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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Can this be MS?

Hello, my name Is Joao and i live in Portugal. :smile:

I am new here, and i've read some posts here and there. Never been on a forum before!

Last month, starting June 11th has been complicated for me. Here i go to tell my story, in a nutschell: i am afraid of possible ms, and i dont know if this can be anxiety too.

Fisrt things ...
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What is a relapse?

Hi Folks

Long time.......

I'd like to say I haven't been here because I've been well.....but sadly I can't.

The trigeminal neuralgia is back and the docs want to kill the nerve with radio frequency - frightening.

I am also having some problems with my toe which has fluid on the joint. I had a steroid injection last week but it is hurting again and my foot is feeling numb. This happened before and I ...
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Expanded Access? Previously enrolled / completed Terms study

Help! Anyone else out there with similar experience with Tovaxin? This is a long post but worth considering a new possibility on the road to full recovery.

I do not have MS, but my immediate family member was in Tovaxin study completed by Opexa Therapeutics. I cannot begin to describe how positive the results were for her. Unfortunately, as many of you might already know, once you have completed one of the trials you are ...
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How many relapses since diagnosis?

I have been diagnosed in 2012,i have had 2 known relapses since then,and one that doctors doubt is ms flare,since it lasted only 2 days(with no steroids).How has ms been for you and how do you feel?

apart from depression i am ok ,thanks God ,but worried what future might bring one day
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Pregnant with MS,scared

So i am pregnant with ms,my ms has been mild before pregnancy and now during pregnancy thanks God ,i feel normal.I had a relapse right before i got pregnant(opticus neuritis)

My question is how did other mothers with Ms do after birth? did your ms become worse then it was before pregnancy?
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Right Foot Drop Recovery Question ! Please Help !

Hello everyone,

My name is Shreyas I am 27 years old from India. 10 weeks ago I had a major bike accident. My right hip was dislocated like 4-5 cm upwards from my body. That time one sciatic nerve was damaged which results my Foot drop. And also 6 Stitches on my heal of right leg.

My right hip dislocation was healed externally by excellent doctors under 5 hours after the accident.

There was slight ...
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Cannabinoids reduce amyloid toxicity

Amyloid proteotoxicity initiates an inflammatory response blocked by cannabinoids
Aging and Mechanisms of Disease (2016) 2, 16012

    The beta amyloid (Aβ) and other aggregating proteins in the brain increase with age and are frequently found within neurons. The mechanistic relationship between intracellular amyloid, aging and neurodegeneration is not, however, well understood. We use a proteotoxicity model based upon the inducible expression of Aβ in a human central nervous system nerve cell line to characterize a ...
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Why They Should Treat ALL Phenotypes


J Interferon Cytokine Res. 2016 Jun;36(6):347-57. doi: 10.1089/jir.2015.0177. Epub 2016 May 4.


Axon regeneration in the mature mammalian central nervous system (CNS) is extremely limited after injury. Consequently, functional deficits persist after spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury, stroke, and related conditions that involve axonal disconnection. This situation differs from that in the mammalian peripheral nervous system (PNS), where long- distance axon regeneration and substantial ...
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Gut microbiome back under the microscope

A comprehensive review article examining the role of gut bacteria and the viruses that infect them in the development and progression of MS, published in Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research, suggests a increasing number of clinical studies are pointing to a link between the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS) and the composition of microbes in the human gut, sparking new research on the gut microbiome as a potential target for MS treatment and prevention...Read ...
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