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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

The connection- Iron, hypoxia, and oligidendrocytes

When I first came on TIMS in 2007, there was a regular poster, twisted helix, whose posts always gave me plenty to chew on and lots of words to look up. He's not around as much anymore, and we miss him. MS keeps him down physically, but as you can tell from his "voice"...his brain and humor remain vibrant and engaged. He posted this in the general, because we all miss him and were trying ...
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I just returned home last night from Stanford last night and seeing the man. I asked what "number" I was, and he said that he thought that it was about 34 or 35. I thought that he had treated more people by now.

I had the procedure performed on Fri. Dr. Dake said that my case was somewhat atypical, and maybe because that's because he doesn't see that many PPMS patients. I was dx less ...
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Practical question on operation technique

I'm sorry if I have missed the explanation of this (and the laziness in not searching the net for angioplasty... :oops: ). Nonetheless, from what I understand, both the stenting or ballooning of veins using "key-hole" entry would require that the surgeon has a "view" as to the real-time placement / location of the stent or balloon.

My question is, is / has / was this done ...
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What a wonderful trip!

Hi All!

We went to Stanford on Thursday. Mel had her MRV, MRI. No need for an ultrasound now apparently.

Blood work too.

Met with Dr. Dake, he was just back from Lisbon and is heading over to Liverpool (my home town) in October.

Mel's stents look great, the flow is good and she can stop all the drugs apart from a baby aspirin forever.

Mel still feels great, so much so when she had ...
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New Here

Hi All.
I am new to this site. Dx RRMS 2001 with more sx than I want to write about. Permanently disabled from my career.
I am very excited to learn about CCSVI and I have all of my paperwork into Dr. Dake.
Alex said my chart is on his desk so I am anxiously waiting for a call from him.
How long did most of you guys have to wait? I know he has ...
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Dr Dake Contact Info

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Welcome to Retta and other new visitors-

Just wanted to welcome new visitors to the site. We've been referring folks here from Facebook and other places to come and learn-

Learn all you can about CCSVI. Read the research sticky and the long, long thread. Check out the glossary, there are alot of new terms. Become acquainted with the search function. Most every question you can think of has been discussed before.

As far as diagnosis and treatment- I recommend that individuals ...
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Hello everyone. Because I am highly allergic to copaxone and my body blocks the effects of the interferons my doctor has me on an "off-label" treatment for MS which is a once a month infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg). I have been trying to figure out how this fits in with the CCSVI model for MS and have been having difficulty figuring it out. From what I can understand IVIg is antibodies extracted from plasma ...
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exercise and CCSVI

hey all, I am still on the newbie-train when it comes to CCSVI and thus I don't necessarily understand everything. So, wanted to see what you all thought about the implications of CCSVI on exercise. If there is a blockage in the vein which causes reflux, and if exercise increases blood flow, wouldn't exercise result in worsening of the condition because of increased reflux? Conversely, would lowering the blood pressure have positive effects on MS/CCSVI? ...
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Quick Update From Mel & Jamie @ follow up!

All is great, scans look good for flow in both jugs, off the meds and see Dr. Dake in a year. Didn't have the MRI ready, but Mel's MRI has been stable since hicy anyway, and with all due respect we'd only be bothered about that if she hadn't shown a 100% turnaround. If we were searching for 'evidence' you know? But we're not. The evidence is there everytime I look at her.

Lots more ...
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