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Happy Pi Day!

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Question about financial support options for MS

Does anyone know of a good source of information for options in regards to disability to help pay for expenses? I'm not really in a bind financially and my medical expenses are relatively low, but an indirect expense is bleeding us dry.

When I was originally diagnosed with MS, I was the primary care-giver for my two kids (then 6-months-old and 3-years-old). I was keeping them at home 4-5 days a week and sending them ...
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Troubles with eating.

Hi all, I have a an issue that I'm not totally sure is related to Ms or not. I've always been a picky eater. I've never cared for certain foods like sharp cheeses for the taste or bell peppers because of the texture. Many other foods I just can't stand and it drives my wife crazy. I could even be eating something like steak or ice cream and it will be obviously good, but half ...
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for those who have pins and needles, numbness, pricklyness

Especially in feet and hands..I would like to ask a question>>Does physical activity worsen these symptoms in you? I don't mean extreme/intensive physical activity like walking all over a store or bicycling or anything like that. I'm just talking about doing regular daily activities like some house cleaning or standing up while cooking or getting around house on two feet. And do any of you have the pins and needles sensation and numbness non-stop and ...
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When affected limbs "fall-asleep"

So does anyone else have issues when you sleep on your arm (or leg) funny and wake up with it "asleep?" The last few nights I've slept with my arm in a weird position and it takes forever for it to wake back up, compared to before my life with MS and compared to the other arm not yet affected by MS. My arm is STILL sore 6 hours later. ...
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I wrote something to settle my mind down for sleep.

A stay at home mom day…
6:30am Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, pull hair up in ponytail, throw on workout clothes, go into kitchen, start coffee, start breakfast for kids, flip on dryer to fluff up school uniforms for kids.
6:45am Kids’ alarms go off. Household stirs and morning begins. Run upstairs to make sure no one slept through the alarm. Sing a good morning song. Run back downstairs. Get the kids fed, uniforms ...
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NMSS SSDI Guidebook

Some folks here might find this helpful. The National MS Society has published a guidebook to help people with MS in applying for disability benefits. There's a pdf version that you can download or you can call your local chapter and they'll send you a printed copy at no charge. ... index.aspx
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Using a catheter

Hi guys,

This question is directed to those who use or have ever used (even if just once) a catheter for urinary issues.

I'm a 41-yr old guy and work from home cos I cant work in an office.

Reason is this: I'm r.r.m.s but I have chronic urinary hesitancy as well as retention. It takes me ages to start and before two hours I have to go again.

Till now I've tried several meds ...
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Stories of Resilience and Adaptation

From the New York Times: ... ROSIS.html

Also from the Times, a profile and short video of an NYC street photographer with MS:

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My wife has MS and libido is gone.

Hello all,

First time post. 3 years ago my wife was diagnosed with MS after the birth of our son. Over the course of those years her libido and desire to have intercourse with me has diminished to almost nothing, where before our son was born it was very high and we had a healthy and happy sex life.

I am having a difficult time with this situation. I love my wife with all my ...
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