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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Muscle compression?


If one is found to have IVJ compressed by sternocleidomastoid or some other muscle, then what??? Is there a procedure to divide this muscle? Should be.
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This article speaks about groups of patients that have succesfully managed to set up a clinical trial via crowdfunding.

Interestingly, they did it for MS.

Maybe it could be a possibility for us to do it for CCSVI
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Canadian Neurovascular Health Society conf. tweeting now

First day is completed
Dr. Juurlink, Dr. Code, Dr. Haacke, Dr. Arata---
lots of info on twitter

@JoanBeal on twitter
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Researchgate: it sounds like a Watergate scandal, but it was described to me as "Facebook for scientists"

Accounts are free & scientists put the full text of their research articles on their pages. ... CSVI_in_MS

Clicking the above link and choosing "join for free" gets you in, but they want it to be scientists only (sigh) and so you need a department, institution, and institutional email.
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CCSVI and cancer

Seems to uneducated me:
One of the known features of CCSVI (not saying anything about "MS") is the presence of many collateral veins. The reason for these, as discovered in studies concerning flow rates in collateral and jugular veins, is likely to be the presence of a stenosis, with resulting hypoxia, and the generation of replacement venous capacity to replace what was lost to the stenosis.

I have my own opinion that the collateral ...
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"MS" is the n-word of the medical world.

A poor start on research, a fascination with replicating Zamboni's work on ultrasound, and a general, out of proportion, negativity to the concepts regarding the role of ccsvi as a cause of MS rather than as a method of symptom relief have distracted from good research partnerships.

"MS" is the n-word of the medical world.

I hope I will be forgiven my negativity, whether it is out-of-proportion or not. I have some deep connection ...
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New research on CSF, 3rd ventricle, coagulation in CCSVI

New research breakdown for September 2014--from my blog:

It's been a busy month for MS research. I wanted to give a brief overview of the new publications coming out in vascular journals, linking CCSVI and MS to slowed cerebral blood flow, changes in cerebrospinal fluid flow and coagulation factors.

As much as neurologists and immunologists continue to claim this exploration is dead, finito, over---there are still dozens of publications in press or being published which ...
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Imaging of brain perfusion: ECTRIMS Poster

Multiple Sclerosis Journal 2014; 20: (S1) 285–496
ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS MSBoston 2014: Poster Sessions 2
Imaging of brain perfusion in multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative disorders: association with endothelial factors. An interim analysis
E Tedeschi , R Lanzillo, M Mancini, C Russo, A Cianflone, R Liuzzi, S Cocozza, E Postiglione, G Palma, M Caprio, M Incoronato, C Criscuolo, V Brescia Morra, M Salvatore

Background: Among the factors contributing to brain damage in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), scientific evidences indicate ...
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CSF flow is abnormal in MS

I don't know if this is related to the study of Fonar and Dr. Rosa, but sounds similar. No amplitude difference found, but irregular timing was found instead.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Dynamics in Multiple Sclerosis Patients through Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

We studied cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow dynamics at the cervical level in association with internal jugular veins (IJV) flow for 92 patients with multiple sclerosis ...
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