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If I must go off Copaxone...

Ok. Wife has MS - since 1996. Secondary progressive. On Copaxone for the past three years. Going on Medicare October 1. She has Anthem Blue Cross supplemental prescription. Neurologist is calling to get a prior authorization since Copaxone is not on their formulary.
My question: if the co-pay is going to be more than we can afford, and if we cannot receive assistance, what is the recommended procedure to wean off of Copaxone?
I'd rather ...
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every other day

I've been on the eod plan for ten months now with no relapses. I went this route due to swollen lymph nodes.

The past few months I've increased to both weekend days and eod mid-week.

Sometimes this disease just makes me wonder that when the time is right it will just rear its ugly head just as it hides in the darkness no matter what we do to prevent it.
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Will Copaxone lower my blood pressure?

My neurologist wants me to start using Copaxone which I was already terrified about but then seeing comments about it lowering blood pressure worries me because my blood pressure is already ridiculously low. Will it lower my blood pressure?
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Curascript/Accerdo missing shipment

Has anyone else missed their shipment from the acquisition of Curascript and Accerdo. I have missed three doeses as of today and it has stressed me out. Spent the weekend trying to get missing doses from local hospital pharmacy and had no luck because they could not get ahold of my Dr. This is crazy to me because my Dr. is on call sometimes for the hospital. Then I was told that I could not ...
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UK court upholds Teva’s patent on Copaxone

Teva received good news this week with the decision by a UK court to uphold the company's patent for multiple scleroris (MS) treatment Copaxone.

The Court of Appeal for England and Wales agreed with an earlier decision by the UK's High Court to defend the patent for Copaxone (glatiramer acetate injection) after its validity was challenged by Mylan..... Read More -
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Court permits generic version of Copaxone a year sooner

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone will lose its patent protection in 2014 rather than 2015 because of a ruling from a U.S. appeals court Friday.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued its decision in a patent fight between Teva and rivals Sandoz and Mylan Inc.... Read More -
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Should I stop taking copaxone -shots were exposed to +86f?

Any advice for me? I'm traveling abroad for 3 weeks and a few days ago noticed that my copaxone shots were in a bag that had become very warm after being left in the truck for 10-15 mins.

Should I not take the shots? Will they harm me or just not be as effective? Shared solutions had no data and had no advise but suggested not injecting them.

Any thoughts?

(I've been on copaxone for ...
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The Start Of Copaxone

Diagnosed in December 2012, I am finally starting a FDA approved treatment. I am currenting taking LDN and following the MCT Keto Diet. My main reason for even starting Copaxone is because of all the research I found that it can not only reduced flare ups, but also relieve symptoms. I am looking forward to the possibility of symptom relief since most symptoms have remained since diagnosis, even after 2 rounds of IV steroids. Still ...
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New Glatiramer Acetate treatment regimen reduced relapses

New Glatiramer Acetate treatment regimen reduced annualised relapse rates in MS

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has announced that data from the Glatiramer Acetate Low-frequency Administration (GALA) study, published in the Annals of Neurology, show that a 40mg/ 1mL dose of Copaxone(R) (glatiramer acetate injection) administered subcutaneously three times per week significantly reduced relapse rates at 12 months and demonstrated a favorable safety and tolerability profile in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). Currently, the approved ...
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Copaxone and elevated liver enzymes

Has anyone had elevated liver enzymes associated with copaxone use?

ive been on the regular 1 a day copaxone routine for about 2 months now. a routine blood test from my general doc showed elevated liver enzymes which i have never had before. this what i take daily:
10,000 mgs of fish oils
4,000 ius of vit d3
pantaprazole 40 mgs for acid reflux

i was sent to a liver specialist and he wants ...
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