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DSA - Digital Subtraction Angiography

Hi all.

I have spoken with the friend's friend vascular surgeon. He told me that MRV is very useful for azygs, IJV and VVs, but such a procedure could miss displaying some relatively small artifacts, leading to false negatives. Venography is much better a method and DSA is THE method.

In DSA, a catheter is inserted through the leg and is driven to the area of interest. An X-ray is performed before the dye is ...
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Interview with Dr. Dake

This interview is helping me stay calm today :)
From 2007 "Endovascular Legends" podcast series-

Dr. Michael Dake talks about his training, his philosophies, the first venous stent placed, the importance of collaboration with other specialties and crossing boundaries- the need for "spreading knowledge" between practices, not competing but collaborating. He believes this is where the future of medicine is heading...not in competing specialties, but in collaborative, ...
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MRV - Azygos

Hi all.

I have just returned from the MRV exam. I have only had half of it. Azygous system only. I will have the results on Thursday.

The doctor preliminarily and "off-the-record" told me that the azygous system looked just fine, at a very first glance. That's expected due to my RR course, and my relatively slow progression (I turned into a wreck within a weekend!) after 15 years. I really doubt I will be ...
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Inflammation is a big deal for the brain: it cannot tolerate it at all well.

One of the issues we have been hit with is how can MS be venous if inflammation suppression via revimmune metheylprednisolone etc helps people with MS.

I have offered that MS is an inflammatory disease and that is how we can account for the conundrum: the venous damage happens then the immune system responds to heal the damage and THAT ...
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I have found this in the news:


It is about the long term effects of plasmapheresis. I wonder what in the plasma could erode the BBB, so that despite the stenoses, the nervous system keeps working...

The 100% freaked out,
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The Veins in CCSVI- from Dr. Simka

A note from Dr. Simka, regarding his impression of the difference in MS venous stenosis, after studying the veins with ultrasound:

From my (still very limited) experience, the hallmark of venous lesions in MS patients is the stiffness of venous wall, it is not external compression. Neither is it alike varicose veins, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, or so. It is very strange, I am sitting in vascular sonography for years and I don't remember to see such ...
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Vascular surgeon, etc

Hi all.

A very good friend of mine is a close friend of a great vascular surgeon for 15 years, now. I was a little shy about contacting him, but my friend did it "spontaneously".

The surgeon can "prescribe" the MRV and then I shall have it done. But I am a little nervous about the results. What if there is no stenosis at all? I doubt that this is the case, but my head ...
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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the elephant in our room... How can it be that MS is a venous issue that it occurs in people from latitudes with less sunlight and we have lower vitamin d levels?

heres a paper associating peripheral artery disease with low vitamin d ... y-disease/

Participants with the lowest vitamin D levels were 2.18 times more likely to have PAD than were participants in the ...
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Diminished Visibility of cerebral venous vasculature in MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system characterized by widespread demyelination, axonal loss and gliosis, and neurodegeneration; susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI), through the use of phase information to enhance local susceptibility or T2* contrast, is a relatively new and simple MRI application that can directly image cerebral veins by exploiting venous blood oxygenation. Here, we use high-field SWI at 3.0 Tesla to image 15 patients with clinically definite relapsing-remitting MS and ...
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Italian Summit- Venous Function in MS- 9/8/09

Nice e-mail from Dr. Zamboni.

My program is to project a multicenter randomized control trial joining all the people who scientifically support my discovery. Hilarescere will support the International Scientific Coterie in Italy on September 8th, titled VENOUS FUNCTION AND MS

He is inviting other doctors who will, by then, have research to further document CCSVI in MS. A nice opportunity to visit lovely Ferrera, vascular doctors!!!

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