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About to start this medication and kinda scared

I’m about to start this medication this week. I’m kinda terrified of side effects and it making me feel so bad that I’m unable to work. I’ve heard this medication had the least side effects but I’ve also seen some bad things about it. For people on this medication did it disrupt your daily life at all?
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Immediate post injection reaction

Ok after over 14 years of being on Copaxone it finally happened. Last night I had my first immediate post injection reaction. I injected in my stomach (like I have for years) with the Autoject and immediately felt the flush, which has happened a few times in the past. No big deal. Minutes later my hands started shaking, then my arms, and then my teeth started chattering uncontrollably. I had to put a cloth in ...
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New Copaxone user

Hello everyone,

So recently (about a month ago) I started using copaxone 40mg. It has been going ok I guess. I get soreness but I sleep it off most of the time. However, recently I've been getting skin reactions that turn red and puffy and last over a week and then leave a dark mark that looks like a blemish sort of that havent faded ( I know it hasnt been that long). I dont ...
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Copaxone after 8 months

Hi. I've been taking copaxone for 8 years,made a break for 8 months,and now I'm wondering if I can continue taking it.
Does anybody knows if it's safe?
Thank you,mar
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Copaxone 40mg and intense exercise

Hello been a long while since I posted on this site. I started taking 20mg Copaxone around 2010. I used it everyday for 3 years but eventually had to stop. I ran out of injection sites my tissue became really hard. I am skinny so not much fat on me so I repeated a lot of the injection sites. Before my MS diagnoses I was active and would run. Not a crazy amount I never ...
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Copaxone use during pregnancy by relapsing MS patients...

Copaxone use during pregnancy by relapsing MS patients now possible in EU

European users of Copaxone (glatiramer acetate injection, Teva Pharmaceutical) to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis will no longer see a warning that the drug should not be used during pregnancy...Read more -
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Copaxone side effect??

I was diagnosed with MS in April 2015. I have been taking 20mg Copaxone daily ever since. I have never had an issue with my teeth. I receive regular cleanings and check ups. I have never had a cavity. My diet is actually better now than ever. I have eliminated all caffeine from my diet long before I was diagnosed. I only drink water. I went 4 months ago for my regular cleaning appointment and ...
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R-Pharm Group to launch Glatirat

The Russian Ministry of Health has granted Marketing Authorisation to R-Pharm JSC for the development of Glatirat, a drug intended for the treatment of patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and clinically isolated syndrome...Read more -
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Fungus and nails hand and foot

Has anyone in this group had to deal with fungus fingernail and toenail? After being on Copaxone for almost 3 years all the sudden a fungus outbreak has occurred starting on big toenail. I do workout but have only used the shower at the gym 3 times, months ago. Do you think we who have MS and are medicated are more susceptible to foreign invaders such as fungus infections? I have been using tea tree ...
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