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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Overwhelmed with nutritional/vitamin information

I'm not a very good patient. I eat Taco Bell a couple times a month, I eat burgers, I drink beer... something tells me this stuff isn't on any of the preferred MS diets.

I want to eat right and keep myself held together as long as possible but unfortunately I can't sort it all out. There's so much information. Nutrition-wise, there's the Swank diet, the Wahls diet, the Real Man diet, the Paleo diet, ...
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Common OTC and prescription meds linked to dementia

Many popular prescription and over-the-counter medicines have anticholinergic activity and can increase the possibility of developing dementia. ... -dementia/
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Google, Biogen team up for multiple sclerosis research

Google, expanding its foray into medical research, will join Biogen Idec, maker of MS drugs, to study environmental and biological contributors to the condition’s progression.

The collaboration is the second major pharmaceutical partnership for the life science division of Google X labs, which has produced Google Glass and self-driving cars. Google X sees itself as providing the technical and innovative fire power for a “moonshot” in the health care field, said head of the division ...
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Lost Routine/MS?

I had a great job last year, loved it. Full of energy, happy, no problems. However at the beginning of September I started feeling nauseous, getting sick at work, forgetting my calculations, slurred speech, exhausted. So of course went to my Doctor and told him what was going on. Meanwhile at work, getting sick and having fevers, I ended leaving because I just wasn't dependable anymore. I was very upset.
After that, I started noticing ...
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Anybody ever felt like you just got punched in the gut?

Sometimes I'll get this weird feeling in my stomach. It's a combination of three feelings:

1. like someone just punched you in the solar plexus,
2. A "pre-hungry" feeling like you haven't eaten in a while, and
3. That feeling you get when you ate too much.

It is the weirdest thing. I've had the "MS Hug" before, and it sort of feels like this is a variation of that. It happens whether I've eaten ...
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doctor suspected MS but mri was normal

I was referred to a neurologist recently, and the first thing he wanted to do was an MRI to "rule out MS" because my symptoms were all over the place. Things that have been ongoing for years now. To name a few:

intense tingling in my left arm when I use it
pain from left hip down throughout the leg; it gets tired very easily and sometimes I trip a little
some weakness in hands ...
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Blue Monday

Today is ‪Blue Monday‬. If you need to talk to someone about your ‪MS‬ the MS-UK helpline is here for you, Worldwide
Freephone in the UK 0800 783 0518
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A new view on stem-cell treatments

This gives a fresh way of looking at stem cell and similar treatments.
Remember that in England "approved" treatments or medication comes free, but costs the client if not approved. ... g-too.html
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Dr. Michael Arata;Autonomic Specialists

Anyone have any info on him and his procedure, TVAM?
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