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3:09 pm - "banged my head on wall edge, while putting my trimming machine in rack. All was sudden, involuntary, but reflex back was fast. :cry: "
- sometimes, i've notied while sleeping my jaws are suddenly involutarily closed and back. Leading my inner cheek skin between them !! :oops:

Yash ...
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ms and law enforcement careers

Does anyone know if a law enforcement applicant can become an officer being diagnosed with ms? If so, what is the general consensus or government policies in regards to ms and law enforcement positions?
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Christmas, holidays

Does anyone else get as down on these wretched occasions?

I have one friend (who has a HUGE family so hes always busy come xmas/holidays)
I have no family

Does anyone else hate holidays too?
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my MS got me checked into the ER last night

Ok, here is my story:

I got checked into the ER’s trauma center last night.
Dx: fracture of the foot’s base of the fifth metatarsal bone.

About ten days ago or so I remember twisting my ankle on my right foot. Well, as one of my MS symptoms is the strange feeling I get sometimes on both my feet ankles. It is neither numbness nor tightness, but I noticed the feeling goes away after I ...
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A bottle of Scotch and a candy bar...

That was the main reason I stopped at the grocery a little while ago after a long drive to/from my neuro in non-stop rain. I rarely partake of either substance these days, but it just seems like a Dewar's and chocolate evening to me. :smile: Or a Dewar's and chocolate week...

Will report after I've had some. Maybe.

P.S. Does anyone have a better Scotch recommendation for ...
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Extent of Bump in Health Ins Premium after Diagnosis?


Up until this point in my life, I have been healthy and have rarely used my medical insurance benefits. I am self-employed in Florida and now newly diagnosed. I'm not part of a group insurance plan, so my insurance is individually medically underwritten. So far, I have not used it to pay for any services or testing related to my diagnosis.

If anyone has been in my shoes, especially in Florida, can you give ...
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MS from Downstairs


As a new poster, I wanted to post a poem I wrote recently about my wife and her struggle with MS.

You need not reply or comment to this, but just writing it made me feel better. Thank you, friends, and

Best Regards,



MS from Downstairs

Your Disease holds your hand as a lover
He whispers "stay with me"
and you say your marriage is to your husband
and for thirty years ...
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An observation...

I just received the latest edition of the NMSS's magazine Momentum. I was surprised to see an ad for Avonex take up an entire 7 pages. This got me wondering about the extent of ads in the rest of the magazine. I should state that I'm not making a value judgement here saying that this is good or bad. It just seemed that a 7 page ad for Avonex may have been a little overboard. ...
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MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for patients YoungMS Project

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for patients YoungMS Project

(Note: With Google translate .)

Support of the MS Society of Turkey opened, the service offered to young MS patients Did you hear about site?

do not have to miss one minute!

MS, a neurological health problem facing people of all ages from seven to seventy.
Frequently encountered in humans, especially young adults MS limitations of an individual's life brings various ...
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i have a local client!

met an unhappy individual at work today. one thing led to another and we had a meeting this eve - i know i can help :D
time to figure out an hourly rate :S
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