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A board to discuss future MS therapies in early stage (Phase I or II) trials.

Stanford study sounds promising

This study just came out this week and is on the main Stanford University website page. Sounds like a glimmer of hope for a new MS drug possibly in the future.

"Researchers discover reviled substance involved in Alzheimer's can reverse paralysis in mice with multiple sclerosis"
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If a pregnant MS woman has a vacation from MS during her pregnancy then why are not all MS women patients on estriol? Anyone on here take it? I am trying to find some literature that shows the effectiveness of this drug for MSers. I would also like other people's opinions of this drug for MS.
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I was wondering..does anyone think smoking cannabis can actually make your MS worse?

I used to smoke sometimes as a teenager, but then I was diagnosed with R-R MS and I smoked once after starting Avonex and it made my old MS symptoms feel terrible until I slept off the "high".

I didn't smoke for years and years (which wasn't easy as so many of my friends do) but have such bad problems sleeping that ...
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I will win with multiple myeloma propably from GILENYA

Despite of signs of this cancer (bones’ pains, pain of backbone in lumbar vertebrae etc.) after around
one month and half of eating natural, non genetically modified larks from China with B17 vitamin ( I
eat 30 larks per day). Since 2nd June I’ve been drinking a capsaicin. Today I got results of test of my
blond – albumin level had fallen to level 55,37% which is normal value (minima value is 53%)
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Interested web with expected release dates

I have found a web page with expected release dates of the drugs under research. For example, for BAF312: ... osis/Wrld/

I hope you will find it useful.
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I have Multiple Myeloma cancer

I inform you all that unfortunately I am diagnosed positively with Multiple Myeloma cancer after the positive blood samples of Albumin, like other patients who took Gilenya (Fingolimod). This is a cancer of the immunological system which was destroyed because of Gilenya. I already informed Novartis telling them that I do not want any help from them. Novartis started already to run around one’s nose not even signing their own letter: ...
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Recycline - Combination Rebif + Minocycline [Fail]

Recycline -Combination Rebif + Minocycline - Phase II completed recently. The lead investigator, Sorensen, said the results will be released in October at the ECTRIMS conference in Lyon.

***update from Lyon = Fail/no efficacy ... lerosis-pr
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Myelin Repair - rHlgM22

Can anyone provide an update on the status of an monoclonal antibody rHlgM22 for myelin repair?
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"Discovery could halt MS progression"

Any Ideas what this is about?
MELBOURNE researchers may have found a way to block the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Blocking a specific protein responsible for nerve damage acted as a hand brake to progression of the disease, researchers from RMIT and Monash Universities have discovered.

The findings, published this week in the international journal Brain, could provide hope to sufferers of MS, one of the world's most common neurological diseases.


When ...
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Monthly Treatment vs Orals

I read that soon (1-2 years) a new long acting interferon beta will be on the market that will require only one monthly injection. The adverse events seem to be limited only to the days after the injection so one will be able to have the rest of the month without side effects. If it turns out to be true, would you switch to this new product? Thoughts on a monthly interferon vs the other ...
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