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ok that was a headache

had some kind of infection recently. all over painful. an especially severe headache.

i took so much magnesium glycinate trying to stop the pain, i found the point where you can still get that fun magnesium side effect even using that form (not the weakness, the laxative one yay)

didn't make a dent in the headache. so i gave in and took advil. and that didn't make a dent either. i couldn't think straight. barely ...
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i am a bad friend

i just invited my friend to participate in an experiment to see which of us would react more strongly to 250mg niacin, given that she takes 4 caps of fish oil per day and i have been out for a while. 'maybe i didn't really react yesterday because it was on a full stomach' i thought. so i fed my friend, and gave her the niacin. result: fire engine. think i need to make a ...
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Happy Holidays!

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College Scholarships wanted.

As some of you may remember, I am currently going to college for a double major in Finance and Managerial Accounting. I have 2 semesters left.

This year began my diagnosis and treatment. And the expenses...

Right now I cannot register for classes next semester, as my account is too high. Overtime at work has been limited and I was wondering if anyone knew of any scholarships available for MS patients. I am $3000.00 short. ...
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Being Different is not a Curse

Being Different is not a Curse ... ent-curse/

“It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability.
One has to get on with life and I haven’t done badly.
People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining”

– Stephen Hawking.
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Don't Like Typing? Type with your Voice - Fast and Easy


You basically just go to the Speechnotes website and start talking. What you say is transformed, as you talk, into text that you paste to whatever website or document you wish.
It has made writing messages for the website far easier for me. :-D :-D

Works entirely online ...
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Interrupting me

My boyfriend keeps interrupting me. He said he doesn't mean to, but still continues to do it time after time. He says it's because of his MS.

It's very frustrating to feel unheard.

How do I handle this? I find myself wanting to shout sometimes.
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tick talk

well pretty sure i scratched a tick off myself last eve! can't be sure because it was on my shoulder blade. definitely felt like a foreign object. now looks like a bite. at least we don't seem (so far) to be in a high risk area for the ticks a) belonging to species which can transmit lyme, and b) which are actually infected themselves.
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magnesium: immortalized in song lol

hahaha i didn't know about this song before. rolled into it on youtube via N/A OK.

fave line (of a few goodies): 'hyperactivity is linked to low magnesium'

also enjoyed publisher's comment: 'there was a serious lack of this song on youtube'

hahahahahaha :D
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TEDx - When Change is not a Choice

TEDx - When Change is not a Choice
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