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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet


A part of the disease you may have not known had a name, cachexia, i.e., the loss of muscle mass commonly seen in many chronic diseases including MS. ... ss-1.18961
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report: <1% of canadians meeting diet guidelines

Most Waterloo Region residents don't meet food guidelines: report (2014) ... -1.2735121
"Researchers found that only 3 out of every 1000 people in the region met the healthy eating guidelines set out by Health Canada.
"It's a fairly shocking number, especially because 75 per cent of Canadians think they eat a good or excellent-quality diet," "But actually the Canadian average is about 0.5 ...
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Amylase-trypsin inhibitors in wheat may worsen inflammation

A recently discovered family of proteins in wheat, amylase-trypsin inhibitors, may be responsible for wheat sensitivity problems.

Your Wheat Sensitivity May Have Nothing to Do With Gluten

Scientists are focusing on a new protein found in wheat

When most people think of wheat-related health issues, they think of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye that’s harmful for anyone with celiac disease. But gluten may not ...
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(newsflash!) study: 85% of MS patients malnourished

Individual and Co-occurring SNAP Risk Factors: Investigation of Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol Consumption, and Physical Activity in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (2016 in press)
"Poor diet was the most common risk factor, with 85.5% of the sample not meeting dietary guidelines. Of participants with two or more risk factors, 90.3% were not meeting dietary and physical activity guidelines. There were differential rates of meeting physical activity guidelines between men ...
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study: DNA damage, micronutrient deficiencies and cancer

OT but quite interesting:
DNA damage from micronutrient deficiencies is likely to be a major cause of cancer ... 0701000707
A deficiency of any of the micronutrients: folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, or zinc, mimics radiation in damaging DNA by causing single- and double-strand breaks, oxidative lesions, or both. For example, the percentage of the US population that has a low ...
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HI Friends according to the CLEVELAND CLINIC SWEET POTATOES provide 400 percent odour daily vitamin A DOSE
Please read more ... 0-71285713
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Pure, White and Deadly

Here's an interesting article discussing a documentary film on sugar.

I ate 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is what happened
For three years, Damon Gameau cut out sugar from his diet - then, for a documentary, he reintroduced the white stuff. The results were shocking. ... pened.html

I assembled a team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists all far more intelligent than myself and went about ...
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Study: Eval. Diet & Outcomes Progressive MS

Evaluation of Dietary Nutrients in Relation to Clinical Outcomes in Chronic-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

"Objective: The purpose of this analysis is to determine which components of a modified Paleolithic diet are most related to patient outcomes as evaluated by the Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ) in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) to identify nutrients related to outcomes.

Methods: This is a secondary analysis of nutrition data from a multimodal intervention ...
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HELP me with MS water fasting

Hello every one,

I read water fasting can cure MS or at least it can help ease some of symptoms, so about 2 weeks ago i decided to start fasting for 21 days and now i'm in day 12 of my water fast, first 3-4 days was hell and i was so hungry up to day 7 and now hunger is gone i feel like i can continue this more than 21 days that i ...
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The Sugar Industry Paid Off Harvard Researchers

Following the saga of the sugar story as told by Dr. Robert Lustig, diet-f9/topic19622.html, we now learn that the sugar industry had paid off Harvard researchers in the 1960's to write a review paper promoting the role of fats in heart disease while stating that sugar had no role in heart disease and contained just empty calories that only led to a higher incidence of tooth decay.

Millions of ...
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