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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

What diet, vitamins, etc to take???

I'm newly diagnosed and I really want to do all that I can to help my body recover. However, I'm not quite clear on exactly how to do that yet. There are so many diets already that I've found that claim to help relieve your symptoms (swank, best bet, ms recovery diet). I don't know where to start! I don't think I want to eliminate dairy completely or other drastic measures, but I can avoid ...
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am i doing something wrong?

I have been working on my diet going on 3 weeks. I walk 7 miles a day, i play on my Wii fit for 45mins, and i eat about 1200 calories a day and now i just added swimming to the mix of all this. And i havent gained nor lost a single pound. its very frustrating when you change your eating habits and such and exercising and nothing to show for it. I have ...
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Green Tea

Green/White TEA can also help treat/cure a lot of your MS problems. It needs to be taken as a supplement to get the dosage at high levels and it is desirable that other things be taken along with it to be really effective.

It is all found in PubMed but it is very hard to find.

I still have a large mug of green/white tea about twice a day.

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nutritional type & anti inflammatory diet

I used to follow the swank diet but was told to try the nutritional type diet - I am a protein type (which interestingly agrees with my blood type though I was not asked). Now I eat protein but only organic - chicken, kangaroo, a little low fat lamb & progurt (made from organic full cream milk).

I also read about the lupus diet (which excludes anti inflammatories - wheat, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum,aubergine) legumes ...
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Probably a dumb Question, But....

On the best Bet Diet, I see that you can make rice milk, ect... But can you actually eat the rice?
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Gluten Free Diets

For those on the Best-Bet or gluten free diets, do you have substitutes for bread and pasta? I've been considering this diet, but I tend to eat a lot of sandwiches and make pasta often, since it's so easy.
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I'm new here and battling to get right answer (not yet diagnosed).
I posted in the Introduction (you can read my story if you wish).
Question is:

I found out that coffee increased symptoms. Even with no caffeine (is there really no caffeine?). Is the caffeine the culprit itself or what does coffee (may be vaso-constriction).

- Shaky hand
- Increase of paresthesia
- The effect was delayed in time

Am i right? do ...
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nutrition status and allergies and diet

I wanted to share with you some testing available, it's just outside the realm of standard-covered-by-your-insurance traditional lab testing.

one is "Functional Intracellular Analysis":

They culture your lymphocytes and check the nutrient values, then bombard them, starve them, perform biochemistry i barely understand and give you your status, and what you need. It generally comes back different than the normal RDA's....and doesn't that make sense, since we are ...
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Garlic Foe or Friend??

Hi All,
I have some questions about garlic.

Is garlic something to be avoided in large doses or embraced as way of killing bacteria and viruses?

I had HBOT alongside the garlic and think it cause a relapse.

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Jelinek diet discussion

Just curious - the Jelinek diet is a more radical version of the Swank.

No meat, no fats including dairy - does your head in really. Anyone on this?

I am below 40kgs (female) and I don't think wise - any comments?

Thanks Jam
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