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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Who has had a mobility scooter provided by their insurance?

I have been going through hell trying to get a mobility scooter. I feel like I must be a dolt. HMO's in CA are concerned for cost first.

My request has been in since December. I have gotten the run around since then. I will keep trying but my Neurologist has warned me that my HMO will likely find a way to deny my request. Their basis will be some scam of an excuse, but ...
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MS: Nerves and Veins 2017


An MD Dr. Farough Owiesy in southern California specializing in migraine headaches began treating CCSVI – MS as a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system as it impacts the veins of the central nervous system. It is clear to me that he has found the missing link to the Multiple Sclerosis mystery and a plausible, non-toxic, inexpensive treatment. Let’s backtrack.

It has been over eight years since Professor Zamboni ...
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Who here has a Job?

And if you have a job do you have any energy to have a social life at all?

I've been tired for the past 10 years but I've found a way to socialize a little and work a 40 hour a week job ( I was diagnosed about 13 years ago). Lately I'm exhausted all the time. I started Copaxone (40mg) on Monday this is my first time on an MS drug could this be ...
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This doesn't surprise me at..................I think alot of it was in peoples minds. It's like the anti-biotic theory a load of crap. Quit getting peoples hopes up
and wasting money they dont have.............................. ... -1.4014494
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How long did it take you to be diagnosed with MS?

How long did it take you to be diagnosed with MS, from the time you started experiencing symptoms leading you to seek medical attention to the time you were diagnosed and started treatment?

How many tests and doctors appointments did you have to have before a diagnosis was made?

And once treatment commenced, how long did it take to evaluate whether the chosen treatment was effective for you?
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It's been four years since The Greek from Detroit died. He suffered from PPMS.
I come back every so often to see what is new, and you know what is so sad?
Nothing is new. There are no cures, no clue as to cause and constant progression for most.
Unlike the HIV world wide groups, not enough unified pressure has been put on governments to
focus on finding a cause and successful treatment. It is ...
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Viruses linked to Multiple Sclerosis

Although multiple sclerosis (MS) is thought to be caused by genetic factors, additional environmental elements are increasingly being recognised to have some kind of impact on the onset of the disease and its development...Read more -
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MS-UK Helpline

Hi all, how was your weekend?
If you need to talk our Helpline is now open until 5pm

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What next

Evening friends

I know I am not often here - but I do read a lot of what is posted.

A few years ago I thought I might be lucky. I changed my diet - Swank - and have been exercising to keep fit and well. It was all going well.

Then things started to go wrong and the tightness in my knees/legs started and has since just been getting worse. So bad in fact ...
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Scientists note specific signs that can predict worsening MS

New research suggests MS patients who suffer from fatigue and have limited use of their legs are more likely to experience the advanced stages of the disease...Read more -
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