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Using exercise and physical therapy for recovery from the effects of MS, and for maintaining physical function.


They're really cool! Anyone else using them? Got any hints? The one I bought turned out to be missing the instruction/exercise sheet, and the video is way too difficult for me. I have to adapt a few of the exercises, and it's a pain to FForward or wait patiently for the next set.

Still, I can see a really big difference in a lot of my previously lumpy areas. In a good way, of course. ...
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Foot Drop exercises

I must be completely daft at searching the web, because I cannot seem to find any exercises for foot drop (in relation to MS), specifically dorsiflexion exercises. Does anyone know of a website that would help in this area?
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Site with Exercises

I've been looking for a good site with low intensity exercises to regain some functionality in various parts of my body. So far this seems to be the best one. You can search by body parts, intensity, and types of movement.

Does anyone else have similar resources they'd like to share? Any new ideas are welcome.
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Dr Ritchie Russell's program

I'm starting this thread so I can find out more about neurologist Dr Ritchie Russell's multiple sclerosis exercise program. Anyone tried it?

In a nutshell, Dr Russell felt the blood brain barrier could be rebuilt, and blood flow stabilised, if patients did regular exercise in the supine position.
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Herbal Magic

Has anyone tried this program with their metabolism boosting herbs? Just wondered if it had any ill effects on those of us with MS.I am not on any DMDs, just anti-spasticity drugs, LDN and 4-AP.

Thanks for any info.
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So I know that I have been hit or miss on the forums here, honestly it is my fault, and I have no one to blame but myself. But I just wanted to share a little story to some of those and hopefully give some of those who need a little encouragement.

About six months ago (January) I switched neurologists and got weighed I am 5'6''male, and this was the most that I have ...
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Running with MS

I received my MS diagnosis in Nov 2009- almost exactly two months to the date of running my second marathon. I was looking into running with MS and came across pretty much nothing. Is there anyone out there that still runs?

Currently I am only running 10 miles a week after my big attack in Oct, but the plan is to try and run the Akron Marathon again this year (it is in Sept). My ...
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is Bungee Jumping dangerous for MS ?

I've diagnosed with MS last year and now I'm symptom-free and wanna Jump from a 40 meter bungee. Is this very dangerous for me? Does it increase the risk of another attack? Is there any previous cases of relapse due to jumping stress?
Thank you so much in advance.
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Lost 26lbs

Just don't feel like eating anymore, thought the loss of weight could only make it eaiser to move my legs but it's just as bad as it's ever been.
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Denver CO

Does anyone know of any physical trainers /therapists in Denver who are worth a darn? I worked with a girl named Katherine here, but I need something a bit more. I feel bad not wanting to use her, but right now I need someone who can incorporate a cardio, weight training, and neurological acuity regimen.

I have no clue where to start looking so I figured here would be a good place to start.
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