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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

Broken cell wall chlorella/spirulina/green foods ?

Hello everyone

Does anyone have experience using this, either tablet form or drink? I was looking at this product for detoxification and want to try it but with the confusion regarding the over stimulation of the immune system I'm not sure about it. Thanks for any input :) ... ecies.html

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interesting testimonial- raw food/fruitarian diets

I've been following a high raw food vegan diet for about 8 months now -with lots and lots of fruit. I am stronger, more balanced, more energy, and have less brain fog/better cognitively. I belong to rene oswald's facebook page who is a raw foodist and reversed her autoimmune disease through the diet. She recently posted this on her facebook page. Interesting since I've been following a similar diet and have a some good results ...
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Old Swanker

Hi All
In 1997 at age 37 I was diagnosed with MS based on a single bad exacerbation and MRI's showing lesions (3) in my brain and a large one on my spine. I immediately started and strictly adhered to the Swank diet. I had no problems til 5 years later (when my father passed away) I had optic neuritis. I went blind in my Right eye and the central vision has never returned. Other ...
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Cows milk and statistical Correlation with MS

I can't remember why I started to look this up, but it actually occurred to me that I have never read a published article on Cows milk's relation with MS, but many many pages on the web to avoid it. So I did a quick search on Google scholar, and found this one.
Correlation Analysis between Bovine Populations, Other Farm Animals, House Pets, and Multiple Sclerosis Prevalence
In a previous study we analyzed the ...
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Do diets work?

I started a diet a couple of months ago and have taken the vitamins and supplements that I read about and have had some drastic improvements. However, I don't know if these successes are long term. I'm wondering if anyone has had any long term success on diet, vitamins, and supplements. Can anyone share their successes.
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diet, vitamins, suplements, and salads!!!!!

Hey guys, I was diagnosed with ms a couple of months ago due to symptoms that started two years ago. First with numbness on my hands, headaches, later with weakness on my legs, then with numbness on my feet. I finally decided to go through the whole diagnostic process. The Dr. told me to choose a medication and research the topic of ms so I can understand what it was. I chose copaxone not knowing ...
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Dannon Activia

Some folks have had very bad reactions to Activia since it puts a bacteria into the stomach that normally isn't there and it's hard to get rid of afterwards. I personally won't touch the stuff, but eat regular plain yogurt every day instead.

Here's just one of many forums where people are discussing problems with Activia. ... via-yogurt

Bifidus regularis is scientifically known as Bifidobacterium animalis. It is ...
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Wahls diet article


Mercola's newsletter just had an article today about how Dr. Terry Wahls' has reversed her MS by diet alone. ... _DNL_art_1
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Fiber is crucial

I do not wish to offend anyone, but I found a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show and its topic of "poop" very educational, especially his comment (about 4:50 in the video) that he could diagnose diabetes and neurological disease from the pellet-like shape of a person's "poop." ... oilet-pt-1

In determining my diagnosis of MS, a neurologist has never ask me if I was constipated or ...
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i keep reading stuff about diets that can help with MS but its all very confusing to me. I just need to find something that i can stick with and that may be able to help me. I would love some ideas that i can easily understand
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