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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.


70% of the people with this mutation (NR1H3) will develop MS, though all they constitute just a small subgroup inside the MS population. The discovery is reported in a couple of news sites like and

This affects people with PPMS with the "rapidly progressive multiple sclerosis" subtype. NR1H3 is the name of the gene involved in constructing a specific protein, LXRA,(which ...
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Urology male patients

Urology, male patients

I have started a petition to send to my MP about having male nurses to attend male patients in urology clinics.

The area that I live, is covered by the Pennine trust.

They only have female nurses in there urology clinics.

That means that males who like myself who are wheelchair bound and invariably have to use or are fitted with a catheter need these services.

There is little dignity living ...
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Chronic pain

i live with pain from chronic spasticity. i've had a baclofen pump squirting meds into my spine for 6 months, and i think we've finally got it adjusted right. but if it gets a little hot or a little cold, old jimmy leg comes right back. if i take additional oral baclofen my brain fogs right over. i'm looking for ideas for how to deal with chronic pan like this. your thoughts?
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Hello to all, my Challenge continues.

Hello, my Challenge - to get out of a wheelchair after a 21-year of demyelization using alternative methods continues. All information can be found on my blog - . I will always be glad to your feedback / opinion . :lol:
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I am tired of all the breakthroughs

I am really tired of hearing about all the breakthroughs in MS that never come to anything. The URL above is a real story, like that of Dr. Zamboni, about a woman who was ridiculed for 40 years. Like Dr. Paulo Zamboni, she had a real personal connection to MS, which motivated her work.

Now she has found a genetic cause for progressive MS. This news will reverberate throughout the medical and scientific worlds. ...
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"stunning" results from stem cell expmnt on stroke victims

Stanford researchers are seeing stunning results from injecting stem cells into the brains of stroke victims.

LOL, I should be happy but this gets me very mad. I have been supposed to be in a study similar to this, but using the good stuff - embryonic stem cells, I have been waiting for the last two years. BUT, the researcher is having trouble getting the money in order for the university to approve the ...
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Fasting-like diet reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms

A mouse study, followed by a human study, indicates that the fasting-mimicking diet holds promise as a treatment for autoimmune diseases. A fasting-like diet switches on a process in which body kills bad cells, begins to generate new healthy ones, report scientists. ... 151941.htm
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