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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.


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You've probably heard it but.....

I finally am making some progress and just had a great telephone call with a neuro-physiotherapist who has told me that doing stuff like Pilates and working with a gym ball will improve my core stability and will make life easier if/when I have another relapse.

Thought I'd share it in case it hadn't been heard before. It's news to me!
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Pregnacy, hormone therapy and MS

Our gynecologict wants to give my wife clomiphane citrate and chorionic gonadotropin hormone (Pregnyl) in order to increase her fertility as she tries to get pregnant.
I have read two trials about clomiphane that suggest against it in MS due to increased relapse rate after therapy but can't find something for HCG, one big trial says it stops type II diavetes progression while other small study says it may increase relapses, what to believe?
Her ...
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Future of MS Research talk

On Monday evening, Professor Robin Franklin (one of the top MS researchers in the UK) gave a presentation on the future of MS research. I didn't attend, but an attendee posted this summary on the UK MS Society website. Thought it may be of interest.


The Future of MS (MSS talk 12 May 2008)

This was an excellent talk last night by Professor Robin Franklin from the Cambridge Myelin Repair Project whose team works ...
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Experience Project Arron = Armen Berjikly?

Experience Project reaches a million user posts in a year, raises $3 million

May 13th, 2008 - Experience Project has quietly drawn a big community of people who share life experiences with each other anonymously. Since it started a little more than a year ago, users have created a million distinct experiences on intimate subjects such as “I live in a sexless marriage.” The company has raised $3 million in ...
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Haven't had one like this in a long time. In fact, I can't recall if I have had one quite like this.

I started my Copaxone 3 days ago (3rd injection today). I'm also taking tetracycline for an acne issue.

Woke up with a bit of a headache, that never went away after taking 2 extra strength Tylenol. Due to various reasons, I couldn't just roll over and go back to sleep. I also got ...
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When is Sciatica NOT Sciatica!

Hi guys,

I've got ( what I think is ) Sciatica. Had it bad 4 years ago and got acupuncture. Disappeared.

Now I've done the ON thing and got an MRI result with three spots and....the Sciatica which had started to twinge really went for it last night :cry:

would appreciate your sciatica stories and if it might be MS symptoms instead. Woke up ...
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An alternative to steroids?

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone has had experiences with treatments other than steroids for relapses. My girlfriend has MS. She recently started physical therapy and is having problems with leg numbness during the therapy. It's like the PT is making her worse rather than better. She's been on prednisone previously but doesn't want to go back on it. Have any of you used other medications/preparations with success in treating the inflammatory symptoms? I've started reading ...
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Research money for brain ailments

This sounds promising...

Legislation Introduced to Spur Treatments for Brain Ailments

Scientific America - Lawmakers yesterday introduced legislation designed to speed the development of new, safer therapies for brain and nervous system disorders and injuries, which affect an estimated 100 million Americans and costs an estimated $1.3 trillion annually to treat.

The National Neurotechnology Initiative Act (NNTI), which has bipartisan support, calls for $200 million in federal funds to be set aside annually to research ...
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hi, new here and scared

Hi all, I'm hoping to get some answers and info from people who have gone through this.

some background...
There are 3 cases of ms on my mother's side of the family. So naturally when I started getting some weird symptoms a couple years ago, I was worried and did some research. But all the feelings I had were so vague that I never went to the doctor's with my concerns. Then I got pregnant ...
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