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For questions on how to support loved ones with MS.

need your help - How to cope with "issues" ?

I originally posted this in the General Discussion, i guess it belongs here :)

To make a long story short, my wife has had MS for at least 13 years. She has suffered through many exacerbations and resulting solumedrol treatments. As her neuro says "She is a very sick woman with a great many lesions".

My problem is that she is currently in the condition of needing ...
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Hi all
Im new here, hope you dont mind me asking a question.

My husband was diagnosed with ms last year...he gets tired alot, cold hands, pins and needles and it does affect his vision sometimes, but at present we do lead normal life as possible.

I am not sure if I have fully taken it all in and am very scared of what the future may hold.

My main reason for this topic though, ...
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How do I get my family to understand?

Hi all . . . I was diagnosed a year ago with MS . . . its something I've felt coming for a long time so it was no surprise to me . . .

I am "fortunate" that I am still walking unaided most of the time and my peripheral tests are still in the normal range . . . my problem? I suffer from all of the "invisible" symptoms - extreme fatigue, easily ...
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Mum's becoming very demanding - I'm exhausted!

My mother has had MS for as long as I can remember, but her condition only got bad over the last 3 years. She now needs a mental frame to get around the house and basically has a hard time doing anything. My husband and I and our 1 year old son live with her so I can look after the household chores and cooking, but it's really taking it's toll on me. Since my ...
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Free website for families

I set-up a free site on The Family Post and it's so
easy to use even my son is uploading his own photos.
Check this out:

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Mothers with MS Call for participants in TX


A research study on mothers with chronic illness is seeking participants for interviews lasting approximately 90 minutes.

This study, being conducted by Courtney O’Dell, a graduate student at Texas Woman’s University, aims to gain insight into the daily realities of chronically ill women who mother by focusing on the narratives of mothers with MS.
You Must Be:
• Over the age of 18.
• Caring ...
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Living with an MSer

Does MS impact on someone's personality? Im going crazy trying to guess how Im meant to behave with my sister (who has MS). One moment she's happy and social and then, no kidding, 5 seconds later she's possessed by the devil :evil: and we're all tiptoeing around the house. Someone please help! I think Im going mad! I really want to be supportive but ...
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UK consultants

My wife suffers from MS and has not seen a consultant for more than 5 years as we have been living in countries with limited to zero experience of MS. She wants to see a consultant privately in the UK during April. Can anyone recommend one please?
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I can't understand how family members can turn away from someone when MS strikes. I was upset when members of my wife's family seemed to turn away from her once MS really started to disable her. I was taking care of her, raising the kids and working so I could have used any help but I didn't get much. My sisters were so outraged that they jumped in and started bringing home cooked meals to ...
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Need advice on telling others

I would really appreciate comments on what others have found both successful and unsuccessful in terms of telling others. I have specific "fears" about any info on this getting to my current employer before I'm ready to address that.
But I also find that my family members (older brothers and sisters) are wanting to "broadcast" the "news" to distant family and family friends, when I would rather keep this quiet.

Am I being stupid about ...
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