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How long does it take for your lumps/swellings from Copaxone injections to disappear?
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Location of injections

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone might have information or experiencing regarding the location of injections.

Initially, when I started my copaxone, I followed the regimen and rotated between the different sites as they recommended. Some of the locations really stung and it was irritating, so I've been injecting into my buttocks for the past month or so. I haven't had any problems with it. Does anyone know if that could impact the copaxone's ...
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Copaxone Sucks

I was told to heat the area first and then use the cold compress. I've given Copaxone almost 4 months and my vote is... off with your head!!!

Do I NEED to be causing myself a bad case of lipo with caustic chemicals and tumor sized bruises? I mean if I had a grid and an idea of how this stuff burns the fat that's one thing... but it sounds like a bad lipo job ...
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Hello, 14 days ago I had terrible reaction on copaxone. Vomiting, problems with breath and so on...

From the time I have during a day problems with terrible burning and tingleing (in my head especially, than my shoulder and chest) and with feeling of lack of air in my lungs, I am afrai of swooning but it never happens). Does anybody know this? Is it from MS, or from Copaxone? My doctor doesn´t know and ...
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Swollen painful glands anyone?

I've recently had a couple bouts of swollen glands with accompying dull pain - usually on one side of my neck/jaw. I did a quick google search and found that this is one possible side effect of GA. Anyone else experience this? I'm quite certain that it's not an infection since I have no other side effects. I'm seriously considering cutting back to one shot of C every other day.
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Temporary Stinging Negation - Massage

We have been on Copaxone for about 6 months. There is about 5 minutes of stinging that follows each injection. While we do clean the site with alcohol we fan it dry for more than a minute and it's not the cause of the stinging.

For Christmas we had massages.

Following the massage, NO STINGING for 2-weeks! Serioulsy. None! Now, we cannot afford to have 26 massages a year, but we tried it one more ...
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First MRI on Copaxone

How soon after starting Copaxone should one have an MRI done, given the fact that the drug takes 6 months or so to start working?
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How long does Copaxone take to work?

My neuro, who originally diagnosed me PPMS (Dec 2005), now thinks I may be having an relapse... So, I've just done a round of coticosteroids and have be advised to consider a CRAB drug.

I suggested Copaxone, but the neuro felt that this drug takes too long to begin working. He mentioned that it can take 6 months too reach full effect. Has anyone heard of Copaxone taking this long to take effect?

By the ...
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Anybody here with SPMS for 10+ years who is on Copaxone?

Hi Copaxonites or Copaxonians!

I'm new here, and I have a question. Is anyone around who is on Copaxone and who has SPMS? Better yet--anyone who's had SPMS for more than 10 years and is on Copaxone?

I'd really like to know how you're doing. My neuro thinks it's best for everyone with MS to be on one of the ABCRs, but I've hesitated to start Copaxone after a not-very-good experience with Avonex.

I've had ...
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call me vain - but just wondering. .

copaxone is working for me. i get the dents though and i hate them. what i was wondering was that if anyone knew if lipoatrophy was reversible through plastic surgery? new treatments are going to be coming out in the next 5-6 years for MS and it would just be nice to think about having nice legs again. . . just wondered if anyone had even thought about this. . seems pretty silly in the ...
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