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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Lisinopril blood pressure treatment

I was wondering what you people think about the recent study that was all over news using Lisinopril (a standard blood pressure medication with few side effects) to very effectively treat MS-like disease in rodents, in the context of this thread?

(see e.g. ... 4420090817)

In particular I wonder if the blood-pressure lowering property would be an additional benefit to the shift Lisinopril apparently induces in the T ...
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Near 2 month update, follow up, spreading the word.

So we're nearly two months out.

In the last week Mel's slipped back a bit.

Nothing major and no MS type symptoms but the initial super energy has gone.

This has coincided with a weird feeling in her neck/jaw on the left side.

Again, she is still doing great but just a general feeling of tiredness is coming back a bit. However this has coincided with 12 hour work days, lots of stress and she's ...
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Memorial for Holly

Memorial for Holly


Member of ThisIS MS since February 9, 2009

Joined her God August 19, 2009 at 2:15 pm

Holly will continue to contribute to multiple sclerosis
Research at the Human Brain and Spinal Fluid Center, LA Calif.

Quotes from Holly:
Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:17 pm Post subject:
Hi kay -

TIMS has so many topics re:ms that it can keep you busy for some time. I hate to brag but ...
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Stent Questions

A couple of stent question to quell my curiosity.
1. What did Zamboni mean by the following.
However, no attempt at a stenting procedure was made in the absence of a dedicated device capable of preventing migration. This device would fit the particular morphology of the intemal jugular vein, similar to a upside down milk bottle, and, finally avoid protrusion into the brachiocephalic trunk.

2. Where in relation to the stents Dr Dake is inserting, ...
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Received another opinion, and off to NIH tomorrow

With what's going on with Holly, this seems incredibly unimportant, but I'll be gone for a few days and wanted to post this before I left.

Just to review, the report that came with my CT scan said that everything was "within normal ranges". Doctor Dake reported over the phone that he saw rather severe occlusions (pancaking) in both upper jugulars. I asked him to send me a written account of his impressions, and received ...
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Blood pressure drug reverses MS symptoms in mice.

Would love to hear what my knowledgeable friends on this board think about this announcement. Drug that keeps blood vessels from contracting. Not as a new treatment per say--but seems this might fit into the CCSVI model.

CHICAGO, Aug. 17, 2009 (Reuters) — A widely used blood pressure drug may hold promise as a treatment for multiple sclerosis, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

Lab tests found the generic ...
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people who have had the procedure: How is your BP?

AS we have discussed before, Blood pressure seems to run really low in MS patients. My husband is no exception....he seems to be stuck at about 100/60. Has anyone improved since the operation?
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Catfreak's date for the testing and intervention

Alex called me today about Noon my time or 10AM Stanford time. She gave me a choice of Aug 24-25 or Sept 2-3. I spoke with my husband and we decided Sept 2-3 would work best for us since we are on vacation now and need to get back and get everything ready like flights and hotel.

She is still working on my insurance.

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Endovascular treatment of MS: personal experience

I am a 63 year old Italian consultant cardiac surgeon working full time in Belfast since 1993. I was diagnosed wirh chronic progressive MS in 1986. It started with spasticity and progressive weakness of the lower limbs, more marked on the right side. It affected my ability to walk and control of bladder and bowels became a problem, in addition to erectile disfunction. When I met prof. Zamboni two years ago I walked with a ...
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