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25 (had to drop out of college)...what to do now?

I have my productive periods but when an exacerbation hits,I can be down for months.
I can only do a couple things a day, my fatigue is so bad, along with my other symptoms.
In May, I decided not to go back to college because my MS was so bad, last semester,I barely made it to the end.
I am feeling like a failure.
I cannot complete my degree after 5 years of trying, I ...
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you never know :(

another high school friend of mine just died suddenly. no info yet. having a sad day.
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Help for nursing facility individual with MS

I see a patient in a nursing facility with advanced MS. She currently is only able to move her head to use her call light button. The problem is that her call light will not stay positioned so that she can utilize is when she needs to. I have spoken with the nursing facility about this and they have made attempts to correct the problem but the button still slides down. She has used two ...
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Ideas for extending independent living

Good evening,

I'm writing on behalf of my mother who has primary progressive MS. She's been a trooper and gone from walking with a floppy foot (10 years ago) to now primarily using an electric scooter. She can use her walker to go 10 feet, or so, to get to the toilet, but that's about it. She lives alone and has been falling more and more often. She's 60 years old and would really like ...
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Fatigue and cleaning the house... Any tips?

I've been taking stock of what my daily tasks are and how I can best prioritize them so that I don't overdo it so badly anymore. This has come about because I'm committed to doing daily 1 1/2 hr power walks with a friend to keep in shape. It's a great thing to do and I love the leg strength it's allowing me. But it sure wipes me right out for the rest of the ...
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Sequencing the human microbiome

This article was too interesting to not share it... :peace:

In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria
By Gina Kolata
Published: June 13, 2012 ... ef=science

For years, bacteria have had a bad name. They are the cause of infections, of diseases. They are something to be scrubbed away, things to be avoided.

But now researchers have taken a ...
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Why doesn't the pain 'remit' completely?

I have RRMS, and the relapses aren't that common. It's about 1/7-8 months. The problem is that the pain never goes into remission completely. Some of it sticks around, and all they're doing is prescribing me more pain medications to keep it under control. So far they have me on...

600mg of Gabapentin
2 Tylenol 3s (total of 60 mg codeine and 600 mg acetaminophen)
600 mg of ibuprofen.

A cocktail of drugs that I ...
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mental symptoms?

i wasn't diagnosed until about 8 months now, but in hindsight, does MS effect anyone elses memory or their judgement. because i was told my MS effects my judgement, i.e saying things when they shouldn't be etc., has anyone else had this problem?
Because im quite scared as im going to be taking up a degree in teaching, purely because i can't do nursing anymore and i dont want to fail in my academics because ...
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An alcohol and tysabiri cocktail anyone?

well i'm 20 as some of you mmight already know, and enjoy going for a drink with friends, but ever since my diagnosis and beggining of treatment i've tried to stay clear of any or much alcohol consumption, but i would like to regain something of a social night life with friends, my questions today are;
Does alcohol effect the effectiveness of tysabiri ( natilizumab) and does anyone else share the same question?
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