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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

CCSVI tracking project-POST PER P.1 FORMAT ONLY

The purpose of this thread is to get an overview of the experiences of patients getting tested for CCSVI and those receiving treatment (ballooning, stents, open neck surgery, or other), be it in ...
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Questions, points,... (but I'm a believer!)

Let me begin by saying I truly believe this is a great step for us, I think it has benefits, I have my info in to Dr. Dake waiting for a call so I can be scheduled and even without 'scientific' proof of it helping MS if anybody without MS has this problem it should be fixed.

A few 'devils advocate' questions just so I can hear what everybody thinks (and maybe everybody can use ...
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MS / MRV / SWI new web site!

I have been chasing (some may say stalking... but that's for a court to decide.... I digress) one particular professional (Dr Haake... you didn't hear me say that...) for a few weeks now, and he has told me they are working on a "Protocol" for using MRV's for looking for CCSVI in MS. He informed me of the web site to be starting soon, which is NOW up.

I haven't checked yet, but I ...
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Tinnitus and CCSVI

I'm curious how many of you suffer from tinnitus ie. ringing in the ears? I most certainly do and it's what lead me to my soft diagnosis of MS. My ENT informed me of the possibilty of ms after a brain mri showed some irregularities about 1 1/2 years ago.

Laying in bed last night I realized that if I squeze my jaw real tight and strain my neck muscles, my tinnitus changes it's pitch. ...
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CCSVI and RLS and MS

From the NIH:
Results of the first-ever autopsy study of brains from people with restless legs syndrome (RLS) suggest that the disorder may result from inefficient processing of iron in certain brain cells. The findings provide a possible explanation for this disorder and may lead to new ways of treating the disease.

The researchers found no evidence of lost or damaged cells in the RLS brains. Instead, they found that receptors which help cells absorb ...
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Thank you Jamie and Mel!

Since your post about "What a wonderful trip" keeps getting hijacked, I thought I'd start a new one for you. I realized I hadn't told you how glad I was that Mel's checkup went fine and that you guys deserved a great weekend and I'm so glad it went well for you. PLEASE continue to share your experiences with us. There are so many people who want to know how Mel is doing and you ...
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post surgical followup

So does everyone who gets the stents have to go back out 2 months later to be checked out?

Just wondering since I don't really have a lot of money for plane tickets, hotels, etc ... for some reason I didn't consider the followup needs until today.
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Eduard Rindfleisch (1836-1908)

Dr. Eliott Frohman spoke of Dr. Rindfleisch and his theory of venous congestion in Bologna, and I finally got around to reading some of his observations of MS brains.

Further insight into the pathophysiology of MS was provided by Eduard Rindfleisch, a 19th century German pathologist, who analysed post-mortem brain samples from MS patients.

In 1863, Rindfleisch reported a key finding that paved the way for theories of inflammatory involvement in the aetiology of MS. ...
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Holly's Obituary and Donation Fund

To All,
Holly's sister, Trudy, sent me a copy of the obituary - the family wanted it posted on TIMS.
We also now have a way to make a donation in memory of Holly thanks to the hard work of Cheryle aka "Needled".

Holly's Obituary
Holly Elizabeth Shean, born December 18, 1958, died on August 19,
2009. She is survived by her parents, James and Dorothy Shean, her
three sisters Trudy Roughgarden, Jill Griffith and ...
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CCSVI and epigentics

I posted this something similar in the genes section.
I watched a programme yesterday all about epigenetics and identical twins.
They studied 2 cases where 1 twin developed Lukemia and the other didn't and in another set of twins 1 developed Type 1 diabetes and the other didn't. They concluded that the enviroment would have changed their epigenetics as they were 100% genetic clones of eachother.

The reason I am writing this in the ...
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