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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Research bubble

Hi everyone!

A good friend sent me this paper to read, please do read it, it suggest we have a research bubble similar to our housing bubble in the US:
Here's the things that stood out to me;

But over recent decades the rate of major clinical breakthroughs has probably declined , even as claims for the importance of medical research have grown more exaggerated...snip..Available therapies typically ...
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Russian Article

I asked Dr Simka if he had seen a Russian article that i had read about and the good doctor got a copy and translated it from Russian. He thought a copy would be helpful so that we can link it for other medical people to the research thread :D . KEEP COMMENTS ON TOPIC. Thanks!

Ogleznev KO, Tsuladze II
Department of Neurosurgery, Moscow, Russia
Diagnosis ...
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Randi's Turn

Ok, so it's my turn to pack up and head out for a CCSVI Stanford adventure. Thanks to all who have blazed the trail and shared their experiences. I will post in this thread when I can, and also pass on information to Joan so she can, and to Lew (when I actually see him!).
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Dr Dake and Ins

I am trying to figure out if Dr Dake is on my insurance plan. Where can I get basic information about him so I can figure this out?

Thanks Cat
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Update from Dr. D

We have now treated 13 patients and each patient is a learning experience that teaches us something new that adds to our knowledge base. Everyone is unique, but even now patterns are emerging that are quite intriguing to consider. The string we are following leads on…please stay in touch and have an enjoyable weekend.
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LoobieDoobie's CCSVI stuff


I'm off to eat a late lunch and then go to Columbus to fly out in the morning. So here is where I'll post stuff after the surgery. I'll put all the techy stuff in the appropriate thread, but off I go into the wild blue yonder.....
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Zamboni's newest abstract - Epublished ahead of print, 8/09

EDIT: Cheerleader beat me to it:
I don't know how I missed it. So sorry for the duplicate post. I'll try harder next time, promise. ~HappyPoet

2nd EDIT: Should I delete the post? I just saw this is an option. ~HappyPoet

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all find Zamboni's newest abstract interesting; I apologize if this has already been posted.


Venous Collateral Circulation Of The ...
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Must read: JNNP eLetters for Zamboni's CCSVI article

Hello Everyone,

I'd like for my first thread to be a valuable contribution to your wonderful forum.

I have learned much, and my doctors and I (Albany, NY) are scheduling the necessary tests to see if I'm a potential candidate for CCSVI corrective measures.

I hope the JNNP-published eLetters (below) to the editors of JNNP regarding Prof. Zamboni's CCSVI article will make for interesting reading and discussion. I apologize if these have already been posted. ...
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Paying for Testing and Intervention at Stanford

I talked with Alex at Dr. Dake's office last week and asked her if I needed to call my insurance (PPO) or what. She said she would check with them and get back with me. Haven't heard yet. Don't know if others insurance is covering the testing and intervention. Can't set up something definite with Stanford until I know about the insurance because if it is not going to cover the 80% looks like we ...
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My symptoms started 2.5 years ago, a couple of months after some lymph nodes swelled up in my neck. When the lymph nodes didn't go down, they were removed and biopsied, dx: Mono.

I know a lot of people say their MS was triggered by an infection like mono. (I've not been diagnosed with MS and have not yet seen an MS specialist, but my neuro suspects MS because of my symptoms and positive spinal ...
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