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For questions on how to support loved ones with MS.

no more-there's nothing left

I am so weak. I can hardly get to the bathroom. I use a wheel chair outside apartment. Diagnosed 20 years ago. I feel I have no options. My left side is practically useless. I have bad drop foot and fingers curl. I can hardly hold a fork. I can only imagine what it must sound like to my SUPPORTIVE spouse. I can barely move. Practically no stability. If your a caregiver/spouse do you understand ...
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New member, new illness

Hi there all,

I somehow stumbled upon this website today, and I am glad I did. It seems that you all have been a great support system for each other. Sometimes even having the best people supporting you doesn't help, because none of them will ever fully understand.

That being said, I was just diagnosed on 01/20/2017 (the day we gained a very "popular" new president, I might add). I am a female, Caucasian, and ...
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Mom with MS-can anybody relate?

Hi, im new to this site, but you can call me Claire if you want. Currently i am looking for somebody who can maybe just simply relate to what ive been going through. We could help each other out maybe, and share stories and experiences. Basically, im just trying to find somebody who kinda understands what its like, because none of my friends really understand. I am 13 years old in my first year of ...
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Mom with MS, advice?

Hey everyone! My name is Tori, I'm 19 years old, and I'm very new to this site. I really have never talked about this, so I'm just going to spill it, and hopefully I can get some advice from people that understand my situation, because I don't quite fully understand it myself. My mom has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis throughout my entire life, although 'suffering' is not the right word to use. She's been ...
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Trouble in relationship with fiancé

My fiancé and I we were having trouble prior to being diagnosed with ms. She says for the past 2 years and I said I thought it was only for the past 2 months. When my ms flared up last time I got very angry at her, this was before the diagnosis. I have only been diagnosed with this less than 1 month. I went back home after I got out of the hospital and ...
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Hello all,

I have never been one to really look for support online but i am entering uncharted territory and want to be the best significant other i can be.
very recently my fiancee and i found out she has ms. we have been together for almost 3 years now and she is the love of my life. i want to make sure that i support her to the best of my ability. i have ...
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Daughter of mom with MS

Hi all, my mother was diagnosed about a year ago with MS. Before this she was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and Rhumetoid arthritis. Lately her personality has changed drastically and I have had heard of this being a symptom of MS but not sure. She seems very irritable and mad at the world all of the time. She's also extremely stubborn so trying to get a reason for her being so upset is near impossible. ...
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Housing and Care for friend in Manhattan

A friend with MS in Manhattan just ended his relationship of a decade with his partner and caregiver. During the last 10 years his condition has worsened quite a bit. He is on a wheelchair and unable to get up on his own. He is able to stay for a while in his partner's apartment but this will not last very long.
I am trying to help him since he is mentally not able to ...
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Newly Dating a man with MS

I have recently started dating a man with MS. He is in a wheel chair most of the time.
It does not bother me in the least that he has MS, but I do have some questions.

1.On our first date, he explained to me that he was unable to cut his toenails, so I cut them for him.
Should I wait for him to ask for help or offer to help before he asks? ...
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Carepartner vs. Caregiver - looking for article sources

Hi There,

I am a freelance writer in Denver working on an article about "carepartnering" for the National MS Society's fall issue of Momentum magazine.

I am looking for people living with MS and their primary caregiver to interview for the article. I need to conduct interviews this week or next (by March 21). Those pairs can be significant others, a child and parent, siblings ... willing to ...
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