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new job

so i finally got a job in australia, just weeks before i'm due to leave :roll: - a part time one with an agency so i can say yes or no to whichever jobs come up.

the agency is on campus and it's called eco-jobs and mostly it involves going into natural areas (spiders, snakes and all) and weeding out all the invasive plants, some toxic, ...
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Fatigue is making me crazy

Hi Folks:

Could someone tell me if my MS fatigue is typical?

I have ppms and my left side slowly stopped working over 6 years. Now I wear a brace and I can walk. Some days I feel pretty good, so I go out. Nothing strenuous mind you, just a drive to a store and some walking, maybe lunch. If I’m still feeling good I might run another errand.

BUT (and here’s the part I ...
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well folks, i have been in australia since the beginning of july. my bf doesn't make any effort to communicate with me, he is not interested. it is very one-sided and hurts. he is mad at me leaving my job and returning to school in 2004, and i think he was relieved when i had my ms attack because i couldn't come on the australia exchange. he was actually quite supportive and kind when i ...
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I had such a bad day

Yesterday was a frightening day... I had not slept properly, not done my exercises (all because of time restraints and changes in the schedule) and was stressed by water in my basement. Mannnn, did I ever get it. My leg did not want to respond to me at all. I had forgotten how to walk and my balance was terrible. I am so afraid of becoming totally useless.
For the first time, the future was ...
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Just some thinking (and writing) out loud.

My low back hurts bad today, I can’t think straight. It feels like a nail is being driven into it. Nothing has helped much. I guess I’ll cancel some more plans.

I’ve always been able to fair pretty well in chaos. I’ve never experienced anything like this though. It defies reason. I have to find a way to co-exist with this thing called ms. It’s been 6 years ...
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vacay within adventure

ok cure i am now officially in sydney! arrived last night around 11pm and roamed the town with my friend til about 1:30 am then came home and gabbed til 3am, so tired today! but generally feeling fine. my C7/C8 hurt SO BAD on the plane but it wasn't intolerable with it just being a 3 hr flight. LA to auckland was 12 hours of hell! anyway beautiful day today, we are going to royal ...
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stupid dreams!!

the other night i dreamt that my hands were back to normal! there was a tiny bit of numbness only at the very tippy tips (which makes no sense really but that's how i dreamt it!) but then i woke up to the same old stupid numb hands, GRRRR!!! ah well. that dream will be real one of these days doggone-it!
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Possible move to USA

Hi everyone
After 18 years of living in lovely Canada, I just can't take the cold anymore. Now that I have MS and know that heat might bother me, I have decided to move to a warmer climate. That's not so dumb if you knew that it was always my dream to live somewhere warmer so that I could go out whenever I want to. It's getting pretty warm around here but I also want ...
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upcoming challenge! eek!

okay, well i've slowly built up my walking over the last six months. i still find that my lower back and butt gets tingly when i walk, even for just a few minutes - particularly on paved surfaces. and i don't tend to walk for more than an hour or two at once even when i'm on a nice soft trail. these days, i can climb out of pretty deep ravines without my legs getting ...
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...and now...the hair loss...

Well...I guess I can not deny it anymore...I am loosing my hair. I think it is because of the Avonex but my Dr. wants to run some tests. I am not sure what to hope for. Do I want it to be Avonex which I THINK is helping me or do I want it to be something else???? What would I pick? This is going to be really vain but I love my hair. I ...
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