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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Proverbs on Fatigue

Man who runs in front of car gets......tired.
Man who runs behind car gets.......exhausted.

How do those of you, who deal with fatigue make it through the day? I am curious what a "day in the life" of another ms'er who is affected by it lives?

I try to get rest but it's never enough. I have tried the provigil but it doesn't give me energy. Should I begin knawing on coffee beans? ...
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Bioness Story on Today Show

I went into work a little late this morning, and I caught a story on the Today show about a woman having good results using the Bioness device (I think that's how it''s spelled). I thought this was something new, and then I checked the medical devices forum here, and, sure enough, you guys were writing about these devices long ago.

You can watch the story here:
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More worms for Lyon

A little dirt is good for you 27 January 2009

Ask mothers why babies are constantly picking things up from the floor or ground and putting them in their mouths, and chances are they’ll say that it’s instinctive — that that’s how babies explore the world. But why the mouth, when sight, hearing, touch and even scent are far better at identifying things?

When my young sons were exploring the streets of Brooklyn, I ...
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What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration

This money could have feed a lot of hungry children; to spend this much with the world the way it is to me is just ignorant. To wonder why there is no money for the important things well hers one of many many reasons, someone set me striate as to why.
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Radiographer not happy with scan, Have to have another eek

Hi I had an MRI last Wednesday and was expecting the results in 7 days.
I have just had a phone call from the hospital at 8pm tonight saying they are not happy with the quality of my scan. I'm really worried now, I have to go to another hospital on Thursday and have another one done.
Does anyone know what this might mean. I have not been diagnosed yet but my gp is very ...
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Medication Questions.....

I'm trying to get a handle on MS medications. Is MS one of those diseases where you have to find the right combination of medications for each individual? The last thing I feel like is having medications make me feel whoopier than I already am!

Other than researching medications/discussing tx options with dr./and pinpointing my worst symptoms/what else can I do to prepare for the options of medications that are out there?

Do most MS'ers ...
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Study of reflexology and progressive muscle relaxation

Looks like we should all be doing reflexology and/or progressive muscle relaxation training.

Reflexology and progressive muscle relaxation training for people with multiple sclerosis: A crossover trial.

Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2009 Feb;15(1):14-21. Epub 2008 Oct 1.
Mackereth PA, Booth K, Hillier VF, Caress AL.
Christie Hospital NHS Trust, University of Derby (Buxton campus), Rehabilitation Unit, Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 4BX, UK.

PURPOSE: To compare the effects of reflexology and progressive muscle relaxation training for ...
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MS and fever (personal experience)

As you may have read I have been on Tysa for 20 months and so far so good...
Until this week when I have had some fever. This has reactivated my ms symptoms(right leg hobbling) and made me wonder whether i was having a relapse or not.
But since this fever has gone i'm feeling better, the symptoms have gone.
From my internet research this happen quite often when MS people experience fever. It ...
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Insurance Problems

My husband was recently diagnosed with MS and his doctor prescribed Avonex for him. I received a phone call yesterday stating that our copay is $750. OMG, there's no way in hell we can pay that. That's injections for only one month. How do they expect people to be able to do that? They told me that there are companies that assist with the copay's but it's based on income. Believe it or not they ...
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Everyone's got it

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