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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

My "one-rat experiment."

I read with interest Jimmylegs' post in which he looks back to his vegan days and considers the possibility that deficits in his diet had caused his MS to develop. I've had some of the same thoughts concerning the extreme low-fat diet period in my life, during which my MS developed.

A low fat diet is usually also low in dietary cholesterol, and mine most surely was. From my reading, I've since learned that cholesterol ...
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Its the CANDIDA diet they need to do

Hi! the following was posted on ms society website, which I cannot access at mo. They are right to think its dietry, they need to do anti Candida diet with suppliments to kill off fungus.........There is also FCT Field Control therapy that addresses metal poisoning. I know it is a lot to take onboard but its all relevant. Trust me!!!

21 Jun 11
15:18 I was diagnosed with ...
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diets/no yeast no sugar/candida


3am here, not tired so I will type. Any diet stopping yeast and sugar will have a possitive affect, as both feed Candidiasis, which is an invasive fungus that invades the digestive system and any organ of the body. it can be caused by stress, poor diet or antibiotic use, the latter being the reason why doctors deny it.

Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in the stomach and this causes candida albicans to multiply/ ...
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Please help! Comparing the different diets

I've been looking into some of the different MS diets (Swank, Jelinek, Terry Wahls, and others) and I don't know what to do. I have severely restricted my diet the past few weeks and added a lot of supplements, but I don't know if it makes any real difference.

I'm feeling desperate and despondent, and I need all the help I can get.

If you have tried any of these diets, could you please tell ...
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flaxseed..ever noticed a side effect?

Was having ground flaxseed (~15g) and after a month started developing twitch in my eyes. Thought it to be some form of ms exacerbation but then thought again of what changes I had made in diet and if at all that could be causing the twitch. Read that dryness causes eye twitch and flaxseed is responsible for some amount of dryness in the body. Stopped flaxseed and in 2-3 days the twitch was gone completely. ...
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Alcoholic Polyneuropathy

Hi all,
As I was diagnosed with MS shortly after being told I had secondary liver damage due to years of excessive alcohol consumption, I always thought that the 2 could be linked. Very early after been diagnosed, before I had any symptoms, after having a few drinks I would be unable to walk due to my legs going into overdrive and forcing me to run, bearing in mind that this was my only issue ...
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Nopalea drink?

My dad turned me on to this cactus drink called nopalea. You drink 6 oz for 3weeks then 3oz daily
suppose to be a strong antinflammatory.

The effects I saw was better ability to walk all the up and down my stairs, better energy, up till 1am and wake up 9am as opposed to the days I forgot to drink it, I could only walk up and down half my stairs and I would fall ...
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Kombucha anyone?

Anyone out there drinking kombucha? Seems like it could be of benefit to anyone - rich in enzymes, probiotics, antioxidents & EGCG. For those unfamiliar, kombucha is a fermented tea beverage. It is definitely an acquired taste - something like carbonated apple cider vineager. It's also pretty pricey here in the USA, close to $4.00 a 16 oz bottle.
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Gerson Therapy documentary on youtube

Fascinating Documentary. Focus is cancer but one case of MS is discussed.
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Axona or Ketogenic Diets anyone?

Hi Everyone,

I've been working with a few patients who have many overlapping symptoms with other conditions (sound familiar?) and a few of them have "almost" epilepsy presentations. We are considering the ketogenic diet, or the new "medical food" Axona.

Is anyone familiar with it?

There are so many times that it seems my body and brain just hit a wall, and they don't rejuvenate with food, as would be normal. I'm not diabetic, but ...
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