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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

MS Positive Feedback Loop

CONCLUSION : A Synergy of factors at work in the MS disease process.

1) CCSVI phenomena number one. Vein stenoses cause blood draining from the brain/spine to “back-jet” into CNS, thus triggering an immune response (lesions) and damage.

2) CCSVI phenomena number two. Inflammation. Poor MS Diet, allergies, EBV virus cause calcium to leave the cells to trigger a) cramps in the skeletal muscles and b) spasms in the smooth muscles of the veins draining ...
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Swallowing Problems Leading to Pneumonia Need Attention

HI Friends please read

Swallowing Problems in MS That Lead to Pneumonia Need Attention ... attention/

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Interesting Gut Microbiome results

I signed up for the American/British gut project last year and sent my sample for analysis in Oct. The idea being that I receive a breakdown of what type and how much certain tyopes of bacteria populate my gut. The theory being that I may find out that my gut is significantly different to other 'normal' (non-MS at least) samples. Well, I viewed my results online at the weekend and was happy to see that ...
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new model of MS: B cells infected by EBV

A recent failure with Tysabri has shed some light into MS pathogenesis. It seems that is not EBV itself, but some B-cells infected by EBV, the cause of MS.
This confirms previous works in this area that found the same problem in the "ectopic b-cells follicles".
The authors of the article propose a model about how lesions develop in this context.


Massive intracerebral Epstein-Barr virus reactivation in lethal multiple sclerosis relapse after natalizumab ...
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1 week after solu medrol infusion

Hello everyone
It's been 1 week after the solu medrol treatment, i started to feel better during the week , but this morning i woke up with severe diarrhoea (after 1 week of constipation) ,
I feel like its just water coming out (sorry for the detailed description) .
I also feel weak especially in the knees .

Is it ok ? Could it be a side effect of the solu medrol withdrawal?
Thank you
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Editorial: Comorbidity in MS: Some Answers, More Questions

Comorbidity in Multiple Sclerosis: Some Answers, More Questions (2016)

"Over the last few years, investigators have highlighted the high prevalence of comorbidity in the MS population.2 The most common comorbidities are depression, anxiety, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and chronic lung disease.2 These comorbidities are common even at the time of MS diagnosis; 19% of individuals have sought care for depression by this time, while 11.1% have sought care for anxiety,3 ...
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Spasticity and pain level changing with posture

My main issue has been numb right hand with spasticity and pain. But this aggrevates ten times once I raise my hand or even stand up. Does this happens with others also.
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Protein in spider venom helps protect the brain from stroke

A protein in spider venom may help protect the brain from injury after a stroke, according to research.

Scientists found a single dose of the protein Hi1a worked on lab rats.

They said it showed "great promise as a future stroke treatment" but had not yet been tested in human trials.

The Stroke Association said the research was at its early stages but it would "welcome any treatment ...
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Westward How?

A friend (able) from SF just flaked on me for June in either Berkeley or Daly City. This makes me wonder if California is the answer when I could survive in Oregon or Washington, maybe even Nevada. Time is tighter than I want, but I need to put on my thinking cap and explore potential solutions. Please PM me, if.
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