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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

Book by Dr. Dwight Lundell – application for MS?

Dr. Dwight Lundell was interviewed this morning (3/12/12) about his new book, The Cure for Heart Disease. He touches on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and its connection to modern diseases, glucose and insulin spikes, and the role of inflammation (It is his belief that glucose damages the inside of blood vessels; of course, I think insulin is the culprit.): ... t-disease/

I will find and read this ...
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Adding spices cuts triglycerides and insulin

To Cut The Risk Of A High-Fat Meal, Add Spice ... -add-spice

No need to be stingy with spices. Research from Penn State finds heavily spiced meals — think chicken curry with lots of turmeric, or desserts rich in cinnamon and cloves — may do the heart good.

"Elevated triglycerides are a risk factor for heart disease," explains researcher Sheila West.

Her study found that a spicy meal ...
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hypoallergenic meal replacement?

Has anyone tried this product? :
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Best Bet Diet

Is anyone on the Best Bet Diet and if so, why no eggs? Also, I see the Medi fast diet advertised a lot. Has anyone tried that?
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Gluten and Dairy free diet - necessity

Hi All,

My DH has a MS diagnosis and we went dairy and gluten free since Nov after hearing the diagnosis and after reading that various diet regimens. We recently did an ELISA test for food allergies and he is neither allergic to Dairy nor to Gluten.

Is the Dairy free/gluten free still recommended ? Please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks !
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Broken cell wall chlorella/spirulina/green foods ?

Hello everyone

Does anyone have experience using this, either tablet form or drink? I was looking at this product for detoxification and want to try it but with the confusion regarding the over stimulation of the immune system I'm not sure about it. Thanks for any input :) ... ecies.html

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interesting testimonial- raw food/fruitarian diets

I've been following a high raw food vegan diet for about 8 months now -with lots and lots of fruit. I am stronger, more balanced, more energy, and have less brain fog/better cognitively. I belong to rene oswald's facebook page who is a raw foodist and reversed her autoimmune disease through the diet. She recently posted this on her facebook page. Interesting since I've been following a similar diet and have a some good results ...
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Old Swanker

Hi All
In 1997 at age 37 I was diagnosed with MS based on a single bad exacerbation and MRI's showing lesions (3) in my brain and a large one on my spine. I immediately started and strictly adhered to the Swank diet. I had no problems til 5 years later (when my father passed away) I had optic neuritis. I went blind in my Right eye and the central vision has never returned. Other ...
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Cows milk and statistical Correlation with MS

I can't remember why I started to look this up, but it actually occurred to me that I have never read a published article on Cows milk's relation with MS, but many many pages on the web to avoid it. So I did a quick search on Google scholar, and found this one.
Correlation Analysis between Bovine Populations, Other Farm Animals, House Pets, and Multiple Sclerosis Prevalence
In a previous study we analyzed the ...
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