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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Searching for answers

This is my story and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read it. I do not have a diagnosis of MS as I am just now starting to go to the doctor. I work in the medical field but have been neglecting my own health to take care of my autistic son! This is a list of my symptoms. I am 24 years old now and will be 25 next ...
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I went half blind from MS!!!

So lets just throw this out ther MS Sucks. I was DX in 2005. I was 28 and my only got tested because my sister found out she had it. I was showing the same symptoms as her ... needless to say i was in the same boat. My first real episode that went un-DX was withmy eyes. They crossed for about a week and there was nothing anyone could do or see why. They ...
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Estimating typical MS disability progression speed.....

Estimating typical Multiple Sclerosis disability progression speed from clinical observations

Murray G. Brown, Mark Asbridge, Vern Hicks, Sarah Kirby, Thomas J. Murray, Pantelis Andreou, Dong Lin



Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. Estimates of MS natural history (NH) disability progression speed from clinical observations vary worldwide. This may reflect, in part, variance in censoring-bias) (missing observations) and assumptions about when irreversible disability progression events occurred. We test ...
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My doctor put me on lexapro with Rebif


My doctor put me on 10mg lexapro becouse I feel angery and little depressed which is one of side effects of Rebif !

Anyone take SSRI with Rebif or other drugs ? and for how long ?
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May have MS, here's my story

Hey everyone, I am a 20 year old third year University student that has some ongoing chronic symptoms. I think a good chunk of theme indicate MS.

Not sure how to open up about this but here it goes.

- November 2012, I began to experience "malaise" and muscle spasms in my back and ears. Doctors couldn't figure it out so they sent me out and said not to worry about it.

- December 2012, ...
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MS-UK Job Vacancy


MS-UK have a job vacancy for a Community and Events Fundraiser.

Full details -
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Online Dating with MS

Online Dating with MS

New Pathways magazine is planning a feature about dating, particularly internet or online dating if you have MS. The magazine is looking for two or three people with MS who have dated online and their experiences – either good or bad.

There has been a big rise in online dating recently and it has many advantages if you have a mobility problem because you can “date from your desk”. You don’t ...
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my ms story

Since i was 13 I had crazy eye problem.Sometimes they were so painful that I couldn't go to class or move my eye. These eye pains would come out of nowhere and last only for a few days. I just kept living a normal life. I have also been known to fall a lot but never thought anything of it.When I turned 20 the falls came more often. But again I didn't think anything of ...
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Ebola Concerns While on Immunosuppressants?

Is anyone else concerned about Ebola while on immunosuppressant's to treat MS? I was diagnosed with MS about a month ago (although my doc says I have probably had it for about 10 years) and am about to start Tecfidera for treatment. I know the purpose of treatment is to suppress the immune system so it stops attacking the nervous system. Now, with the growing cases of Ebola, and hearing the possibility that it will ...
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