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Why not butt area for injection?

Hello everyone.

New to this world of fun! Just started Copaxone and hating it. But what is there to like?? Keep thinking and hope for the possible benefits. :smile:

Since I would like to try my best to avoid injecting the same site too often, I really liked someone's (maybe jimmylegs) idea of using a map and marking it each day. I ended up taking it a ...
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Muscle spasm after injection

This is month 2 of my husband taking Copaxone. Tonight when I injected in his arm he had muscle spasms for about 5 minutes after. Has anyone else had this?We use the autoinjector and set it according to the Shared Solutions nurse. Also, his left leg has gotten swollen, red and warm in the injection site. This happened the first week in his right leg too and the MD put him on an antibiotic because ...
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2 months on Copaxone

I now have these itchy bumps all over my hands and fingers. And itchy patches on several spots on my body. My neuro wants me to stop the copaxone and start an interferon? I don't want to go that route. I don't know what to do. I am so sick of this, i can't take much more. can someone please give me some advice?
thanks, Dave
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US court upholds patents on MS drug Copaxone


A federal court upheld Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.'s patents on its multiple-sclerosis drug Copaxone, helping the generic drug giant to beat back threats to its top-selling drug from rivals Mylan Inc. and Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The dispute put Teva--the world's biggest manufacturer of generic drugs--in the unusual position of defending against some of the same arguments it has made against other branded drugs in previous patent battles.

By seeking to cast Teva's claims to ...
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Coverage for Copaxone

I have been recently diagnosed w/MS and my neurologist prescribed Copaxone as treatment. Unfortunately, my ins co will only cover 1/2 of the script cost ($2500.00) and I am responsible for the other 1/2 ($2500.00). This is not affordable to me. I have tried everywhere to try to get assistance with the cost of this medication, but because I live in the state of Massachusetts and the way the new Healthcare Reform laws are written, ...
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Copaxone working this soon!

It' s only been 3 and 1/2 months but I feel that I am getting results. Every day my walking is improving, albeit only a little at a time. I know I am fortunate if the first medicine I try is the one that works! I still feel a little impatient, because like everyone else I want ALL of my mobility back now, and all of my old functioning. But I am grateful for the ...
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Injection site red and warm

My husband just started Copax 5 days ago. He has been injecting into his thigh thinking he had to do 1 site for a week and then move to another site (poor instructions from MD). Now that thigh is red,hard and warm. I called shared solutions and they said not to worry but start moving the sites around daily. I still don't like the reaction, it usually means infection to me. Anyone else have this ...
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Reaction to Copaxone

Hello everyone i am new to these MS forums. I wanted to share my experience with copaxone and see if anyone else has had any similar expierences. I never had any problems with this medicine until recently and now I'm not quite sure what i should do. the first problem that i encountered was one night after taking my medicine i began to feel this very strange feeling coming from my feet all the way ...
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Thigh shots

I just started Copaxone 10 days ago. The shots are just ok. But, when i did my thighs, 2-3 days later, i get a big red mark, it is warm and a bit swollen. I want to rotate the shots around but I am scared to do it in the thigh again. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Dave (new to MS and Copaxone)
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Copaxone: I'm getting antsy waiting!

I have been on Copaxone for 2 and 1/2 months. Already I have felt some positive effect, and feel it is going to be the med for me. But I'm having a tough time waiting for the 6 to 9 months you'e supposed to wait for it to really take effect. I've been getting depressed thinking about the things I used to be able to do! It's been really tough
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