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Copaxone effectiveness? (or lack of?)

I've been reading mixed reports on the web about copaxone and it's effectiveness. ... edcop.html
Seems the most promising data I can find, which is consistent to what I read. The longer one takes copaxone, the better it will work. This seems to be ideal in my situation as I'm young and was picked up in MS's early stages. I dont feel I need to go on ...
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Copaxone effects they dont tell you about!!!

I was currently recieving avonex treatment (for a year and a half), and stopped a few months ago because the side effects were worse than having the MS itself. After a wonderful couple of months treatment free, I have been given copaxone as an alternative because my neuro thought the interferons didnt suit me!

So far I have done 5 injections and feel worse than I did on the avonex. I am getting the usual ...
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Has anyone noticed bruising at injection site?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone noticed bruising at your injection sites? I just recently noticed that I have bruises on my arms and on my thighs. It's ugly!

Is there anything I can do to reduce them? As it is I ice the injection sites after I am done.
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Cochrane report is a revisited article on Copaxone by the Cochrane Group which is a non-profit organization.

I would imagine that Teva, the makers of Copaxone, wouldn't have the Cochrane Group on their Christmas list this year...if ever!!

Harry ... eid=186200
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Cost of Copaxone

A friend of mine in the USA told me she pays about $100 for her copaxone, is this per week or month ? Either way OUCH ! 8O
In Australia we a fortunate for it to be government subsidised and it costs about $17US a month. :D
I was curious to know what we are all paying for ...
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Copaxone pre-filled and headaches

Did anyone else suffer from headaches when they swapped to the pre-filled syringes ? :( I am waking up every morning with a de-hydration sort of headache and if I have even half a glass of wine I get a major hangover the next day. :oops: I am not very happy about this !!!

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Copaxone break

I have just taken a 10-day break from my copaxone. Before I start again, I am wondering if there are any cautions I should be aware of. It looks like the research shows you can start again with no problems, but I do not know for sure and don't want to experience the hyper feeling if that is more likely. Any info please?

Thanks, Sheila
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Copaxone and Lipoatrophy (skin indentations)

We're trying to pull together some information here on a topic people don't hear much about: Lipoatrophy, or the loss of subcutaneous fat, due to the use of Copaxone. This looks like dents, or hollowed out areas, around the injection sites.

Does anyone on our site suffer from this? What has been your experience? Have you found anything that reduces its occurrence or improves the situation?
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Is it the Copaxone?

I'm not ready to bring out the marching bands yet but I got a bit of good news yesterday when my neuro's office called to tell me the results of the mri I had last week. There has been no change since my last mri 30 months ago or any change from the one I had 4 years ago for that matter.

Does this mean that the Copaxone I've been on for 42 months (including ...
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Copaxone side effects

I have a question for anyone that would like to respond. I have had MS for the past 5 years 3 of which I have been taking Copaxone. I was okay for the first six months and then I started having the severe reaction with chest tightness and shortness of breath. This reaction has happened to me at least once every 2-3 months while I have been on this drug. Now my chest aches on ...
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