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Input on Copaxone and Gilenya?


I was taking Interferons for over five years and have developed some very bad reactions to them...i.e. severe flu-like symptoms.

My Neuro is going to put me on either Copaxone or Gilenya, as a result.

What is your experience with either of these? Do you feel they are "effective"? Side effects you've experienced?

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Shattered syringe with Autoject

Hi, day 4 of Copaxone. Injected into right hip. I pushed the trigger button and fired. Watching the window go down but then I noticed a sharper pain than usual from the 1st three days and then the yellow line stopped moving. I kept it held firmly in my skin for about 30 seconds with no movement. Finally pulled it out to discover the syringe had shattered around the neckline and was jammed in the ...
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Mapi Pharma receives US patent for multiple sclerosis treatm

Mapi Pharma, developer of complex bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), has been granted a US patent for a long acting depot formulation of glatiramer acetate, which is under the development as a once-a-month treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).... Read More -
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Does Assist RX have an income cap?

Was referred there by Shared Solutions. They are sending me an application. Everything I see online says they assist people WITHOUT insurance so I am not sure if I should even bother to apply if I am just going to be denied...

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i got extra copaxone

hi all i have way too much copaxone turns out i dont need it because i have b12 anemia. just messege me i can give you some
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Common MS drugs Taken Together Do Not Reduce Relapse Risk

Common Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Taken Together Do Not Reduce Relapse Risk

A recent clinical trial found that interferonβ-1a (INF) and glatiramer acetate (GA), two of the most commonly prescribed drugs for multiple sclerosis (MS), provide no additional clinical benefit when taken together. While findings published today in Annals of Neurology, a journal of the American Neurological Association and Child Neurology Society, suggest that taking both INF and GA together was not superior to GA monotherapy ...
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Copaxone with Acthar Gel?

Does anyone have any experience taking Acthar Gel on a regular basis along with Copaxone? I have been taking copaxone since i was diagnosed with MS in Nov 2011. I have had 5 exacerbations since....not very great if you ask me. My old neurologist wanted me to start on Tysabri but didn't give me very high hopes considering he said it can kill about 1 in 4000 people. I went to a new neurologist and ...
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Copaxone side effects lasting 2 months:(

Hello, I have been taking Copaxone for about 2 years now. I was on Avonex before this but had to stop because if hallucinations/ déjà vu symptoms I was experiencing. Now on Copaxone, I have been having brutal side effects that have been at their worse starting about 2 months ago. I was having mild versions of headaches, and dizziness, chest tightness and tingling through the body, heart flutters, anxiety. I have now had all ...
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Teva to test oral MS drug Laquinimod in combination therapy


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. will test its experimental multiple-sclerosis pill in combination therapies as the company mounts a response to oral competitors to its best-selling injection Copaxone.

The Israeli company is likely to start two clinical trials next year combining laquinimod with other drugs, President of Global Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer Michael Hayden said in an interview at an MS conference in Lyon, France. One of the trials may seek to ...
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New to MS, new here too...Copaxone every other day?

Hi everyone,

I was just diagnosed a few days ago after a few months of my first flare. Nasty business this MS. Dizzy, numb...really thought I was losing my mind after 2 months of it. Until the MRI. They found 5 lovely lesions in there and 2 older ones, whatever that means. Tons of tests later here I am. I chose Copaxone to start after they do the 3 days of IV steroids next week ...
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