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A forum to talk about the general challenges of daily life with MS.

oh boy new old learning curve

i have been haphazardly rehabbing a reconstructed ACL and torn MCL since about this time 2013 and most recently got into the local rock climbing gym. i own all the dino-marked kiddie bouldering problems as well as the self-belay on the alphabet letters, and can rock a solid 5.4 on the top ropes (ie a casual vertical stroll also readily achieved by small children). i have a selection of delightful finger pad rips, each expertly ...
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Natural help for bladder issues

I've developed what is for me a mostly-annoying heightened sense of having urine in my bladder. It's like my bladder muscle says "hey guess what, you could pee right now if you wanted to!" even though I don't want to, and don't really need to - but it feels like I could. The frequency is annoying.

Anyway, I happened upon some research that suggested that pumpkin seed oil helps. I've been taking it for about ...
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Happy Holidays!

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Please help my research !

The survey is closed now, thank you so much for your participation :)

Hi everyone :)
I am a student at the Open university, and for my project I have chosen to design a product to aid independent living for elderly and/or disabled people, specifically a product to make the process of preparing food easier and safer. ...
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Accommodations at work

Hi, I'm new here, but found this forum years ago and remembered it now.

My DH has MS. He was diagnosed in 2009. He'd worked in the same industry since 2005, this month is actually 10 years.

He moved to a university doing his job as an animal technician 4 years ago. His work was unaware of his condition until recently. Last March he had a major relapse and was out of work for 10 ...
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Disabled welfare in your country

Hi Fellow MS'ers

I am not new here nor with MS (Dx 1998 MSSP actually EDSS ~8~)
I reside since almost 30 years in a country (Taiwan) where the welfare for foreigners (I am Belgian) is unavailable. Therefore and in order for me to discuss with the social service locally; I'd need a list or a link of what would your country do if you were in my situation (financial help, transport, reductions etc...).

Any ...
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Stiffness in right leg

I am a new one here as a user, so please accept my apologize if i am doing something wrong.
I have MS since 2006, so almost ten years. A couple months ago I felt that my right leg is so stiff.
I am on gilenya but copaxone, rebif, betaferon I had too.
This feeling is horrible. I can not walk for so long. I feel like my quad is so weak and can ...
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MS has changed me

I realised this today. Ok so I knew it all along - all life events do this. But I am a shadow of my former self.

I have no shine, no bubbles left. I feel so isolated and I have been on my own for a long time now. I can't see how I will ever get into a relationship when I feel like a wreck. I want the old me back but I fear ...
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so, i just had a few days of increasing urinary frequency and issues w urgency. it was interfering with my day to day activities and i didn't take quick enough action.
night before last was bad - a painful night peeing every hour or so, and never feeling like i *didn't* have to go. and there was plenty of visible blood.

i started double dosing daily zinc and selenium, i spent 24 hrs eating a ...
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Quote of the day

"Now, here you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

Lewis Carroll
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