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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet

Dietary change and not for the better

I recently changed to a largely organic diet with no wheat or gluten and little or no dairy product. My legs are weaker and my night time has changed utterly. Before the dietary change I would normally get at least 5 hours in bed without getting up to the toilet and sometimes up to 8 or 9. now I am getting up 2 or 3 times in the same 5 hour period feeling that my ...
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Low-fat diet helps fatigue in people with MS

People with multiple sclerosis who for one year followed a plant-based diet very low in saturated fat had much less MS-related fatigue at the end of that year — and significantly less fatigue than a control group of people with MS who didn't follow the diet, according to an Oregon Health & Science University study being presented today at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in Philadelphia, Pa.......... Read More -
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What are the ideal diets?


Could anyone share the ideal diets for health?
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The Dr. Fuhrman Diet

Has anybody used Dr. Fuhrman's diet? Has it helped your MS?

I eat considerably less sugar now than I used to and eat more of the foods Dr. Fuhrman recommends, but I haven't seen any effect on my MS symptoms.

Here are links to his videos...

3 Steps to Incredible Health

Immunity Solution
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Diets and Mechanism of action

I am dairy free with the exception of whey protein shakes, would like to go gluten free and I am currently trying to modify my diet to eliminate as much as possible. I started Swank last May and lost a great deal of weight which caused me to relax on most of the restrictions with the exception of the 15g saturated fat limit. I was a rather lean guy to start with and dropped 40lbs ...
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New "Swanker" - need some help

Hello All: I am newly (and officially) diagnosed, 01/02/14. Nice start to a new year :wink: But, I knew it was coming; two weeks before Christmas I was admitted to the hospital with double-vision and after several MRI's and a spinal tap, it all unraveled after that. So the shock has diminished a little bit :-D

Anyhow, for ...
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Has ANYONE reversed their MS BESIDES Dr Wahls?

I followed the Wahls diet in 2012 for one yeay, to the letter and more - 11-12 cups of veg every day = 4 cups greensm 4 cus colors, 4 cups sulphur, organ meat daily, organic met every day, NO Dairy gluten soy grains legumes.... i was the perfect student

- i followed all the advice and copied what dr wahls done, so i bought a NMES device, meditated, exercised daily, im sure there were ...
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looking for bloodwork advice

I'm planning for an appt with my GP. I'd like to have a full blood workup & check the levels of key things that tend to be wonky in MS patients. So far, I have Vit D, zinc & magnesium on my list. Anything else I'm missing?

No idea if this is appropriate on the forum, but I'm going to go ahead & call out JimmyLegs if available. I know you've posted your suggestions somewhere, ...
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the secrets of sugar

I saw this documentary and found it on youtube

it's about 40 minutes
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Gluten Increases Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes

Microbiome Changed by Gluten Increases Incidences of Type 1 Diabetes ... 182423.htm

Research has shown that the intestinal microbiome plays a large role in the development of Type 1 diabetes. Now, researchers at Mayo Clinic have demonstrated that gluten in the diet may modify the intestinal microbiome, increasing incidences of Type 1 diabetes. The research was published Nov. 13, in the journal PLOS ONE.

These researchers demonstrated that ...
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