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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

what does your relapse look like?

Okay so I am not diagnosed, nor do I really know if I am anywhere near a diagnosis or if I am (or my doc) on the right track here. But my symptoms are:
Fatigue - crazy fatigue
Limb weakness - most intense was in both feet, they were slapping the ground as I walked. Was in both feet but worse in left foot.
Pins and needles - arms and feet
Oh I am 29. ...
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Doctors urged to consider diverse symptoms

Medical professionals have been urged to consider a wide range of possible symptoms when it comes to neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

The move comes after a case where a seven-year-old boy's only symptoms were abdominal pains..... Read More -
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my wife on a coma from MS

My name is stelio, and im new on this thing.
i come from a small greek island (cyprus), and i have some questions i need to find answers fast for MS..
My wife was sudenly whent to a coma with out any simptoms. now she is in a life suport machines, and the doctors they say it MS....
can this be?
without any problem?
she is a yoga instractor and in a general ...
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"tickles" in spine

My 6 year old has had brief vision changes on and off for 9 months, lasting as little as a minute and as long as two hours. Sometimed she reports blurry vision, sometimes she sees fladhing colored ligjts, and sometimes she says colors look strange, likr everything is mixed with gray. The doctors cant find anything wrong. Now she tells me her "back tickles inside" and shes pointing to her spine. She just told me ...
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scared and alone

Hi I am a 29 male I suffer from anxiety. The last two months I have been feeling very bad. I kind of want to know what you all think. I am afraid to Google symptoms. It started out feeling very weak in legs hands feet, when making a fist. I've been to doctors they all push it off to anxiety and make me seem crazy. The weakness comes and goes, lately it has been ...
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Drug succeeds in trial

An experimental drug comprising of a high-dose formulation of the food additive biotin has successfully helped patients with primary and secondary progressive MS in a major clinical trial, its French maker claims..... Read More -
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Critical Illness Cover - pre existing symptoms?? HELP!!

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and so so happy that I have found it!!

I am awaiting a dx of MS following an episode of transverse myelitis. I just wanted to pick some brains on what you believe a critical illness insurer may legally class as a "pre existing symptom" of MS. I have never suffered from the weakness/stiffness/numbness/tingling/doublevision etc.. for which I am very lucky. However, after my second pregnancy I ...
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HI Friends ... 173827.htm
Anew study finds that M.S, ALS, STROKE and epilepsy are share common defects in the blood-brain barrier
please red more from attached


Has anyone experienced or know of anyone who have had HSCT, looks a hopeful treatment.. :smile: thanks.
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Study suggests wearables could help MS patients

A three-week study by Biogen and the American patient network PatientsLikeMe claims to have found patients with multiple sclerosis can benefit from a wearable device that tracks their activity, reports the Boston Business Journal..... Read More -
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