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Tysabri costs vary dramatically.

Have you found that the costs of Tysabri can vary dramatically , depending on insurance coverage and/or location?
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Lasic eye correction

I've always wanted to get my vision surgically corrected. At the consultation the surgeon said MS precludes me from lasic because I may move during surgery.

Can't they strap me in place? Anyone with MS have lasic done for near sightedness?
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Flu and then??

Hi There,

PPMS sufferer

I recently got the winter flu bug that was doing its rounds here in NZ. Boy did it work a number on me! Literally took my legs out from under me for a few days and my vision became seriously messed up - (double vision and out of focus), plus both my arms became numb. 3 weeks later, my walking is back to its normal hobble and the vision has cleared ...
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Weather the storm..

Hi There,

Going through these pages it is a relief to see that other people have the same curious problem as do I. Namely, that whenever the weather changes so too do my MS symptoms. I was doing exceptionally fine until 16:00 yesterday when a low-pressure cell moved in over Wellington. All hell broke loose! My arm became numb, I battle to walk, my left eye plays up...At other times I have wondered if I ...
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I am wondering how much MS will limit my future

I'm in my early 20s and I'm afraid I won't be able to do what I want to do. (whatever that may be). I am afraid for my future and I no longer have peace of mind. I want to be as smart as possible but I hear that MS makes your memory terrible and not good at retaining new information. This can be bad for my job, where I am supposed to learn new ...
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Something positive

All I do on here is vent or complain, and love that I van do that here, but for once I can post something positive.

I received results from my recent MRI and they were pretty good. Less lesions than 3 years ago, to start. I realize the presence or absence of lesions doesn't necessary indicate much as far as disease progression goes.

However, when I was diagnosed 7 years ago they found a large ...
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I need a pair of glasses but I cannot adopt them


I have been diagnosed MS 14 years ago and using betaseron for 13 years. One of my first attacks was from my right eye and at first minute I lost 70% vision in my right eye, then it recovered upto 10% loss. Still my right eye is not as good as the left one but it is really hard to say that it has a persistent problem.

Anyhow, at the first years of my ...
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social events

If you and your spouse are invited somewhere, how do you decide if you are going? I have to use a scooter. Walking is extremely difficult. I want to know if I'm being a cry-baby in having to stay at home. Is this normal? Please be as specific as possible.
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Sleep Problems

I was wondering if their was anything natural to help me with sleeping thru the night.
I do take Magnesium at night but I am not sure that helps at all.
The doctor did give me Lunesta at one point but I was hoping for something more natural.

Thanks in advance
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Symptoms amplified when sick?

Is it normal to have the numbness and tingling seem to amplify when sick? I had a stomach bug crop up today followed by flu-like acheness. My left hand is very tingly today (more than normal). This has happened on a number of occasions when sick.

Normal, or unique to me?

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