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A board to discuss future MS therapies in early stage (Phase I or II) trials.

non-antibiotic tetracycline on the horizon?


Ruan Multiple Sclerosis Center Projects

The Ruan Multiple Sclerosis Center was the recipient of our 2003 research funding campaign. Drs. Bruce Hughes, Michael Jacoby and Michael Kirby are using the funds donated by the MARS Foundation to begin a safety study of a promising new class of MS drugs. A very early, Phase I clinical trial of a non-antibiotic tetracycline that acts as a specific enzyme ...
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The odds of successful drug development

Interesting information about the odds of getting a drug approved in the US.

"Drug Development: The Current Odds

The August issue of Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery has an alarming article on the attrition rates in drug development. I often get questions about these figures, and it's good to have a fresh look at the data. Among the ten largest pharma companies, in the period 1991-2000, here's the breakdown:

38% of the drugs taken in the ...
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Antibiotics and MS

After serious reflection, I decided to stop using the ABCR drugs as a treatment. I do want to try Minocycline as an alternative treatment. My main question is what is the consequence on being on antibiotics for long periods of time? Is it true that after some time your body builds up an immunity to the antibiotic? Or this only pertains to certain types of antibiotic medicine?

All be well.
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AIMSPRO / Caprivax

Here's a link to an article about some UK based research others might be interested in. The article is IMHO in the "Is this the miracle cure?" genre but the research sounds interesting. Measure the editorial quality by knowing that the the printed version of the article appeared with a quarter page picture of a goat's beard - wasn't dried goat's spit combed from goat's beards once thought to be an aphrodisiac?

The drug under ...
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MBP8298 enters phase III

Sorry, time to leave the board.

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Yet another medication that will start clinical trials for MS. This one is already being used for diabetes.

There have been alot of advances in therapy in MS since I was diagnosed a year and a half ago. I hope this pace continues for years to come.

Here is the article
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new treatment using the antibiotic Minocycline-really early but looks promising! :-) And here everyone thought all Canadians know how to do is play hockey!! :-)
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Stress Management Interventions

Heads up in San Francisco!

The Univ. of Cal. at San Francisco is recruiting participants for a study of

"Stress and MRI Changes in Multiple Sclerosis"

The study will look at the following questions:

Does stress lead to new brain lesions?
What types of stress cause or prevent new brain lesions?
What are the immune and endocrine mechanisms by which stress worsens MS?
Can changing how you manage stress change your risk of developing new ...
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Clinical Trials.....

some good info to think about........Kim

Treatment Under Development

As indicated previously, a growing amount of evidence suggests that a disturbance of immunologic function in which lymphocytes, macrophages, and cytokines play crucial roles is of importance in the pathogenesis of MS. Therefore, a number of interventions have been designed to alter or block various steps that have been recognized as important in the inflammatory and immunologic pathways.

A number of fundamentally different strategies can be ...
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I refused to participate in a drug trial..

Hi all! My neuro asked me if i would participate in a drug trial. I said no because it would have invoved me having to have 11 mri's in a 12 month period. I can't handle mri's i get very claustrophobic, even with sedatives i still hate them. Am i being selfish by refusing to participate, when i could be advancing research on ms? Susannah
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