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Wheelchair in New York?

Hi, I am 46-year old man with MS from Helsinki (Finland, Scandinavia) and I am planning to make trip with my wife (not MS) to New York City next may.
I can still walk about 1-300 meters, but I prefer wheelchair on a longer distances.
We could rent an appartment which is located in Harlem 125. street Manhattan.
I'd appreciate any information, hints or links somebody could give me about using subway or buses etc.? ...
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okay i'm bored. i don't like three out of four of my classes this semester. two of them i know the stuff mostly already, and one i don't want to know the stuff.

my job is killer, 27, 29 hours a week, just between friday afternoon and sunday afternoon (at least i actually kind of like it there even though it's stressful as hell), on top of 5 2-hr+ round trip commutes to school per ...
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oh great. to add to my list of fun things to deal with, now i have a staphylococcus aureus infection. it's hard to research because it's normally hanging out on us anyway, and also because of the food-poisoning and methicillin resistant blabbedy-blah all over google. the connection i've found so far: neutrophil leukocytes. but i don't understand, and i'm tired of trying to figure it all out. is this what has been screwing up my ...
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Could I now be SPMS??

Hi everyone :) I have had MS for 13 years, so I am not new to the disease.

However, I am concerned that ever since my last relapse this past April, I have not been the same. Mosty it was my leg/foot was affected (had to get AFO) and that did come back.

However, I did develope daily tremors, spasms, pain, fatigue issues that remain to this ...
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Watch Out, for colds

Just getting over a cold but It knocked me down (in bed) for day's. I ran some errands yesterday and feel like I'm dying now.

It seems like little illness' get magnified if you have MS. Then you start to wonder if this is just the way it will be from now on. Before you realize it you've a bigger emotional problem than the original cold ever was. So.
as I said.

Watch out for ...
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work at last!

wahooooooooo! finally the temperature dropped enough for me to work! the hill opens on saturday! i can't believe after all the 2006 crap that i am still employed as a ski instructor in 2007. haha, nature is still trying to keep me off snow but NO LONGER!
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It is starting to affect my speech now, I am starting to notice that its getting hard to pronounce words, slurred speech would be a good way to describe it, I’m glad that it has decided to hit my voice and not my arms or eyes because they still are working pretty good. The wheelchair I have is a manual one and I hope to keep it that way for a while, it’s just a ...
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Accelerated Cure Project volunteers have compiled a cookbook of
favorite recipes and some tips relevant to living with MS. The proceeds
from the cookbook will benefit Accelerated Cure Project's mission
to determine the causes of MS.

If you are interested in ordering a cookbook for $20, please contact
Kristyn Knickelbine at 414-745-8609 or
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Fatigue – When am I going to learn!

Just me grumbling again.

I moved some stuff around yesterday. Nothing big or anything, and I went real slow. Today I’m really ill with fatigue. It’s days like this that scare me. I tell myself it’s OK to do this now and then. I want to stay as active as I can to retain some stamina but the price is getting high. I’ll probably be down for a couple of days now. Maybe I’ll catch ...
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Extended deadline to contribute your recipes and tips

We are making a cookbook. If you would like to contribute a recipe, please continue reading.

Accelerated Cure Project is collecting favorite recipes and MS tips to be published in a cookbook. The proceeds from the cookbook will benefit Accelerated Cure Project’s mission to determine the causes of MS. If you are interested in submitting a recipe and short tip or saying relevant to living with MS, please adhere to the following instructions:

o Space ...
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