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A forum to talk about the general challenges of daily life with MS.

Trying to cope

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with ms almost exactly a year ago at the age of 25. And there have been many changes within this year. I think the diagnosis was actually a relief to me because I felt like I actually had an answer for what has been going on with me and I could now more forward and start treatment.

However, shortly after the diagnosis I began having severe electrical shocks all throughout ...
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new shellfish record!

i finally did it. i am not there with the clam and oyster chowder yet, but i ate clam chowder (at 30% standard clam density) and a single smoked oyster (wrapped in bacon). this 'struggle', associated with the quest for concentrated nutrients via small whole food portions, is occurring almost 4 decades since getting beaten up for not wanting to try shellfish at a restaurant. fwp i know. but be nice to your kids, folks.
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Those with writing/drawing problems

Is it common to lose your ability to write or draw with multiple sclerosis since its possible? If you had that kind of bad luck, how do you deal with it? And what other ways could you write? I'm suddenly new here and I've been having similar symptoms of this disease but haven't had a diagnosis yet. I can't afford it and ms is very tricky to diagnose. I'm 23 years old. It's been two ...
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Potential New Symptoms

I've been having a helluva time lately. I've been on Tecfidera for months now - probably about four, and it's only recently that I've been experiencing some sudden and sometimes rather severe instances of what is I'm sure either a side effect from the medication, or a symptom of my MS becoming more active again. (I was diagnosed Jan 6 2016 after three years of sudden long-term numbness in arms, legs, and trunk). About a ...
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Anonymous survey for my master's thesis

Hello Madam, Sir,

My name is Céline, a French-speaking student in final year of Executive Secretariat medical option. (Sorry for my Engels)

My master's thesis is about "Multiple Sclerosis (MS)". More precisely it deals with the INFLUENCE OF THE DISEASE ON THE LIFE ON PATIENT AND THIER FAMILY CIRCLE'S LIFE (the reactions, the impact, the attitude of the family circle, friends, acqauaintances and colleagues).

In order to approach that topic I would need to ...
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I made a movie with other MS people

I wanted to show people MS does not have to stop you living. You can still live and do things even though you're retired or sitting in wheelchair like I am.

The shortmovie is non-profit, free and bilingual, Finnish and English.


Field on Possibilities

Miia Luhtalampi
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Big Data

Some time ago I discussed problems with Facebook. However, Facebook is just a symptom of a much larger issue.

Here's an interesting documentary that discusses how big data is used and the coming tsunami of the role of big data in our lives, The Human Face of Big Data.

The irony of posting this here is not lost on me...

"Welcome to the machine."
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anyone like me?

It has been almost two decades. Drugs, no drugs and drugs again. Therapy, therapy and more therapy. Drop foot and though FES gave me hope at one time is helping just a bit. Still better than nothing. Left side of body weak. Hand strength weak. Hands always cold. Fingerless gloves everywhere. Can't cut food and find it hard to do simple tasks. Awful getting to bathroom especially at night. Left leg gets so stiff. Barely ...
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Horrible Spasticity

I've been dealing with horrible spasticity since April and has gotten worse. I don't sleep much anymore at night and I work full time. My MRI shows no changes (minimal) and thoracic spine has no lesions. I've tried so many medications including sativex. I'm so tired and done with it all. I've also tried amitripyline, carbonmezipine, sinemet, quinine, nabilone and nothing. Please help....
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Muscle Fatigue

So I've noticed lately that along with the pain in my left arm and leg that my muscles seem to get fatigued really fast lately. Holding something like in my arm, even something lightweight, starts to hurt really fast. Anyone else have this going on?
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