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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

hey ladies and gentleman

I wanted to let you guys know that you were right and I was, well, not as open mined as I should have been about CCSVI. I have just been through so many treatment "duds" that I guess I have trouble with claims of "major breakthroughs". I now see that a major university is prepared to do a pretty large study on CCSVI and how it may relate to the progression of MS. I am ...
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sleep position (not angle) & CCSVI

I rarely sleep on my back - always preferring odd positions on my face or side, all twisted up. I've noticed in the past that this is detrimental to sinus pressure/congestion, and recently noticed how much external pressure the pillow puts on my neck in many of my preferred positions.

Anyone think there is any chance this could contribute to jugular occlusion/reflux?
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I' m new...but my ms is old

I' m Max from Italy ( sorry for my language ... maybe it is english 8O ... maybe)
It' s very easy traslate with Google from english to italian...but write it's different unfortunatly.
:idea: Now it's better come back to read 8) ...better for me and of course for you
Best ...
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CCSVI and Ventriculomegaly?

Hi there... I've been dx'd with MS for 6 years or so now. When I had my first MRI, they noted mild stable ventriculomegaly. This is sort of a congenital issue that hasn't caused me any symptoms. My understanding of ventriculomegaly is that it can be caused by impaired drainage of CSF from the brain during fetal development, and I can't help but wonder if this might be related to the drainage issues described in ...
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My doppler scan

Hi all.

My radiologist and I have attempted to perform a doppler scan following the Zamboni protocol. However, we have found that we did not have enough information to perform it properly. In addition, we did not have a 2.5 MHz transmitter head to perform the transcranial.

But we have come across 2 very strange findings:

1. We couldn't detect the flow of the left jugular when standing upright. The flow of the right jugular ...
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First liberation procedure in UK

I am back home following venogram and bilateral balloon dilatation of the jugular veins at 2 pm.
I feel well, my back is less stiff, my movements are quicker and my right leg feels already more powerful.
I am not on any blood thinners.
The procedure was carried out at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast by the radiologist Dr Anton Collins while I was under the care of the vascular surgeon Mr Robin Baker. ...
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Coumadin and LDN ?

I'm a little frustrated at the time it is taking me to recover my strength and stamina to at least their pre-stent procedure levels.

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow that I returned home. I'd guess my stamina and walking strength are still only 50% of what they were before the procedure. Yes, everyday is still a little better, but I still start to crash at about 7pm, in bed soon after, and spend about ...
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Need suggestions for blood panel


I'm going to visit my neuro next monday for arranging my LP and I would like to ask him for some blood tests.

My list:

alpha-tocopherol (vitamin e).
all the b vitamins ,
vit d (don't remember what kind),
vit a,
uric acid,
iron (ferritin)

(Taken from a post by Jimmylegs)

Please, feel free to suggest anything to add or change.

Thank you very much


PS: cross posted ...
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Pain ratings during and after stent placement

Would those of you who had the stent procedure please rate any pain felt on the scale of 0 - 10
(with 0 denoting no pain) for the following:

1) Pain felt during placement of the stents,

2) Pain felt after placement of the stents. Please state how long the pain lasted.

Thank you very, very much.

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Attack After CCSVI?

Hi Guys.. I just have a question regarding those of you who have done the operation did anybody unfortunately get an attack afterwards or did it stop? I know its still early but i was just curious.
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