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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Scalarwave Lasers - Have you used one?

I am seeing a doctor who has this device and tried it out a few days ago. Frankly don't know if it can help me but it is not overly expensive and may help with my pain. It is supposed to help with inflammation and promote relaxation. Could just be 'snake oil'. Who knows. But there is no down side.

Have you used one? If so, what is/was your experience?

Here are links to ...
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The heat!!!

Hi all I'm looking for opinions or suggestions. I'm feeling fairly well with my MS I was diagnosed 10 1/2 years ago. But what is really basically paralyzing me is the sun. I'm in Canada so it's just getting hot here now but a few minutes in the sun and I can hardly walk. I've thought about CCSVI but when I convince myself to go ahead with that then I read something bad about the ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Desatascador

I will post here only how to obtain such. Its uses will be publicized separately.

Buy from that internet distributor that begins with the first letter of the alphabet and shares its name with a large South American river a personal travel fan that runs on 2 AA batteries. I can't publicize its name here for obvious reasons. It goes under at least two trade names. It looks like an electric toothbrush with a flower ...
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Tysabri and sunburn?

I don't spend much time outdoors. An hour or so at lunchtime spent jogging is about it. So why do I have a rather deep tan and constant peeling sunburn?


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Frozen fruits and vegetables=less pesticide

Frozen fruits and vegetables generally have less pesticide residue than fresh conventional produce.

And nutrition levels are about the same as fresh.

Why is this so? How is this possible?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ready to eat (applies obviously mainly to fruits) and all are basically heavily treated with pesticides after they are harvested to help preserve them during the time it takes to get from the farm to ...
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If have to discontinue Tysabri

Hello, My doctor is concerned about my staying on Tysabri. I have been on it for over nine years, but have been doing well. I am JC positive. Has anyone had ti discontinue Tysabri? If so, what medication did your doctor put you on? Have you had any difficulties?
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miRNA Exosomes Promote Myelination

What are exosomes and how can they be used in multiple sclerosis therapy?
Expert Rev Neurother. 2014 Apr;14(4):353-5.

    Current treatment options for multiple sclerosis are limited and consist of immunosuppressors or agents to prevent immune infiltration of the brain. These therapies have potentially harmful side effects and do little to promote myelin repair. Instead, we suggest using exosomes, naturally occurring small vesicles that exert influence through the delivery of mRNA, microRNA and protein. Dendritic cells ...
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has anybody heard about Bryostatin?

It seems that it is a new drug on trials. Has anybody tried it?

Bryostatin-1 as a macrolide and marine natural product has been selected as a therapeutic choice. Studies indicate that Bryostatin-1 has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and decreases MMPs level and BBB damage. Furthermore, Bryostatin-1 has a neuroprotective effect and promotes neurogenesis and differentiation of oligodendrocyte progenitor stem cells as a critical step for remyelination/ myelogenesis. Based on these properties, we hypothesized here ...
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Right to Try Act

New legislation known as the "Right to Try Act" will allow terminally ill patients to try drugs that might help them even though the drugs have not been formally approved by the FDA.

Do you agree with that legislation?
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Travel to US and flaxseeds?


I know this is slightly off topic - but maybe you guys can help a little and give some hints.

There is a chance I will be travelling to US in next months. I use some natural remedies to manage my MS. This is mainly flax seed oil and flax seeds (also some OTC vit E/Mg etc).
Now there is this whole 6059B form that one needs to fill when bringing food to US. ...
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