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did anyone have a MRV before going to Dr. Dake?

I have a bunch of questions!

Just wondering if anyone had the testing done at their home and then sent the results to Dr. Dake at Stanford? And if so what did Dr. Dake have to say? I assume he ran the tests again when you arrived at Stanford? If the tests are run by him a second time did insurance cover both?

I have a skeptical family member who thinks I should be tested ...
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Lady Stewart-Stanford Update

It is 8:45 pm Palo Alto - Sharon has been in her room for about 30 minutes. I spoke with her briefly - she had three stents - 2 left and 1 right (I think that is what she said---it has been a long day, so please excuse). She is groggy -- her throat hurts. Her sister Susann is with her - thanks Susan for coming all the way from Louisiana to stay by your ...
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Hey all, I am curious what the costs are for the tests and then the procedure. Also, are you guys using insurance on this?
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Stent Material

Does anyone know the type of material that the stents are made of that Dr Dake uses, and if they are x-ray and MRI compatible?
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Pushing into October for surgery

I just talked to Alex. They are already pushing into October for scheduling the testing/surgery. So Dake read my file in just a few hours after receiving it but I guess there are so many people now calling for the surgery there is a backlog!

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up.
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Notes from CureIous' at Stanford

Just heard from CureIous' good friend Don who tells me that he left Op Prep at 4:30pm the op will be roughly 2hrs and recovery about 3hrs. He will be getting double jugs way up high and another set by the shoulder.
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Fast turn around for Dake!

I mailed my records yesterday afternoon through Fed-Ex and they arrived at Stanford this morning. Dr. Dake called me at 2 pm HIS TIME to talk. Quite impressive. The guy must be a machine!!! Anyhow, I can come have the procedure if I like -- although the wait time is now pushed up to September, maybe even mid Sept. since there are another 25 people lined up after the 25 he has already done.
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Lew at Stanford 9/15

I'll be out for my follow up on the 15th, and surgery on the left side on the 16th if indicated. Any and all people who will be out there, let me know and we'll meet up!
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Vein relocation

This probably isn't a novel idea, but I don't know the answer and I would really like to. Would it be possible to take a health vein fron one's leg and replace the obstructed portion of the jugular with that? Stents sound unpleasant and the clotting aspect worries me some. Would this work?
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LadyStewart, Are you at Stanford?

Hello LadyStewart, If you're at Stanford today/this week, I just wanted to wish you well. I thought someone had mentioned you were being tested today, so if you are, I'm thinking of you and hoping all goes well.
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