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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Time for a wheelchair. Any suggestions?

Its been 20 years since I was dxed. My walking ability has slowly deteriorated to the point where I want to get a wheelchair. I'm still able to hobble around the house with my cane and foot brace. But outside I'm limited to walking short distances maybe 100 feet. So I want a wheelchair that will be manually operated, and light weight. Mostly I will use it for taking walks around the neighborhood or on ...
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Elevated BMI linked to MS in study

Individuals with genetically increased body mass indexes are at a greater risk for developing multiple sclerosis (MS), according to analyses performed on two genome-wide association datasets...Read more -
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Ocrelizumab accepted for EMA review

Roche has announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has validated the company’s Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) of ocrelizumab for the treatment of relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS) and primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) in the European Union (EU)...Read more -
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My Electric Tricycle

Went 39 kilometers today. Peddled some of the time.




This is at the Kanata beaver pond, currently being ravaged by developers.

My pirate T-shirt says, "Pillage before plunder, what a blunder. Plunder before pillage, mission fullfilage."

Didn't feel like shrinking them. To see the whole pics, use your browser. With firefox, right click on the picture, and select "View Image".
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Any thoughts on Ray Peat's ideas of MS?

I don't have the sophisticated understanding of biology and chemistry to evaluate his claims But I know some people here do. Ray seems to march to his own drum, and claims that the problem with MS is essentially high serotonin, estrogen, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. But when I look at some studies, it seems that Swank got good results by increasing pUFAs, and some studies show disease modifying effects of SSRIs, which would counter the ...
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Go Fund Me is the url for my project.
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MS Symptoms

Dear Friends,

I am a 37 yo Irish male. I developed diabetes (T2 w Insulin) in 2005 and is generally well managed. I was told that my initial symptoms (every conceivable & awful pain sensation in my feet with numbness & body fatigue) was due to diabetes which caused peripheral neuropathy. I found great pain med combos and managed and still do manage my diabetes relatively well to this day.

Skip to 2013 and I ...
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Cognitive / simple thinking issues

My brain function seems to be staying in a complete fog. I have trouble keeping my thoughts straight and getting what thoughts I have to be spoken correctly. Concentration is shot. How do you guys deal with that?
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Never-ending Beginning...

I was diagnosed with MS in January of 2015, after having beginning symptoms starting at the end of October 2014. I began Gilenya. I am not even sure exactly how many lesions were on that first MRI, however I did read the report in August of 2015. That MRI had over 20+ lesions, meaning way too many to count. I'm unable to have steroids, my body can't handle them, so I have to heal naturally, ...
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Freebies for doctors influence prescriptions

Even A Small Meal For A Doctor Can Tip The Balance For A Brand-Name Drug ... -name-drug

Evidence is mounting that doctors who receive as little as one meal from a drug company tend to prescribe more expensive, brand-name medications for common ailments than those who don't.

A study published online Monday by JAMA Internal Medicine found significant evidence that doctors who received meals tied to specific drugs ...
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