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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

sclerotic but patent--What does that mean

I have relapse remitting MS and have been having a lot of pain in my left upper leg, hip and back. My doc is on vacation and another one did xrays and just emailed me the results without explaining them.

Said my SI joints, especially the right ones appear appear sclerotic but patent. Anybody have any idea what that means? I emailed this replacement doc back but haven't heard from her yet. I looked it ...
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'busted out the new cane today

Well I finally did it. I've had a cane for about a year now. I wanted to get it before I needed it to try and learn the most effective way to use it and practice and yada, yada. Anyway, I had customers in all damn day today and had to spend mucho time in the shop. The last time I did that, I had to have someone take over for me after lunch. Well ...
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Brain lesions vs. spinal cord lesions

I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been covered before...
My neuro said he was more concerned about my spinal /neck lesions than the ones in my brain. He said that the brain ones were in an "insignificant place", but his face fell when he discussed the spinal/neck ones. This was about 13 months ago and I'm still walking and talking...I mean, did he want to imply impending doom, or what? I'm due ...
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Gardasil (HPV vaccine) can lead to MS

I suspect that my daughter's inoculation with the HPV vaccine has caused her, a previously healthy, active 15 year old, to develop MS (at first thought to be ADEM). Any thoughts?
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Grey matter for GWA

I know you worry about grey matter GWA.
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breathing question

Question for all, and I have no idea if it's MS related or not. I want to find out if others have experienced this. It's not really that big of a deal, but an annoyance.

You know those 'deep breaths' you take every so often (usually after a yawn) where you just breath way down until your lungs feel filled? There are times throughout the day here recently where I can't get the last 10% ...
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Switching from Copaxone to ???? Per new doctors orders

Just wanted some opinions here. I'm 29 and have been seeing my MS Dr for about 5 years (since I was dx). Recently, he decided to take a job at Stanford so now I'm seeing a new Dr. My old doctor really pushed Copaxone and I seemed to do well on it. I felt like he was very trustworthy. I've only had a few minor issues but am still doing well. Recently my leg is ...
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some thoughts

Hello. I have not posted very much but do look in from time to time. Find lots of info to help but still going through not knowing for sure if I have MS. Been over 6 years with some progression of symptoms. Been dx with Central Nervous System Disorder. Last MRI Oct. 2007 showed 2 new lesions that could suggest MS. Neuro has not dx MS, I asked what else could be looked at and ...
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