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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Gut bacteria regulate insulation of nerve fibres...

Gut bacteria regulate insulation of nerve fibres in the brain

Research suggests gut bacteria may directly affect brain structure and function, and could offer new ways to treat multiple sclerosis and psychiatric conditions...Read more -
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Steroid pulse on SPMS (no relapse), reason for improvements?

I have been flagged as SPMS. On my latest MRI (while checking for Campath eligibility), no enhancing lesions were found, which would indicate to my simple understanding that no current inflammation was found.

However, recently I did a 75mg/day 3 day pulse with prednisone, but not in response to a relapse. During the pulse and for a few days after it, I definitely noticed an improvement in my symptoms.

My question is, if the MRI ...
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Data on MS ‘vaccine’ Xemys released

PJSC Pharmsynthez, a pharmaceutical company based in Russia, has announced completed follow-up findings and data analysis from a Phase 2a proof-of-concept clinical trial of its therapeutic vaccine Xemys for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)...Read more -
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Rituximab vs fingolimod in JCV+ individuals

A study by researchers at the Karolinska Institute (Karolinska Institutet), University of Gothenburg and Umea University (Umeå universitet) has found that rituximab provides better clinical outcomes than fingolimod (Gilenya), in people with MS that have ceased natalizumab (Tysabri) treatment due to becoming JCV+.

Full summary available: ... dividuals/
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mari-wanna-leaf - marijuana bumper sticker

mari-wanna-leaf - marijuana bumper sticker
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My journey to wellness w/Amanda Campbell - webinar recording

A huge thanks to Amanda Campbell and all those who joined our webinar. Amanda talked about her amazing patient journey, holistic methods to managing her condition (including Kinesiology, nutrition and mastering the mind for a healthier and happier life), and offered tips on adding elements of her protocol to your life. You are welcome to view the recording:

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Lyme disease or MS

This is a really good video explaining the difference between ACS and other products. I am nebulizing 1/4 teaspoon of the silver, one half a teaspoon of the zeolite, and 3 capsules of the buffered glutathione from Theranaturals… ... grade.html

L-reduced glutathione is the active form of glutathione…and this is buffered with baking soda and is okay to nebulize…

I have ...
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Can thc help heal lesions? recomended dose?

I have recently been really interested in cannabis. I have read it can not only help with pain but also heal and prevent lesions? I have never did any drugs. But perspective wise my opinion on cannabis is becoming bigger the more I read about it. Any testimonials? Or opinions or how much you have to use to have this effect? Also is it the thc? Or without that helps?
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Molecule ‘induces remyelination’

A study claims the molecule neuregulin-1 is indispensable for repairing myelin in models of spinal cord injury, a finding with possibly long-reaching implications for multiple sclerosis treatment...Read more -
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Predicting multiple sclerosis ‘now possible’

It is now more possible to predict which individuals will develop multiple sclerosis, according to findings published in the Annals of Neurology...Read more -
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