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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

PubMed Commons

This is a good idea. Those authors who can get agreement with their publishers not to remain behind a paywall, can share their work here:

If a study has government funding it should belong to the people. Public libraries should have access. IMHO, it also is a grave necessity for science to progress, regardless of whether any drug companies or publishers can make profits from it.
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Can IJV's and Azygous veins remain dilated after 3 balloon a

I have had 3 balloon angioplasty's in 2010 -2012,
On the 1st procedure they dilated just both IJVs
In the 2nd procedure they dilated both IJVs AND the Azygos vein
In the 3rd procedure they dont the same as the 2nd procedure

The 3rd MRV:
This new IR said he ballooned the veins more aggressively in hope i dont restenose,
he dilated the right IJV 'proximally until 10mm, distally until 18mm, the left jugular vein ...
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Iron supplements and MS dx

I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. Has there ever been conducted to ask how many patients Dx with MS have been on Iron Supplements at some point in life? Any light u can shed on this would be great. I have been searching for information to no avail, but findings on the effects of iron reduction therapy are rather interesting in patients with MS. Curious if supplements of iron have been ...
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New Video at CCSVI Alliance - Physical Therapy

New video on homepage: Mr. Ray Crallé, nationally recognized physical therapist, covers the physiology and rehabilitation of two symptomatic challenges for people with MS – gait disturbance and balance. In this informative interview with Alliance President, Sharon Richardson, Mr Crallé discusses the physiology of spastic plantar flexion (incorrectly termed foot drop in many MS patients), vestibular balance (which can have an effect on cerebral blood flow) and the bio-mechanics of gait disturbance ...
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information needed

First time here. My mother has MS. She has been laying in a corner room in a nursing home for 8 years and she is only 62. She cannot walk. She sees her neurologist once a year. I need information regarding how to get her ccsvi treatment. In our minds, it is worth any risk. She is very dear to me and has so much life ahead of her. I don't want to see her ...
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Even the enemy can see the difference if they do things righ

We have again another report finding differences in blood flow but saying that they are the consequence. The most important contribution of these articles is that they show that flow differences really exists, and even the CCSVI-against doctors can find them.

Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Cerebral Arterial and Venous Haemodynamics in Multiple Sclerosis: A Case-Control Study.

Although recent studies excluded an association between Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency ...
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Happy Halloween

Did anyone dress up as a neurologist yesterday?
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Cortical veins under 7 tesla MRI

It seems that they are able to detect oxygen percentages and to use it as biomarker.

Edit: I had a bad link. This is the right one.

Quantitative oxygen extraction fraction from 7-Tesla MRI phase: reproducibility and application in multiple sclerosis.

Quantitative oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) in cortical veins was studied in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and healthy subjects via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) phase images ...
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% definition of technical failure of vein angioplasty ... 140602297X

Primary patency was defined as a patent central vein without recurrent stenosis or the need for further intervention within the central veins. Assisted primary patency was defined as a patent central vein that underwent further intervention to improve patency. Loss of patency was defined according to accepted reporting standards.

Technical failure was defined as <50% gain in luminal diameter. Early failure was defined as an inability ...
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Questions - help!

Do any of you feel a pain in the front or sides of your neck? What the heck is that?!

Have you ever noticed that your symptoms are posture related? Any time I have to lean forward, especially w/arms out, symptoms flare afterward. This is: driving, pushing stroller, working on computer. What does this mean???
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