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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

work place accomodation

Hi all, I have been out of the work force for a while. I am giving a shot at trying to get back in and am applying for a position I am doing the dance of trying to down play things, yet having to explain an experience gap. The position is an office job, but the description requires a drivers license. I have spoken with people who have the job, and they say they never ...
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more about vitamin D

"The main mechanisms of action of vitamin D in MS appear to be immunomodulatory, involving the various categories of T and B lymphocytes in the general immune system, but neuroprotector and neurotrophic mechanisms could also be exerted at the central nervous system level. Furthermore, several controlled immunological studies performed in MS patients have recently confirmed that vitamin D supplementation has multiple beneficial immunomodulatory effects" ... 4817300664
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Scientists discover how to alter the immune system...

Scientists discover how to alter the immune system and reverse paralysis in mice

Scientists have made another advance in finding a new potential treatment of MS by discovering a new way to alter the immune system without using chemotherapy...Read more -
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Childhood antibiotics linked to adult inflammatory diseases

Childhood antibiotics linked to inflammatory diseases in adulthood

New research, involving mice, has shown that antibiotics used in very early life can alter the normal development of gut bacteria and may contribute to the development of a number of inflammatory conditions including multiple sclerosis (MS), asthma and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)...Read more -
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MS and pregnancy

today my unrelated searches landed me on studies of circadian rhythym and supplement timing influences on the nutrient content in human milk. i went looking for a suitable place to post such, and although i know childbearing/childrearing has been discussed a zillion times here on the forum, there doesn't seem to be a specific area particularly devoted to relevant content. for the time being, i plan to leave any related studies of possible interest under ...
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Vitamin D improves cognition

Effect of Vitamin D Replacement on Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis Patients ... _supported

Multiple Sclerosis is associated with deficient serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25 (OH)D) level and cognitive impairment.

The aim of this study is to evaluate cognitive performance in MS patients with deficient 25 (OH)D (<25 ng/ml) compared to patients with sufficient levels (>35 ng/ml), then to evaluate the change in cognitive performance after 3 months of vitamin D3 ...
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Vertigo & spins - treatments?

So I woke up with vertigo today and have been experiencing spins and light-headedness all day when I try to do anything other than lie down. I've never had this symptom before. I've heard travel sickness medicine is recommended for this - can anyone recommend one that works for them, or any other treatments or tips?
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Baclofen pump

Hi. I'm posting on behalf of my brother, who has aggressive primary progressive MS, now in its 10th year. My brother's doctors have recommended a baclofen pump, presumably to help manage spasticity/pain. He would appreciate feedback from anyone with experience using the baclofen pump. Pros/cons? Side effects? Thank you!
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Sleep Disorder as a Triggering Factor for Relapse in Multipl

Sleep Disorder as a Triggering Factor for Relapse in Multiple Sclerosis

Conclusions: This study showed that sleep disturbance might be a trigger for an acute MS exacerbation. Increasing the awareness of specialists and routine screening of sleep disorders in MS patients are warranted, as treatment of these disorders might decrease the likelihood of acute relapses.
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Fatigue and Exercise

Hi. My name is Victoria (36 yrs old) and I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed in 2011 and my problems with being fatigued have increased over the years.I ran several 5ks in the past but now Im too tired and I get overheated very easily. I want to start running again. How do I deal with the fatigue? It usually take a full day to recoup. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
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