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Alot of kids

I just wanted to rant a bit about how much this irritates me. It is just me blowing of steam and nothing more.

Last month I noticed this growing trend or maybe it has been around for some time and I never really noticed it. Now that I have, it really irks me, a lot. It's the over use of the word "lot" or worse the use of "alot" which, by the way, isn't a ...
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my role at the ski and snowboard school is over for the season - even though it's still soooooo cold!!
i have a day off, maybe 2, and the prospect of some more relaxed weeks ahead this month.
i am spoiling myself.
in the fridge, i am marinating boneless skinless chicken breasts in fresh basil, parsley, lemon slices, olive oil, and white wine.
on the stove in the cast iron pans, i am sauteeing onions ...
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Attitude of Gratitude


As MS progresses, it can definitely bring out the dark thoughts. The gloomy outlook, hard to find a purpose, we all know the drill. As things get worse it is unavoidable to not have these thoughts. As I try and think about "how in the hell am I going to keep my chin up as my health goes down?", I am really wanting to try someting. I want to try and throw one thing ...
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My book

I have written a short book about a few of the memorable days in the first 3 years during and after my diagnosis of MS.
If you or anyone that you know would be interested in getting a copy of my new book, You can find it here

Please pass this on to anyone you might know that you think would like this
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I hate shopping now even more..... I fell in the slush as I stepped out of the store..... :cry: I was so embarrassed...three people helped me to my car which was only 20 feet away. My arms were too full... my cane was not enough to help me. I think I will have to accept that I need a walker to go shopping now...or ...
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I really can't think of a title for this post.

I haven't been posting much lately because I have had non-MS related issues to deal with in life. All of you here have been so supportive and helpful since I was diagnosed, I feel like you guys are my on-line family, so I want to share what's been going on.

A few days before Halloween, my longtime (almost 23 years) live-in girlfriend, Di Ann, ended her life with a gun. I was present when she ...
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It's snow ing in Texas

or atleast it did, but it's all but melted :(

these are from this morning





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sad a little bit

how can someone keep the courage alive?there are times that i think about the future and then i think that i can not be in love or go out and have fun :( anyway...i always used to be strong :) ...
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quercetin + laundry = X%#@$!!!!!

Jeff left some quercetin tablets in his front pocket of his light khaki shorts. They got washed in HOT water with all of our whites.
Every stinkin' sock, underwear and tee shirt came out

that's it. He's on his own....
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when we had the roll in shower done i could still get out of the chair and shuffle to the shower chair and the toilet so we didn't get the bathroom door widened at that time but now i need to take the wheelchair right into the bathroom (more money)it was a very stupid decision not to do it at that time but i thought i would always be able to get to the shower ...
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