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Using a catheter

Hi guys,

This question is directed to those who use or have ever used (even if just once) a catheter for urinary issues.

I'm a 41-yr old guy and work from home cos I cant work in an office.

Reason is this: I'm r.r.m.s but I have chronic urinary hesitancy as well as retention. It takes me ages to start and before two hours I have to go again.

Till now I've tried several meds ...
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Stories of Resilience and Adaptation

From the New York Times: ... ROSIS.html

Also from the Times, a profile and short video of an NYC street photographer with MS:

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My wife has MS and libido is gone.

Hello all,

First time post. 3 years ago my wife was diagnosed with MS after the birth of our son. Over the course of those years her libido and desire to have intercourse with me has diminished to almost nothing, where before our son was born it was very high and we had a healthy and happy sex life.

I am having a difficult time with this situation. I love my wife with all my ...
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Who to tell? What to tell? How much to tell?

Just diagnosed 6 weeks ago & I pretty much blurted to everyone I know. Well, that's exaggerating, but I told 4 people at work, 4 at church, a support group I'm in, and my whole family. And my hairdresser--but that was imperative, as I was losing function in my left hand & needed a carefree style.

Now I'm regretting being so open; although it hasn't come back to bite me yet, I feel like people ...
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I suffer from MS and was diagnosed at 14. I am currently 20 and I found that every video related to MS is patronising. I have created a short documentary on the condition and how having a positive attitude helps. The documentary can be found here

Please share and give feedback.
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Erectile Dysfunction?

Hi Everyone.

I don't know if I am posting in the right place, so if I'm not, then please accept my apologies.

I recently met a man I really like who has MS. He is a wonderful man and I feel really lucky that we got the chance to get together. Been about two months now.

We just started getting intimate a couple of weeks ago. The issue we are having is that he can ...
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Life and death in assisted living

Frontline on PBS recently aired a documentary called "Life and Death in Assisted Living" that discussed problems with assisted living facilities. The documentary focused on a company called Emeritus, but the problems with Emeritus are not unique within the assisted living industry. I recommend watching it. 8O ... ed-living/
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Inventor - Question for the Forum


My name is Vadim. I'm a biomedical engineer and inventor. I've designed and 3d printed a set of ergonomic utensils for my arthritic grandmother. Unlike other "ergonomic" utensils available, my design requires almost no hand strength or dexterity to eat comfortably.

I'm considering making these into a product and am very interested in getting feedback on my design from people living with MS. If you're in the New York metro area (preferably on Long ...
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Frustration....depressed and MAD!

I don't usually get down on life...but dang! What a day. Went to my regular doctor. New at this and wondered if I was having a flare up. Yep...36 hr migraine..(been forever since I had one) my neck from the spinal lesions is a tight collar to colar bones. Right arm numb and dropping things cuz I can't feel it. My doctor tells me to call my neurologist. I call the prestigious hospital...let my ms ...
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Assistance/Tax Deductions for Air Conditioning?

Hi All!

Just wondering if there are any tax breaks or organizations that offer financial assistance towards the purchase/installation of central air? Like many with MS the heat just torments my hubby so we have multiple window units running all the time and would like to simplify by getting central air installed, but its pricey .

We live in Massachusetts.

If anyone has any suggestions we'd appreciate it!

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