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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

10 day detox diet

Dr. Hyman explains his 10 day detox diet.
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I have been doing a lot of gardening because I feel that good food is important to our health. This video gives good information as to how to take care of the soil. The plant is only as good as the soil it grows in. ... =633979874
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trying to keep it simpler !

Hi, am sharing here my latest reads and findings and asking for help to reflect with me on this. This started when I was looking for a disease with similar symptoms to my MS symptoms.

I came across some very interesting facts; I had a look at the symptoms of body fluid retention and bad fluid drainage. For example “they can also experience symptoms of burning, aching, or itchiness”-,in the legs. "symptoms tend to be ...
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How many of you have Amalgam fillings

and how many?

I read studies that Amalgam can contribute to MS or any other brain disease. I also read that there was a study done of 20,000 adults with amalgam fillings and only 7 had MS.

I can't find a number indicating how many people in the world have amalgam fillings but I'd be curious to know.
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When do YOU think there will be a cure?

I read about some stem cell trials done on mice that allowed them to walk again within 48 hours.

I'm just wondering when you think there will be a cure for MS?
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Update on Tisch MS Center's Phase I Stem Cell trial

Tisch MS center has posted an update to their FDA approved stem cell phase 1 trial. You can read it here.

No results yet but just a status update. Many of us contributed money to their research and have placed our hopes in it. It's nice that they keep us posted.
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New study: blood flow, brain atrophy & MS

The study out of NYU looks at cerebrovascular reactivity, or CVR. CVR is how the brain reacts or responds with blood flow when there is vasodilation. This function is extremely important, as neurons need adequate blood flow to provide glucose and oxygenation. Without this response of adequate cerebral bloodflow (CBF), the brain will not function properly, and neurons can potentially die. ... id=1893478

Patients with MS had a ...
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Vitamin D is associated with depression. The video explains the connection between vitamin D and depression.
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Saturated fat vers Co. oil

Have any of you researched current diets? I've read that we should stay away from sat. fat. But that comes from a book 5 yrs old. I believe that Coconut oil is more nutritious than Olive oil. I can take 2 ts of C. oil in the morning with my Tecfidera and feel fine. If I take Olive oil instead, I feel sick. My meds require fat. But I've read ANY sat. fat is bad.
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Expert consensus on disease-modifying therapies in MS

A growing body of evidence suggests that early control of disease activity in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) plays a key role in preventing disability, prolonging the period of being active and engaged, and protecting quality of life.

For that reason, MS experts are calling for early and full access to all disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) for patients with MS...... Read more -
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