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Has anyone been bothered by police for public intoxication?

The symptoms that most likely suggested it at the time were my cog-fog, vertigo, slurred speech and 'unnatural happiness'. The first three are direct symptoms, but the last one is usually just me trying to get people to stop feeling sorry for me.

This has happened twice now, and I've been wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? Does anybody have any suggestions?
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A request...

This may seem like an unusual request - feel free to ignore if it is inappropriate. I represent a group of nursing students in Jacksonville FL - we are scheduled to give a presentation on MS to our classmates next week. Rather than just talking about the disease, we thought our presentation could make more of an impact if we included discussion of what it is like to live with MS. We are looking for ...
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I need to vent again....

I have not been on this site for a long time. Today, I went to the Rehabilitation center because my walking is not very good, even dangerous with a cane. Of course, they said I should use a walker.... that is where I crumble. To me, using a walker would really limit where I go, my work and would mean that I have admitted DEFEAT. I have a major blockage here. I know that if ...
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What does everyone do when it comes to finances and MS?
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Blogs and Vlogs List: Communal Support


I don't know if there's a thread somewhere listing peoples blogs and vlogs?
My friend has got me into looking at other people's stories and following them, and to be honest it's a little addictive and reassuring, and overall I guess comforting to know and see you really aren't suffering alone. Video is easier for me as my eyes won't tolerate a lot of reading, but I know a lot of MS'ers read an ...
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Newly diagnosed

Hello, I am new here. I was diagnosed with MS a few weeks ago. I woke up one day and the left half of my body was very weak. I could hardly move my leg. I limped around for a week thinking that any day it would get better, but it never did. Eventually I went to the emergency room. They did a cat scan and told me I either had had a stroke, had ...
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Can an MS'er have regular daily bowel movements naturally?

Hi all,

I am soon going to start a full-time office job but i have a concern.
Previously i was at University so was only there 3 days a week for 3-4 hours each time, so i didnt feel pressure to pass a bowel movement on a regular basis as i was at home quite often

I have had a few spells over the oast 2 years or so, thankfully when at home when i ...
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3:09 pm - "banged my head on wall edge, while putting my trimming machine in rack. All was sudden, involuntary, but reflex back was fast. :cry: "
- sometimes, i've notied while sleeping my jaws are suddenly involutarily closed and back. Leading my inner cheek skin between them !! :oops:

Yash ...
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ms and law enforcement careers

Does anyone know if a law enforcement applicant can become an officer being diagnosed with ms? If so, what is the general consensus or government policies in regards to ms and law enforcement positions?
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