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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

MS and Driving....

Being a bus driver, I knew when I presented my dizziness and cognitive dysfunctions to the Dr. I'd be told not to drive.

I was wondering if anyone has had their licensed pulled by their Dr or stopped driving due to MS?

Both the neuro and family Dr. have told me "No driving." Of course, I follow their advice I'd never put anyone else in danger, especially with the way I feel.

I'm just wondering ...
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Paly student researches potential cure for MS

Sounds like this kid has removed the MS blinders and is thinking outside the box.

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Hi there, I am a 37 yr old female with a very supportive hubbie and two beautiful children.
I had been experiencing some symptoms over the last couple of years but passed them off thinking they will go away.
My symptoms are trouble walking, swaying, losing balance, trouble talking finding words, short term memory, numbness pins and needles, slight loss of sensation in ...
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DX 15 years current drugs. Do I start again?

Hello all! I was diagnosed over 15 years (age 26, now 41) and have run a pretty mild course of MS (thankfully) over those years. It all started with numbness and tinglies. Then about 3 months later, dizziness, ON, Le'Hermittes (sp)--remember all this at age 26/27. All were treated with steriods and everything returned to normal. Didn't have other bouts for almost 8 more years and then it was caused by a darn chicken pox ...
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Where do you begin?

Please bear with me.....this is kind of long......First THANK YOU for this excellent source of information!

After 3 months of dizziness, stumbling (like I'm intoxicated) headaches (unlike my typical migraines) and just not feeling right....I finally seen a Neurologist! I was so excited. I can't stand feeling this way. It feels like the neuron's aren't firing, I loose thought, can't articulate words, & stutter. It's so frustrating.

After a thorough exam & reviewing my history; ...
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MS and lost confidence

Hello all, I am new to this site. As someone who was at one time fairly athletic and intellectual, I struggle with the fact that I am unable to do many of the things that I once loved to do. My wife tells me that I seem to have lost much of my confidence and while it hurts to hear this, I am sure it is very true. Here is my question to other MS'ers ...
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MS Journal

Hi everyone!

I am new here and wanted to extend an invitation to all my fellow MS'ers. I have been writing a journal of my experience with MS so far. Please feel free to check it out if you'd like. I try to add some humor to the posts, as we all know a little humor can go a long way. :lol:

Thank you!

Please click on ...
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ACP January 09 Newsletter

Accelerated Cure Project has enrolled 1,000th case study participant in repository: ... ol0704.pdf
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To chelate or not to chelate...?

Oh well, nobody else seems to want to start this thread so here goes! I should point out that I know little about this subject apart from what I’ve learned from this forum and Google..

For anyone who is new to the term ‘chelation’ it means (in non technical terms) the removal of unwanted substances, such as heavy metals, from the body. An iron chelator is a substance which binds with iron and removes it ...
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My loving wife has gotten this multivitamin for us.

Anyone else used it?
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