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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

egg whites?

Are egg whites ok on the swank or best bet diet? I know the swank diet says no more than 1 egg/day and nore more than 3/week, and I'm assuming because of saturated fats, but egg whites contain no saturated fat and it doesn't say anything about them so I don't know if egg whites are ok to eat unlimited?

Anyone know?

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I can't believe how good linseed makes me feel!

Diagnosed last year, like all of you I started researching EVERYTHING I could find...Swank, Jelinek, interferons etc etc. About two weeks ago I decided to look in one of my traditional Chinese medicine text books. There was a suggestion of flax / linseeds, and I thought "hey well it can't hurt"
Two weeks later I'm feeling like the converted! I soak 4 tsps overnight in water and tip off the excess water in the morning ...
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Coffee good or bad?

Hi! :) I have a question, is coffee good or bad for ms? I hear its bad sometimes and i hear its good sometimes? I don't currently drink it, but if its good, then I'll start lol Thanks
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An interesting abstract to browse with your coffee or tea...

Impacts of methylxanthines and adenosine receptors on neurodegeneration: human and experimental studies.

Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2011;200:267-310.
Chen JF, Chern Y.
Department of Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA.

Neurodegenerative disorders are some of the most feared illnesses in modern society, with no effective treatments to slow or halt this neurodegeneration. Several decades after the earliest attempt ...
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Japanese Rice may help MS

The purpose of the present study was to develop a peptide fortreatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). We have tested the effectof a novel antiinflammatory peptide (KGHYAERVG, termed IIIM1)on experimental autoimmune encephalitis (EAE), an animal modelof MS. Our findings demonstrate significant reduction in neurologicalscore following oral administration of IIIM1, as compared tothe control groups received the vehicle (saline). Structuralstudies revealed that the entire peptide is required for activity.The peptide caused significant reduction in IL17, interferongamma and ...
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Fructose Malabsorption?

Anyone got it? Heh. :)
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veganism - jimmylegs can we get your input?


I remember you said that you were vegan for many years, but can't find the exact thread. You mentioned something relatively negative about your vegan experience. I've been vegetarian for about 7 years and vegan for about 12 months or so. Your post made me think whether I should rethink my veganism. Could you give your personal experience on being vegan and why you decided to stop? I'm aware that deficiencies are possible, so ...
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Confused Fish vs no Fish

I was planning on eating herring everyday for the inflammation benefits and possible healing for the nerves. However, there is conflicting views that MS is caused by mercury poisoning. Is the risk of eating fish everyday outweight the idea of mercury poisoning being the cause of MS?
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How do you get enough calories?

Alright' i have been doing diet research, and i need to get 2500-3000 calories a day to prevent being anorexic at least ( i have fast metabolism). I really want to try a healthy MS diet, but i don't see how i could possibly get 2500-3000 calories eating lean meat, fruits, veggies and nuts (WHILE keep it low fat). Anyone have advice? (avoiding dairy, gluten and legumes)
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I have read articles that suggest avoiding dairy products for MSers. I am heavily addicted to Tea & consume around 7-8 cups. And unlike in western countries, Indian tea tends to contain good amount of milk. So I would like to know from people what has been their personal experience on dairy products. Does it help?

Thank you ...
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