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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Scientist awarded £150k for ground-breaking MS trials

Cambridge scientist awarded £150k for ground-breaking MS trials

Treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients could be revolutionised in ground-breaking trials planned by a Cambridge scientist.

Dr Su Metcalfe, a University of Cambridge senior research associate based at Addenbrooke’s, has won a £150,000 award which will enable her team to proceed to pre-clinical trials in Nanotechnology.... Read More -
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Prospective drug for Progressive MS, Glialogix......

Prospective drug for Progressive MS, Glialogix receives extra funding

San Francisco Bay Area-based Glialogix, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in developing novel treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS), announced yesterday that they have closed a Sponsored Research Agreement with Fast Forward, a non-profit organization that aims to accelerate MS treatment development. Glialogix will receive funding for one of their pipeline products for neuroprotection, GLX1112, which has shown efficacy in slowing disability progression and potentially repairing ...
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Track Drug Company Payments

The Washington Post had a "Wonkblog" today entitled: You can now track the billions that drug companies pay doctors and hospitals
..the federal government has compiled a massive database of how much drug and device companies spend on consulting fees, research grants, travel, free lunches and other items worth more than $10.

In just the last five months of 2013, the data show that 4.4 million such payments worth a combined $3.5 billion were made ...
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Study shows MS patients benefit from exercise

A new study has found that people with multiple sclerosis may reduce perceived fatigue and increase mobility through a series of combined strength training and fitness exercises.

The research from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, supervised by Professor Raúl Reina, aimed to analyze the effects of strength training on the fatigue that MS patients suffer. A total of 19 participants (5 men and 14 women) were split into two groups. Most took part in ...
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My gf of 5 years has MS and I can't take it anymore

So when I started going out with my gf, she told me she had ms. But she seemed fine, and I honestly didn't know too much about ms, so I didn't think it was a big deal... I mean, she wasn't in a wheelchair or anything, right? At first it seemed fine, but looking back, I think there were some episodes... I call them episodes.

My gf when she is really tired, stressed or angry, ...
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Understanding and treating balance impairment in MS

Balance impairment in multiple sclerosis (MS) involves constraints across multiple systems and consequently necessitates multimodal treatment, according to a study published in the September issue of the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management.

Susan L. Kasser, PhD, and Jesse V. Jacobs, PhD, from the University of Vermont in Burlington, conducted a systematic literature review to examine the mechanisms and treatment options associated with balance impairment in patients with MS..... Read more -
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Found a simple cure for the deadliest cancer?

Pancreatic cancer, which resite to radiation and chemotherapy,
could be cured with vitamin D modified, according to a scientific study just published.

The scientific journal 'Cell' publishes the discovery of a new type of pancreatic tumor treatment astounding in its simplicity. In fact, it would be the modified use of vitamin D supplied as injection.

Please, visit this link: ... %2901033-2
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Cancer risk and DMD use

Cancer incidence in multiple sclerosis and effects of immunomodulatory treatments.
Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2005 Feb;89(3):265-70.

    Multiple sclerosis (MS) has been linked to reduced rates of cancer prior to the era of immunomodulating treatments. We assessed the incidence of cancer in a cohort of 1338 MS patients and evaluated the effect of exposure to immunomodulatory treatment. Cancer incidence in the MS population was compared with the expected age- and gender-matched incidence rates in the Israeli ...
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Is this a relapse?

Hi There,

I was sort-of ok (by MS standards) up to a week ago; then suddenly out-of-the-blue I REALLY battle to walk (I need a stick normally but now can't manage 100m), have morning nausea and am immensely tired all the time. So tired that if I lie down flat on the floor I will sleep; this has never happened before. I think that it is tapering off slightly today (could be hope more than ...
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Back to say goodbye

Hi All,

Ive been on and off this board for the last 8 with many of you, it is a long road, sometimes years to end up with an MS diagnosis. I have been to numerous doctors, neuro's, naturopaths, chiros, infectious disease docs....the list goes on. MRI's, CAT scans etc..

We have all been this journey to get some answers..

I finally have my answer...i have Lyme disease. The reason I am posting ...
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