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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

What are the ideal diets?


Could anyone share the ideal diets for health?
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The Dr. Fuhrman Diet

Has anybody used Dr. Fuhrman's diet? Has it helped your MS?

I eat considerably less sugar now than I used to and eat more of the foods Dr. Fuhrman recommends, but I haven't seen any effect on my MS symptoms.

Here are links to his videos...

3 Steps to Incredible Health

Immunity Solution
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Diets and Mechanism of action

I am dairy free with the exception of whey protein shakes, would like to go gluten free and I am currently trying to modify my diet to eliminate as much as possible. I started Swank last May and lost a great deal of weight which caused me to relax on most of the restrictions with the exception of the 15g saturated fat limit. I was a rather lean guy to start with and dropped 40lbs ...
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New "Swanker" - need some help

Hello All: I am newly (and officially) diagnosed, 01/02/14. Nice start to a new year :wink: But, I knew it was coming; two weeks before Christmas I was admitted to the hospital with double-vision and after several MRI's and a spinal tap, it all unraveled after that. So the shock has diminished a little bit :-D

Anyhow, for ...
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Has ANYONE reversed their MS BESIDES Dr Wahls?

I followed the Wahls diet in 2012 for one yeay, to the letter and more - 11-12 cups of veg every day = 4 cups greensm 4 cus colors, 4 cups sulphur, organ meat daily, organic met every day, NO Dairy gluten soy grains legumes.... i was the perfect student

- i followed all the advice and copied what dr wahls done, so i bought a NMES device, meditated, exercised daily, im sure there were ...
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looking for bloodwork advice

I'm planning for an appt with my GP. I'd like to have a full blood workup & check the levels of key things that tend to be wonky in MS patients. So far, I have Vit D, zinc & magnesium on my list. Anything else I'm missing?

No idea if this is appropriate on the forum, but I'm going to go ahead & call out JimmyLegs if available. I know you've posted your suggestions somewhere, ...
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the secrets of sugar

I saw this documentary and found it on youtube

it's about 40 minutes
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Gluten Increases Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes

Microbiome Changed by Gluten Increases Incidences of Type 1 Diabetes ... 182423.htm

Research has shown that the intestinal microbiome plays a large role in the development of Type 1 diabetes. Now, researchers at Mayo Clinic have demonstrated that gluten in the diet may modify the intestinal microbiome, increasing incidences of Type 1 diabetes. The research was published Nov. 13, in the journal PLOS ONE.

These researchers demonstrated that ...
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How much sugar?

Here's an interesting website which compares how much sugar is in various
foods. For example, I just discovered that eggnog has 30% more sugar than
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milks Kefir suitablity for MSers?

Hi all,

i cut out dairy as most diets recommend cutting out milk and its relatives for MS and because I tested as having high intolerance to all dairy in the IGg tests (I must say I have noticed better digestions). I've read kefir uses up lactose and "process" they proteins in milk including casein (I also had intolerance to that) I'm wondering, is it safe to include in the diet?

Let me know your ...
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