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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Catfreak's CCSVI journey

I hope I am not jumping the gun.

Alexandra just called me and she has given my info to Dr Dake and she said I will be getting a call from him next week.

I will update when he calls.

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EGCG Question

If we can ever connect with Dr. Dake, we're going to Stanford. He tried to call us 3 times while we were at Mass Saturday evening, one time was on my mobile phone which I always turn off in church.

In the meantime, I've been pondering on iron chelation, finding rx drugs like M30, HLA20, and deferiprone, but also finding highly touted supplements for iron chelation like EGCG (in green tea extract) and circumin. Steve's ...
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How diffuse hypoxia of the brain changes a person...

Increasingly, elaboration of inflammatory cytokines appears key to the brain-based response to hypoxia, as evidenced by the biobehaviors of malaise, fatigue, lethargy, and loss of interest in the physical and social environment. These sickness symptoms implicate hypoxia-dependent activation of the neuroimmune system as a key component of acute hypoxia.

I've mentioned before that Jeff's first signs of his MS progression- which began 15 years ago, although he ...
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Neck Feedback desired


Since I had felt a little better and then promptly overdid it, I want some feedback from the others who have gotten through all of the surgery after stuff. I have a little different type of 'feeling' in it now and wanted to check it out with you all. I can turn my head fully now and it doesn't hurt at all. I've been driving and everything. Well it now feels very focused on ...
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Spoke to Alex today in Dr. Dake's office

I spoke to Alex today, Dr. Dake's assistant. I am sending my history and MRI's to Dr. Dake tomorrow. Alex told me she doesn't work on Friday but when she came back on Monday she had 25 voice mails waiting for her regarding this procedure.

I mentioned CCSVI to my GP (internist) today and she was extremely excited about it. She asked me to email her some information. I'm assuming I should send the top ...
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Extensive mixed vascular malformation clinically imitatingMS

"In the literature, there have been several re- ports of vaseular malformations that run a long insidious course and simulated multiple sclerosis .

However, in most published case reports, vaseular malformations were homo- genous and monofoeal.

We would like to demonstrate a case with fluctuating progres- sive neurological deficit and multiple differ- ent vascular malfonnations involving cere- brum, brain stem, cerebellum, spinal cord ...
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Program for Hilarescere/CCSVI conference in Bologna ... RE-PRG.pdf

Some new universities involved include
Harvard, Stony Brook, University of Texas, and Georgetown.
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Dr. Dake's address?

Anybody have Dr. Dake's address handy? I want to send him the disc of my CT scans, but I don't know where to send it to. I left a message at his office today, but never received a return call. I'm sure they'll call tomorrow, but I'd like to get a jump on this...
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Getting the blood thinned to the theraputic level

Anyone else having trouble getting the blood to thin to the therapeutic levels. My first blood work came back at 1.04 which is just in the high end of normal. I was taking warferin at 5 mg / day up to that point. Now taking 7.5 mg / day and will be re tested next week. Even with the higher dose it seemed after suffering an attack of the ankle grabbing blackberries that my blood ...
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What a bummer!

Hi everyone! I just got back from a week vacation in Rhode Island and boy did I miss a lot! I have a lot of reading to do to catch up on everything. Thanks to needled (she PMed me) I have already read the preliminary reults of the liberation 100. How exciting!

So here what's going on in CT. I spoke with my Neuro and my PCP about all of this and both were interested ...
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