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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet


I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 after 2 MRIs, I had a lumbar puncture which came back negative and since then have been following a gluten free diet. I didn't really have many symproms until 2008 when my father who I was very close to was diagnosed with a brain tumour a week after I had my only daughter. The following year, he was in and out of hospital and each time I was ...
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Nutrition Book?

Does anyone know of any good nutrition books? I'm interested in learning about the positive and negative effects of certain foods, supplements and anything else we put in our bodies. One single book (hopefully) full of all the information a person needs to make an educated choice in their health.

I want to understand what each vitamin does and what gluten, sugars and all that other stuff does to our body (other than the obvious). ...
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Confused about diets

A few months ago, I had done some research on the Paleo Diet and my husband and I started following that diet for a while. I was doing fairly well, but we had a family crisis and we 'fell off the diet wagon', so to speak. It seems as though the Best Bet Diet is very close to the Paleo diet and is just slightly less restrictive in that some select grains can be eaten ...
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Processed foods may increase risk Of Multiple Sclerosis


Increased production of certain types of industrially produced foods - specifically of margarine, processed meat and sausage, jam and marmalade, chocolate and chocolate confectionary, sugar confectionary and beer - correlates statistically with an increased incidence of multiple sclerosis (MS).

This conclusion from analysis of data from seven EU countries is presented today by the German epidemiologist Dr. Klaus Lauer at the 20th Meeting of the European Neurological Society (ENS) in Berlin. ''This data is ...
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ELISA Test Results

Hey All

New user, so quick hello (hello) and straight to business. I am helping my wife manage the diet aspects of MS and am working on best bet / jelinek / swank hybrid diet to help manage health as best as possible.

So, we have had our ELISA test results back today and while there are many things we expected there are a few suprises:

The ELISA test shows graded results with three categories: ...
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Gerson therapy?

Has there been any success with MS or other neuro disease and the Gerson therapy? Thoughts?
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I have MS and I have an intolerance/allergic reaction to eggs. Anyone else? I'm curious if this common with MS patients.
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MS recovery diet - EEEKKKK!!

Hey all
I decided to try and tackle MS early.. im going to begin the MS Recovery Diet. Book is already ordered - it should arrive tomorrow. To be sure it was the diet i wanted, and could follow, i actually read a lot of it on google.books... heres the link if anyone wants to have a read

<shortened url>

Quite interesting I must say. Does anyone have any hints or tips for this diet. ...
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Please help with a super short survey!


My daughter is doing a science fair project about the effects of diet on MS. Please help us by filling out a super short survey. We really appreciate you sharing your information, it is completely anonymous.

Thank you soooo much!
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Hi. I'm doing the Best Bet Diet and I don't know how to substitute butter and margarine. I can't cook pie crusts with olive oil...any suggestions?
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