow. H.
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