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A board to discuss future MS therapies in early stage (Phase I or II) trials.

Article about MN-166 Phase II trial

This is one that's been talked about before, but here is a new article.

Doctors to Test Stroke Drug for MS

09-02-05 - A medication currently available in Southeast Asia to treat asthma and vascular disorders in the brain is now undergoing clinical testing as a possible therapy for multiple sclerosis. The drug is known as Ketas® (ibudilast) in Japan and Korea. But it uses a code name, MN-166, in its current clinical scrutiny as ...
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Anecdotal reports on Neurovax

This could just be the Immune Response Corp's marketing department getting revved up, buy I'll try not to think too cynically about this and just be happy that it seems to really help some people based on early-stage clinical trial reports.

MS Vaccine Shows Promise

Aug 29, 2005 - Some exciting news on the horizon for multiple sclerosis patients. Scientists are testing a vaccine that seems to halt the progression of the disease. I t's ...
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Tovaxin News

David McWilliams, CEO of PharmaFrontiers Corp, recently gave an interview with on August 25, 2005. The mp3 audio file of the interview can be found here. While the interview is targeted towards investors and not a scientific audience, there is still some very encouraging news none-the-less. During the interview, David McWilliams indicates that they are obtaining a 90% reduction in relapses! In addition, he states that 40% of their patients have improved physically with ...
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High dose Betaseron trial

I have a hard time getting too excited about this...

Largest Ever MS Trial Completes Patient Enrollment

08-26-05 -- What's being described as the largest double-blind, randomized clinical trial for multiple sclerosis (MS) has completed its patient enrollment phase, according to the trial's sponsor, Berlin-based Schering AG. The trial will involve 2100 patients diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS at more than 200 study centers located in 26 countries. It's aimed at testing the safety and effectiveness ...
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Immunoadsorption (is this the same as plasma exchange?)

This study is promising.

Eur J Clin Invest. 2005 Aug;35(8):523-30.

Immunoadsorption patients with multiple sclerosis: an open-label pilot study.

Moldenhauer A, Haas J, Wascher C, Derfuss T, Hoffmann KT, Kiesewetter H, Salama A. -- Charite--Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Germany.

BACKGROUND: Immunoadsorption (IA) is occasionally applied in patients with acute relapses of multiple sclerosis (MS). This pilot study was undertaken to determine whether IA might help in secondary progressive and relapsing-remitting multiple ...
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Dear all,

Results from the Phase I / II Tovaxin trial are to be presented at the ACTRIMS / ECTRIMS conference at the end of September / early October 2005. Tim who is participating in the trial has posted his experience on this site - and has seen good results. Unlike the ABCRs this treatment does appear to improve EDSS ratings which, to me, is more important than relapse rates (although Tim has not experienced ...
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Trial / Drug Approval Question

When a promising drug is tested and approved outside of the US, how stringent does the FDA's testing/review of the drug have to be before we get approval in this country?

Do we review thier Phase I & II then jump in on our own Phase III? Surely we don't re-invent the wheel.
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Summary of the pipeline

Here's a summary I just put together for myself that I thought I'd share. I've compiled all the substances I could find on the net currently in the research pipeline as disease-modifying treatments for MS. I didn't include detailed information, I just wanted to list what is out there and where it stands (to the best of my ability). Generally, I've included the name of a substance, the brand name (if applicable) and the name ...
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MN 166

Another drug in trial.

May be, just one day, one of these drugs will be really effective and actually come onto the market!


PS I like the way the trials are taking place in eastern europe. There can't be many MS sufferers in western europe who haven't been on a trial.
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Treatment for nerve pain caused by diabetes

This is a drug for nerve pain caused by diabetes but if it works should be of use in MS. Some with MS must also have diabetes - their poor old nerves!

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