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Using exercise and physical therapy for recovery from the effects of MS, and for maintaining physical function.

Muscle Spasms Exercise Suggestions

Hi guys

My mother suffers from MS and she has this weird sensation shes always complained to me about. We don't have the money for another doctors visit.

The muscle spasm on researching found to be called 'Clonus'. Have any of you guys have any suggestions for any exercise or stretches that can be done that worked for you guys.

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Pushing it just about right (when to stop)

Hi everyone,
I'm new around here (in about a week I should get results if I have MS or it was just an episode of ADEM). I have been a long-distance runner for past 7 years (not a professional one, but still... liked running). Almost two months ago I've had a severe attack of demyalinisation (I was like a plant for three days (quadriparesis), some double vision for a week, urinary problems, etc), and the ...
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Bioness L300

I have one of these units for private sale if anyone is interested. It is pristine! Doesn't look used at all! I can send pictures if you'd like. Just let me know.
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Physical or Occupational therapy experiences

I asked my neurologist whether anything could be done to help with losing my balance/ almost falling. To my surprise he referred me to a physical therapist.

The referral meant that insurance would cover it. So, I went. And I'm now walking backwards, rocking between heels and toes while holding something stable, side stepping crossing one foot in front of the other while holding something stable.

But the wierdest one was for my hands. I'm ...
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Hey guys!

I see a lot of topics related to exercise and I was wondering if anyone considered taking part in a rehabilitation program? As far as I can see there are some MS specific rehabilitation programs floating around the web and I was wondering what are your opinions about them? Personally I feel like a month long rehabilitation program (think of it as a vacation trip to take care of your body and your ...
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Looking for a used Theracycle (5.19.2013)

I'm looking for a used Theracycle. Anyone know where I might find one? Thanks!!!
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type of exercise and diet

I know it has not been proven but when I first experienced my first symptom and it gradually got worse over the 6-7 I have been dealing with MS. I gained a lot of weight in a short period of time 6 yrs ago. I read that up that ms can either cause extreme weight or loss gain. B4 my official diagnosis in October 2012 I lost 40lbs in a two month period. But now ...
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waves to wine 2013

hi all,

i am doing the waves to wine ride this year in SF and i'm super excited! i formed a team and we are planning to do the century on saturday and the 40 mile ride on sunday. i just went to the doc and got oodles of blood work and have an ultrasound scheduled to take a look at my heart murmur--just want to make sure everything is on the up and up. ...
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Resistance Exercise and MS

A recent Pubmed article reports that heat sensitive individuals with MS may tolerate resistance forms of exercise better than endurance training:

This is so in my case. it's now been about 10 years since I was able to run or swim or bike, but I workout several times a week using resistance training with light free weights. I assume resistance training is a better fit for me because ...
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Lower body stretches when sittng or laying?

Due to my weak legs i find it difficult standing and stretching at the same time,
so was wondering what are suitable lower body stretches i can do either sitting or lyng down?

also, how long should one be stretching their lower body muscles for?
every day?

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