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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Oligoclonal Bands in CSF

Is there any documents of change of Oligoclonal Bands in CSF on patiens who have had procedure?

I assume that this is very important evidence to measure?

sorry for my english skills :oops:
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Lesions and SWI

Many disease modifying treatments use the reduction of lesions as shown on MRI as proof a treatment is "working" in MS. This has baffled me, since we know that the number of lesions does not correlate to level of disease progression. Someone like Jeff or Mel can have 20 brain lesions and function quite well. Someone else can have one or two lesions and be wheelchair-bound. Also, at a certain point, lesion progression stops when ...
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Waiting to hear from Alex!

Hello Everyone!
I am new here. My name is Rhonda. I have had RRMS since 11/03. I just found out Alex will be contacting me this week about getting an appointment with Dr. Dake. I am thrilled.
I also just heard back from my Neuro's nurse........he won't be supporting or referring me. Well, luckily you all have left this invaluable info here for me to draw from, so I knew that would be coming. I ...
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Where to start? CCSVI

Hi All! New here
I was told by my neuro last week it's more than likely that I have MS.
Ok next step is the LP in a few weeks..But...

After reading through all the information on CCSVI I am sure there is something going on with my veins. I have pressure in my head that I cannot explain and I know something is just not right!

I want to get the needed tests but ...
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What do you think about Diosmin and CCSVI? Can it have any positive effects? In US it is sold as a supplement and in Europe on prescription (Detralex).
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Steroid Injections helps patients with blocked eye veins

Just stubled over this one today. Might this be an additional/alternative explanation for the mechanism of action of steroids in MS relapse? ... 172636.htm

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How much ??

I have been wondering how much does the procedure cost?
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Not MSer, but wondering...

Hi, there,

My brother has RR MS. I have many symptoms (the usual: tingling, numbness, loss of strength and balance, cognitive issues) but I don't show any lesions. He has been diagnosed with celiac disease (as has 1/2 of our family) and I surely have it but stopped eating gluten so long ago and am so sensitive to it I can't get the blood test to confirm if I have the antibodies.

Since the neuro ...
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Spreading the news

I belong to the group of people who believed that prof. Zamboni's original idea of the correlation between CCSVI and MS was right, and my belief has grown even stronger reading his subsequent publications and after the congress in Bologna.
We need to accept the fact that even an 100% correlation does not prove cause and effect. In other words, the finding that all MS patients have anomalous drainage of venous blood from the brain ...
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I know that there has been conversation here about what comes first, CCSVI or MS? But I'd like to begin own discussion about this - cause this might be very hot topic.. or already is. Maybe neurology likes to see that CCSVI is just ms consequence and vascular experts say vise versa.

How many reasons can you say, that CCSVI leads to MS? I have some idea about the CCSVI to MS process, but some ...
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