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A forum to talk about the general challenges of daily life with MS.

Meet others with ms...

If you would like to get in touch with others with ms in your area, if you would like to find others with ms who share similar interest, if you just feel like chatting about certain things with people you know would understand, then join the facebook group called;

Meet others (between 18-35) living with Multiple Sclerosis


Meet others (over 35) living with Multiple Sclerosis

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Went for an afternoon ride, last week, down to a small creek about 20 miles from our house. I guess we were all just bored. It was Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't remember (ms). Well we were way out in the woods so I decided to shoot my pistol. When we returned to the house I forgot to lock my truck door. Sunday morning I remembered that the pistol was still in my truck so ...
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Even Canadians love Texas

Proof that even Canadians love Tx. This is something that I copy/paste from another website that I stay on (fishing). Poor guy I wish I could help him.

Finally getting a chance to see the other side of the border has been both wonderful, and agrivating at the same time.

Born and raised Canadian, I have lived and worked in western Canada my entire life, in fact until about 2 weeks ago, I had never ...
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confusion and then some

hi i'm sayuri, dxed a year and a half ago.this might be long. sorry in advance. i have a lot of questions and i feel my neurologist is too busy to worry with the likes of me. anyway my most severe issues latley, i feel like i'm emotionally mentally irrational,( took me about a full minute get that word out) i yelled at my best friend because she wanted to use my phone. i felt ...
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Was wondering how everyone was doing today. For the first time in awhile I woke up early (yes early) because I have been sleeping abit. The vaction really took it out of me. Anyhow , I went down to the pier close to my job and fished alittle while , watched the sun come up. Although the fish weren't biting it was nice to have a moment to myself and collect my thoughts. I think ...
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fed up

okay any of you caregivers out there get really fed up with a sad sack of a sick person? if so how do you deal? because i fail to handle an ongoing whiny irritable fatalistic attitude - clearly, so not my style. any tips appreciated. it's not like it's a few days, i have reached the end of my tether after months and months and it's getting worse not better. doctor says all we can ...
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at the rock show...

so i went to a crazy loud all ages rock show last night and i think i was easily twice as old as some of those kids hehe! it was only $12 and a tiny crowd which i could not figure out because they are about to tour europe and such??!!

but for the first time since dx, i let go and jumped around almost like i used to (a little cautious on the landings), ...
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Our 24th wedding anniversary June 9th. From college newlyweds to adults.

I'm proud of us. This last year has been the most challenging yet.

thanks for letting me share it with y'all-
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random news

so i go back to the genius pharmacist who fixed my lungs/throat so significantly by recommending magnesium. i went in and told him he was a genius and that it worked really well for me. i also told him that it didn't really stay with me and i had to keep taking mg or my throat would go downhill again and my breathing would get shallow. so he says match your mg of magnesium with ...
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No Shoes

I got a leg brace yesterday and it is massively helping me to walk in a straight line and use my foot better. The physio told me that it would fit inside my usual shoes.

Bollocks - I went to work today with 1 flipflop & 1 bare (braced) foot!

I had to go shoe shopping tonight and eventually ended up with a pair of trrainers a size bigger than my usual - I don't ...
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