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Using exercise and physical therapy for recovery from the effects of MS, and for maintaining physical function.

Vibraslim Vibration Exercise Equipment

Hi Everyone,

Wow! :o I purchased one about 2 week ago, fairly expensive but worth every penny $1,760.00 including shipping. I have RRMS DX 2001. Can walk short distances only within my home and only with the aid of a walker. I can stand holding onto my walker for 10 to 12 minutes. Well I have gained weight and tryed PT for stiff legs and my arms ...
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Aspiring fitness competitor w/MS looking for ideas

Hi everyone!
In 2003, prior to my diagnosis(in 1/05), I competed in fitness. Now I have decided that while I am doing ok I want to do one more, just in case I cannot in the future. I am having difficulty with the training. Unlike before, I have to deal with the side effects of the medication (avonex), try to lose body fat w/o raising core temp, space out my workouts, try to follow a ...
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The local chapter of the MS society here has started a free weekly pilates class and it is wonderful. Everyone in the class has MS and so not everyone can do the full version of each exercise, but everyone does what they can. I enjoy it so much more than yoga, where leg spasticity poses frequent problems. Encourage your local MS society chapter to sponsor a class and then support it! I know I feel ...
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finally started

well, this winter i'm not doing the usual ski instructor thing, it's more of a paperwork/coordination role, not as much hauling wiped out kids around ;), so i signed up at school with a personal trainer for 10 sessions.

i met her yesterday for the first session at the gym. did i say i hate gyms? well i do. but whatever. anyway she is being REALLY careful ...
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Exercise has changed my life!

I started exercising on January 2, 2007. I have always made excuses...I don't feel good....I can't, I'm too body hurts...I'm too dizzy, etc. I decided that I needed to strengthen my body and the weight loss would also help me feel better. I was also worried about Type 2 diabetes....I don't need another disease!

I use the weight resistance machines for about 45 minutes and walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes...faithfully, daily. ...
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power plate

Has anyone ever tried the Power Plate? No, it doesn't involve food, and yes, Madonna uses it too; bit beyond that, a dr recently told me that he recommends it to a lot of pts, esp. people with MS-- it' supposed to get to all sorts of muscles that are normally difficult to target, improve flexibility, help circulation etc. The home version is ridiculously expensive; the commercial version is available in some gyms (none near ...
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Cycling Good For Spasticity ?

Cure O

On some thread I think you said you wanted to get rid of your spasticity.

This abstract suggests cycling (no resistance) might help with spasticity.
This provides converging evidence for the anti-spastic potential of acute unloaded leg cycling in individuals with MS.

I tried it when I had spasticity and found the spasticity lessened significantly after about 10 minutes on the machine.

My spasticity seems to be history for the moment ...
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"Exercises for People with MS"

This recent publication from the MS Trust in the UK entitled Exercises for people with MS by Liz Betts may be helpful to some people.

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I'm back - and guilty!

Hi Sharon, Dawn, Chris, Kim and all you other good folk who've been keeping up the exercise!

I must say I'm guilty of not doing regular stuff for the past 2 weeks. I had a conference for work in Nashville in the first week of March and since we had a vacation at the school the last week of Feb., I took advantage to go stay with my parents in Kansas for 10 days. It ...
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I did it - sort of!

Well, I did pull out my TotalGym machine yesterday and started with arm weights. That went OK - I can feel the muscles today!

But when I tried the leg exercises, which meant that I had to lie down, I got so woozy and dizzy and started feeling nauseous almost immediately. And the yucky feeling lasted almost all afternoon - boy, was I grumpy after that!!

Guess I'll have to find another way to work ...
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