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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

when does an attack 'end'?

hey all.

so my attack started on january 23rd/24th, and got worse and worse until january 29th. then the long slow climb back started.

here we are june 19, and although i have seen TONS of progress, the curve has really started to flatten out. so how do you know when the attack "ends"? can attacks be months or even a year long?

if this is me 'between attacks', i think it's starting to make ...
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(Others) Thoughts on different MS (RR & SP)

The following link had the following explanation, which i personally hadnt read before, and it made sense to me for the progression from RR to SP. dont know if it is still scientifically valid (if it ever was....)
The authors, Prof Compston and Coles of Cambridge, UK, concluded that axons were withering (transecting) due to a loss of trophic support from oligodendrocytes even in the absence of inflammation. ‘Trophic support’ describes the process whereby oligodendrocytes ...
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Measuring re-myelination

If they ever figure out how to encourage re-myelination, they will need ways of measuring it.

Some progress being made on the measuring side:

<shortened url>

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Currently going through stem cell transplant

Hello everyone, I am currently in the middle of my stem cell transplant for MS in Ottowa Canada. I currently have a hickman line attached and have been through the first cemo sessions along with the Neupagen shots for my collection. I am currently waiting for my final cemo and the reinsertion of my stem cells which will start in July. My strenghth is almost at my baseline again and I will try to respond ...
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Guiding growing nerves.

More from 'Eurekalert!', though not strictly about MS. So, when you've grown yourself a brand, spanking new nervous system from stem cells, how do you connect it up? FGFs may help, although I think this may be more about peripheral rather than central nerves, it does mention spinal cord injury.

Public release date: 15-Jun-2006

New roles for growth factors: Enticing nerve cells to muscles
La Jolla, CA - During embryonic development, nerve cells hesitantly extend ...
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Number of lesions

Someone asked about the number of lesions and the correlation with disability. Here is an answer from the Canada MS site.

Dr Myles looks a bit scary!

New technologies will allow the damage to neurons and axons to be measured which should provide a more accurate prognosis. My difficulty is - what if the scans suggest that you will become very severely disabled? What's the point of knowing ...
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Skin, stem cells, and nerves.

Found this on 'Eurekalert!'. Sounds incredible that skin stem cells can become CNS tissue, (no ethical issues or rejection problems if they use your own skin),but here's hoping....

Public release date: 14-Jun-2006

Contact: Chelsea Gay
University of Toronto

Stem cells found in adult skin can be transplanted and function in mouse models of disease
SickKids researchers behind new ...
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Laser eye surgery

Grateful for any advice on the following.

In addition to being blessed with RR MS two years ago (age 39) I was blessed at age 15 with short-sightedness and astigmatism. This got worse in my 20's and levelled out in my 30s. In my mid 30s I got sick and tired of contact lenses and glasses and enquired about laser eye surgery. I was told by an eye surgeon who performed this procedure, that the ...
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Anti-Aging Molecule

OK, this isn't MS-specific, but it sounds very interesting.

Anti-Aging Molecule Discovered

Korean Times - A team of South Korean scientists on Sunday claimed to have created a ``cellular fountain of youth,’’ or a small molecule, which enables human cells to avoid aging and dying.

The team, headed by Prof. Kim Tae-kook at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, argued the newly-synthesized molecule, named CGK733, can even make cells younger.

The findings were ...
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An interview with the NMSS Head of Research. ... ipt_02.pdf
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