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I have just started Tecfidera after four years on Avonex. The side effects of Avonex never let up. I'd love to get in touch with anyone else who is taking Tecfidera. So far, I'm doing very well--but I'm still on half doses. Next week I start full doses.
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4-ap side effects

My mum started 4-ap about a week ago ( I don't know the dose sorry ). She was on a trial that her neuro put her on for a week. After having 1 tab a day, they changed her to 2. Tonight, a couple of hours after the tablet, I went to visit her and she was shaking uncontrollably, she was incredibly confused and wasn't sure who I was and where she was, she kept ...
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I am thinking about switching to BG-12. I was hoping someone else might have some insight. Any side effects?
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Olesoxime (previously known as TRO19622)

I am not sure if this has been posted before
A Phase 1b study in RRMS patients is starting in three MS reference centers in France

About Olesoxime
Olesoxime (previously known as TRO19622) is a mitochondrial targeted, cholesterol-like compound that is currently undergoing Phase II clinical evaluation for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. Olesoxime's safety and tolerability has already been tested in 15 clinical trials involving 968 patients or healthy volunteers and has proved ...
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recently diagnosed with PPMS.
I live in Ireland but can travel. If there is any other procedure that can help with PPMS.
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drug study results

In this video from TED Dr. Goldacre expalins why it is hard to get the real results from these studies. ... n=20130213
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Has anyone here had BOTOX injections in the bladder ?

a uro-neurologist has offered me this treatment option of having BOTOX injections in the bladder to improve bladder incontinence symptoms,
he said it improves MS patients urgency, frequency and control of their bladder,
you are under a local anaesthetic for 45 minutes during the injections, and the effects last 6-12 months before requiring further injections,

this 'trial' seems promising and as i have this option for treatment am very tempted to go ahead with the ...
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It is older story, but might merit more attention as hormon levels can be adjusted even without a new drug:

"Studies in EAE mice showed reduced neurosteroid levels in their brains. Intraperitoneal
injections of allopregnanolone in mice shortly after induction of EAE led to improvements in several
markers of disease, relative to sham-treated animals.

These included:
Preserved myelin in the spinal cord
Reduced reactivity in immune cells
Lower immunoreactive cell counts in the spinal cord ...
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Anyone tried Amiloride? Any experience with i? As it is already a cheap prescription drug with safe track record and with great potential for progressive patients, I would have assumed that some doctors might have prescribed it or someone tried it.

Amiloride study in Multiple Sclerosis wins national award

This week the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research team at University of Oxford was awarded the prestigious MS Research Project of the Year award. The award was ...
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