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A board to discuss future MS therapies in early stage (Phase I or II) trials.

Trial / Drug Approval Question

When a promising drug is tested and approved outside of the US, how stringent does the FDA's testing/review of the drug have to be before we get approval in this country?

Do we review thier Phase I & II then jump in on our own Phase III? Surely we don't re-invent the wheel.
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Summary of the pipeline

Here's a summary I just put together for myself that I thought I'd share. I've compiled all the substances I could find on the net currently in the research pipeline as disease-modifying treatments for MS. I didn't include detailed information, I just wanted to list what is out there and where it stands (to the best of my ability). Generally, I've included the name of a substance, the brand name (if applicable) and the name ...
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MN 166

Another drug in trial.

May be, just one day, one of these drugs will be really effective and actually come onto the market!


PS I like the way the trials are taking place in eastern europe. There can't be many MS sufferers in western europe who haven't been on a trial.
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Treatment for nerve pain caused by diabetes

This is a drug for nerve pain caused by diabetes but if it works should be of use in MS. Some with MS must also have diabetes - their poor old nerves!

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Another drug / another trial

Is there anyone out there with MS who isn't on a drug or a drug trial? ... highlight=

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Dear all,

This is from the Boston Cure Project site:

art writes "No link for this one, but Novartis sent a letter in April to investigators participating in their trial of FTY720 in people undergoing transplant patients. It seems that there have been 13 cases of macular edema (swelling of the center of the retina) out of 1600 transplant cases. Five of these had no other risk factors and the Opthamology Advisory Group has confirmed ...
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Some recent research which mentions FTY720

Bromley ... d=rssfeeds
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Update on Neuren

Dear all,

I recently posted on a NZ company called Neuren. They appear to be doing some interesting work and have some potentially useful drugs in the pipeline. The following link provides an update on some of their drugs. Timescales as usual are long (as if always the case with anything connected to MS).

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A new phase II trial starting

Millennium Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

July 11 - PRNewswire-FirstCall - Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced the initiation of a multicenter phase II clinical trial of MLN1202 in approximately 40 patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS), the most common form of the disease. MLN1202, a novel humanized monoclonal antibody, is designed to block CCR2 chemokine receptors and prevent the infiltration of immune cells into inflammatory sites. The CCR2 chemokine pathway ...
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Neuren - NZ company

Dear all,

In March it was reported that the US Army were taking up a brain injury drug which was in early trials. The company behind the drug are Neuren. A link to their website is attached.

The company are developing some interesting products relevant to MS (see under Technology and Development Pipeline). Many of the drugs are neuro-protective, but they also have a peptide in development to ...
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