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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

Alcoholic Polyneuropathy

Hi all,
As I was diagnosed with MS shortly after being told I had secondary liver damage due to years of excessive alcohol consumption, I always thought that the 2 could be linked. Very early after been diagnosed, before I had any symptoms, after having a few drinks I would be unable to walk due to my legs going into overdrive and forcing me to run, bearing in mind that this was my only issue ...
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Nopalea drink?

My dad turned me on to this cactus drink called nopalea. You drink 6 oz for 3weeks then 3oz daily
suppose to be a strong antinflammatory.

The effects I saw was better ability to walk all the up and down my stairs, better energy, up till 1am and wake up 9am as opposed to the days I forgot to drink it, I could only walk up and down half my stairs and I would fall ...
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Kombucha anyone?

Anyone out there drinking kombucha? Seems like it could be of benefit to anyone - rich in enzymes, probiotics, antioxidents & EGCG. For those unfamiliar, kombucha is a fermented tea beverage. It is definitely an acquired taste - something like carbonated apple cider vineager. It's also pretty pricey here in the USA, close to $4.00 a 16 oz bottle.
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Gerson Therapy documentary on youtube

Fascinating Documentary. Focus is cancer but one case of MS is discussed.
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Axona or Ketogenic Diets anyone?

Hi Everyone,

I've been working with a few patients who have many overlapping symptoms with other conditions (sound familiar?) and a few of them have "almost" epilepsy presentations. We are considering the ketogenic diet, or the new "medical food" Axona.

Is anyone familiar with it?

There are so many times that it seems my body and brain just hit a wall, and they don't rejuvenate with food, as would be normal. I'm not diabetic, but ...
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Brain Injury Study: Immediate Nutrition Is Key

Not specific to MS, but discusses dietary means to combat brain injury. Since our brains are under constant assault, this article indirectly champions the nutritional approach that many of us follow.
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My weekly menu plan

I thought it might be fun to share my weekly menu plan... its gluten free, dairy free. Basically following Best Bet Diet with some ideas from the Body Ecology Diet. Please comment and share your own plans

<shortened url>
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Testing for food allergies

Before embarking on a diet, say like the gluten free diet,would you check to see if you are allergic to gluten and other foods that you wish to eliminate from your diet?
I want to do the Terry Wahls diet, but before that were checking out and making sure that my husband actually is allergic to gluten, sugar etc..
Your views are welcome:-)
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Do diet friendly neurologists exist?

Due to the lengthy times required to wait to see a neurologist here..6 months from probable diagnosis to actually seeing one. I was left with plenty of time to research.
I am of the strong belief that diet and lifestyle play a large part in health and slowing the progression of this illness. When I mentioned diet to my neurologist her reaction was as if I was talking about voodoo!
Does anyone out there have ...
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egg whites?

Are egg whites ok on the swank or best bet diet? I know the swank diet says no more than 1 egg/day and nore more than 3/week, and I'm assuming because of saturated fats, but egg whites contain no saturated fat and it doesn't say anything about them so I don't know if egg whites are ok to eat unlimited?

Anyone know?

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