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Copaxone and the Common Cold

Has anyone had their ISRs worsen when a cold was coming on?

I had foot surgery on 12.9.11, followed by a cold that lasted 3 weeks. In all 6 weeks of "recovery." My ISRs worsened during that time. To the point last week, the IS were hard, red, inflamed, and up to 3" in diameter for 2-3 days post injection with a large hard bump lasting for up to 8 days.
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copaxone and medicare

Does anyone know why shared solutions will not give assistance to people on medicare or medicaid? Is it a law?
My copay part d medicare is 1300.00 a month. Shared solutions won't even return my calls. If you check their ad, they are clear that anyone on a govt health plan will not get help. WHy? Why? Why?
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Thinking About Going Off Copaxone

:?: I'm wondering if anyone has experience going off Copaxone. If it can be stopped immediately or if I will need to taper off? I could call Shared Solutions (SS), but don't think I'll get a positive answer since I'm wanting to end this treatment. I will be calling my neurologist on Monday, I'm just not sure I can do another injection.

I am having terrible ISRs ...
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Copaxone appears to repair nerve tissue in MS patients


Copaxone repairs nerve tissue in multiple sclerosis patients, said Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. in reporting the results of a 12-month MRI study on the evolution of multiple sclerosis lesions. The study was published in the January issue of "Frontiers in Bioscience".

“These data indicate that treatment with Copaxone resulted in a measureable amount of tissue repair in study patients,” said the lead research Dr. Robert Zivadinov, Director of the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center at ...
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Copaxone Injection Sites

My doctor has prescribed Copaxone, but I am reluctant to give it a try. I read that the injection sites often are left with pits and/or knots in the skin. Does anyone know if this is due to the auto-inject system or a side effect of the medicine itself?


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Copaxone Reaction

Just wanted to quickly document my first bad reaction to copaxone after being on it 5 months.

I injected it as usual (although this time I did bleed quite badly afterwards which makes me think I might have injected into a blood vessel)

After about 3 minutes I had a feeling of very very mild breathing issues and a slight feeling of flushing (this was all so minimal that although I knew it was a ...
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How long does it take for Copaxone to become effective?

I was wondering if anyone new knew long it takes for Copaxone to reach a clinical level in your body and begin to slow the progression of MS? I went off of Rebif about 6 months ago due to the side effects. I feel 10x better off of the Rebif; however, when I told my neurologist I ended the Rebif and wanted to take Copaxone he discouraged me and said that Copaxone is not as ...
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Higher patient adherence to DMDs reduces MS costs


Avi Dor, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Health Policy, GW School of Public Health and Health Services, was a co-author of a study, in collaboration with Teva Pharmaceuticals, that found that higher patient adherence to disease modifying therapies, like glatiramer acetate (GA), an immunomodulator drug currently used to treat multiple sclerosis, reduced inpatient costs, outpatient costs, and other medical expenses in a national sample of multiple sclerosis patients.

This research was published in ...
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Weight Gain

I was diagnosed with MS in February of this year. Since then I have started copaxone in early March. By June put almost 5-6 pounds. and now I am up a good 10-15. I have tried weight watchers and I am now on south beach but i just keep putting it on. I know a lot of this is likely comfort eating, but I shouldn't still be gaining while on such a severe diet like ...
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Missed an injection day


My name is Peter, I am 29 years old. I have been diagnosed with MS less than 2 months ago. My first and only relapse so far has been a case of optic nuritis. I have been taking Copax. for about 3 weeks.

no major problems with it but last night I missed an injection because I fell asleep after work. Totally a bad move on my part. I have about 2 hours before ...
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