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For questions on how to support loved ones with MS.

partner ended our relationship


I have just joined the forum. I wanted to share my story, get some advice. And maybe just try to sort my feelings out by writing about my experience.

I met my partner in Feb 2010. He had only just been diagnosed with MS in Nov 2009. We fell in love and despite the diagnosis and the distance between us we decided to make a go of it.

The relationship was amazing. I have ...
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Calling all caregivers and family!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are all of the caregivers and family of MS patients????

I am the girlfriend of 6 years to a wonderful, kind, gentle, giving man who has MS. He was diagnosed in 2006. He has RRMS, although it seems to be more than that lately! He walks with a cane full time, has huge foot drop issues and major cognitive issues.
My Grandmother also had MS all of her adult life. I knew what was ...
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Partner with MS

My girlfriend had an MS scare. She's only 20, and he's been upset over it for the past couple of days. She's (I think) convinced it's already started.

Being 300 miles away, I can't do much to comfort her, especially due to some complex circumstances, we can't talk all that much.

I would very much appreciate any help on this issue.
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Thanksgiving was a challange need ideas

I will try to explain this situation, as it will sound insane( actually it maybe)

I have lived in the same place most of my adult life.. Now my brother and sister in law and his grown adult daughter and 3 children have moved in next a large family home they own ( inheritance/divorce) thing.
They are all very into the natural thing.. no flu shots, no meds, let the fever do it's thing.. ...
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Dad is mom's caregiver...

My mom was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. Since then, my dad has been her husband, doctor, supporter and a great father to their 4 children since. My siblings and I have entered him into Central Florida's Father of the Year contest, because we believe he truly deserves it.

Please take a minute to read his story, that my sister submitted & vote if you choose too! ... 1&r=491031 ...
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I don't know what to do...

Almost a year ago, my husband was diagnosed with MS.

I thought nothing could ever threaten us, our relationship, and I actually felt that for the first couple of months, we were growing even closer to each other - we were not going to let it get to us!

But more recently, things haven't been going so well - my husband is unhappy, and I feel like a complete failure for not being able to ...
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How can I help my family?

Hi All,

I need some suggestions and I see here you have a strong community that seems to work well in helping each other. I hope you can help me..

My sister was diagnosed about 10 years ago. She moved back in with my parents in Toronto about 8 years ago so they can help care for her. She's now 42 and they are 70. I've watched my big sister's health and mental stability deteriorate ...
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I'm beginning to look into various types of bathtubs to make TWSTRML (The Woman Sent To Run My Life)'s life easier. She has SPMS and getting in and out of the tub are a major ordeal

She is still ambulatory so I am thinking of one of the walk-in types. I would love to know if anyone has any experience with any of the different manufacfturers, models, installation, service issues, etc. I can read about ...
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Fiance with MS

Howdy folks!

I will soon be married! My soon-to-be wife doesn't like to discuss her RRMS. Luckily she is marrying an "expert" ;-) I like keeping up to date on everything. I'll take as much of the burden I possibly can. She's doing fine right now, one slight visual-related relapse in 4 years, after which she started Copaxone. I thought this would be a good place to ...
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Explaining ms to children

My daughter is 3 1/2. While I've tried to explain my condition, she doesn't quite understand. The other day, she told me that I needed to learn how to walk like her! I was devastated. I know it is not her fault, but I need to find a way to help her understand. Not to mention, there are handicapped children in her pre-school. thanks.
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