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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

New Job-ADA

Can a person be denied employment for disclosing their MS in a required medical exam after accepting a job offer?

Its my understanding that under the ADA a person can't be turned away once disclosing something like MS because any judgments have to made on their current condition...not what could happen down the road.

I couldn't find any threads about this topic!

Thanks for any input.
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Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate not better than placebo

Its "just" in Athritis, but there might be some relevance for MS too, as Glucosamine might offer a potential future treatment for MS
In favour of the supplements it has been noticed that the placebo group had some hard to explain "clinically important reduction" in loss of cartilage.


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Still searching for answers in the results-
Jeff's SED rate is high, prothrombin time is quick, meaning his blood coagulates fast. His lymphs % is low, as well as WBCs.
What does all this mean? He has hypercoagulation. Sticky blood. Time to take some aspirin.

I was SURPRISED to learn he had never been tested for Hughes Syndrome, or antiphospholid syndrome, which is a differential diagnosis for MS. Could it be his neuro never ...
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Well the time has come for me to start investigating long term SSDI. I don't want it to be obviously, but between no strength, no energy, having to cath., being confused, I don't know how much more work I can do. I would like to know how to get the ball rolling on disability from anyone who has went through that ringer. Any feedback or helpful hints on how to start the process would be ...
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Nintendo Wii as therapy treatment?

I read some articles (such as ... wii111.xml ) that present the nintendo wii consolle ad a mean to do positive exercises and have good effect on phisycal condition in people affected by neurological stuffs, even ms.
is there someone who tried it? I mean, I was thinking about buying it for my boyfriend who is a "ms guy", but I'd like to here from someone who experimented ...
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One reason why I distrust MS Big Pharma

Those who have read my posts over the years are familiar with my distrust of Big Pharma when it comes to the world of MS medications. The following published articles are but one reason why I have this opinion.

The first article was written by Dr. A. N. Wilner.


Glatiramer Acetate Reduces Relapses With Lower Cost in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: Presented at ANA

By Andrew N. Wilner, MD

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- ...
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My daughter

I am a bit concerned about my daughter. I have not allowed myself to panic, but I am starting to wonder if my 22 year old daughter might have MS.
Over the last two months or so, what she has told me is this...
Went to a club one night and her leg went numb for the evening. She could hardly walk and didn't dance at all.
Arms (both) went tingly- numb a few days ...
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I came to the board not long ago. I was in the dumps. Going crazy about this monster called MS and just all over the place.

I found a wonderful group of caring and honest people. You girls and guys.

You have no idea how many of you helped me. More than you know...sp thank you with all my heart for that.

My Update:

Still on Copaxone- Shots still hurt and leave big welts and ...
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I am newby....

Hi, my name is Debi. My nickname is Doodle. That is what my mom calls me, lol. I am 31 yrs old.
I was diagnosed with MS like 4 months ago. I think it is stupid. I have had the signs for over 10 yrs. I am currently on Betaseron and it is kicking my butt!!! My doctor is over booked and I have not been able to see him since I started it.
I ...
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Naked clowns

I hate nothing more than clowns. But naked clowns raising money for MS is too much. I image that people like Lyon will buy this sort of thing. GWA is the August clown and, I must say, for a woman in her late 50s she looks pretty good. Harry Z is the March clown, but I skipped this page. The best comes at the end - Jimmylegs is the December clown (proving that Pamela Anderson ...
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