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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Lisinopril and CSVI patient

As I have stenosis and also high blood pressure I have decided to ask my doctor to change my pills for high BP for Lisinopril.
Usually only my pulse is high around 120. My BP was about 150/110 so I was taking Vasocardin.
I got the information it is good for MS patients with CSVI to take Lisinopril.

So today was my first day.
I paid for 30 pills 1,17 Euro. My health insurance company ...
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Clinical History for Dr. Dake???

Hi, I am writing up my 'clinical history' for Dr. Dake that Alex asked for. I just tried to call, but of course she is gone. I wanted to ask you guys if you could give me some direction. I have started and right now it is 2.5 pages of my MS stuff. Is that what he wants? I know he will call and ask more questions, but I feel sort of off track. TIA! ...
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Blake's experience at Stanford

We just returned from Stanford earlier this week, where my husband got two stents placed in each jugular. He also did HiCy which so far had stopped his progression, but he had some lingering symptoms. It wasn't a bad experience at all and was up and about the next day no problem. He already feels better- has much more energy, walking better, no more dizziness, and no heat intolerance any more. It's pretty exciting stuff, ...
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posture & CCSVI

In another thread, talk of how poor posture (brought on by computer use, poor fitness, disability, spasticity, etc) could be a factor in the compression of the cerebral drainage veins.

LR1234 wrote:I can also say for sure that when I strengthen my stomach muscles by doing sit-ups my symptoms improve. It straightens my back and corrects my posture.

I had "Is physical therapy suggested to correct postural problems and strengthen weakened muscles? (I am just thinking ...
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Smoking, CCSVI and MS

Hi all.

I have just had some thoughts after reading this article:

Swedish snuff is a form of tobacco that is not inhaled but licked by placing it under the tongue. It contains nicotine. It has been found that, unlike smoking, it does not increase the risk of MS.

Under the lights of Zamboni's research and hypoxia induced damage, I was thinking that smoke damages the lungs, which ...
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another hotel possibility

I called the Westin Palo Alto and they gave me a Stanford hospital rate of $169 in December. On the general website it was listed as $349. So consider that an option too in addition to the Sheraton. It is ranked the #1 hotel in Palo Alto on the review site (which you should definitely check out for future travel!!)
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Passed the paper along

My husband's GP requested that he see a neuro, as he hasn't seen one since last year this time. That was his old neuro, and I'm afraid we had come to the end of our relationship. Today we saw the new one and she seemed quite nice, although she admitted she wasn't an MS specialist. Well, who really is? Perhaps it is better she isn't, or at least doesn't think she is. So we gave ...
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Zap Goes to Stanford (Dec)

Well, it's finally on ... from the time I was first diagnosed in 2006, I have thought the answer lies this way (Schelling's "Venous Pressure Theory" explaining Dawson's Fingers lesion pattern made so much sense), and now it's time to put my neck out, literally.

After playing phone tag with Dake's office since June, I'm finally scheduled to go get scanned on December 7th.

I could have signed up for as soon as early Oct, ...
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Catfreak's Trip to Stanford!!

Leaving for the Airport!

Will update soon.

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