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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

My friend James at Stanford

Just got off the phone with my friend James and his awesome companion Kate. He has completed the full complement of tests and met with Dr. D. Sounds like his stenosis has topped the charts. Left side not working and right side, well lets say missing in action. Dr. Dake says the worst he has seen so far. Great news for James as his disability is high and reflects the diagnosis well. He goes in ...
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Peeks follow up

got my follow up MRI/MRV's and consult w/Dr D. My stents are looking great but....I am going in surgery for 2 new stents Jugular at ea. collar bone. Dake said I will be able to go home afterward if I felt OK to do so.

He was totally enthusiastic and excited about it all. Took a short survey re: fatigue and tasks also an EDSS self assessment. tell more tomorrow. H.
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review of the facts-

Think it's time to review what we know (fact), and what we don't know (conjecture)-

*CCSVI has been found in 100% of the CDMS patients Dr. Zamboni has tested. He has reported this in a peer reviewed paper. It is only related to MS patients. No other neurological diseases had it. Repeat: CCSVI is only found in MS patients. It is related to MS. SUNY Buffalo was interested in his research, and are doing an ...
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This sounds too good to be true! What is Dr. Dake's success rate? How do I contact Dr. Dake?
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suggestions for American journalists?

Need some assistance. I'm going over to the conference in Bologna (Jeff can't go- Monk and Ugly Betty are on the air now), and Dr. Z asked if we had any medical/health journalist connections to invite. All our friends are entertainment writers...not much med cred.

I've tried the head health desk writer at AP. Wow...she's quite the gal. I e-mailed her, had a follow up phone call where she told me, laughing, she would "never ...
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PT/PTT INR tests, the basics

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Article about CVSI that may hold clues to CCSVI?

Okay--I'm new here and honestly, my eyes cross at some of the science underlying the theories (but believe me--I get the theory--that part seems amazingly simple!!). But I stumbled across this article and thought I'd throw it out there for those wiser than me to comment on. I apologize if this is old news....

There's a lot more in this article but this is what captured my attention, below. ... ...

Zamboni's new paper- Venous Collateral Circulation 8/09

the plot thickens....

Collateral Circulation in CCSVI

Abstract: A new nosologic vascular pattern that is defined by chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) has been strongly associated with multiple sclerosis. The picture is characterized by significant obstacles of the main extracranial cerebrospinal veins, the jugular and the azygous system, and by the opening of substitute circles. The significance of collateral circle is still neglected. To the contrary, substitute circles are alternative pathways or vicarious ...
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Dr. Dake Reviewed My CT Scans

I sent Dr. Dake my CT scans last week, and received a call from him today. Although the radiology report that came with my CT scans concluded that everything was "within normal ranges", Dr. Dake says that he detects that the very tops of my jugulars, at the C1-C2 level, are almost completely occluded, "pancaked" in his jargon. He spent quite some time with me on the phone, and explained that while he could not ...
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Follow-Up w/ Local Endovascular Docs?

Hi All,

I've been in contact with Dr. Dake's office over the past month or so. Spoke with him once and Alex twice and faxed off a bundle of reports/letter. Will likely be scheduling soon.

As my medical history indicates cerebral venous flow & IJV issues, I'm probably a good CCSVI intervention candidate. And, clinically fatigue/cognitive fog is one of my most disabling symptoms taking me down daily. Although my walking is getting wonkier every ...
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