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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

How can you tell when it's MS or the Meds you are taking???


I have MS. Recently diagnosed in Feb 2008 after an incident in Jan 2008. I was orginally placed on Betaseron which I toughed out for a few months but could not deal with how sick it made me. I was also on Baclofen and Provigel. As of July I started Copaxone and I stopped the Provegil and Baclofen ( both didn't really do alot for me and I was sick of taking them just ...
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My vascular (?) problems - related to MS?

Hi to all,

first of all, I have my MS diagnosis since 2004, had about 15 relapses since then, remission incomplete.

I've been reading about MS as a vascular disease and want to ask you something. This year I have noticed some strange blood spots emerging spontaneously under the skin. They are not bruises, I have not hit myself with anything. They come and go, sometimes here, sometimes there - randomly.

Some pictures:
Image ...
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Not specific to MS

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EBV and B-cells

Another interesting story can be found on it tells that FTY720 seems to have anti-viral potential - at least in low doses.
Again there may be questions raised regarding an infectious cause of MS...

Just a thought, could it be that immune-system-rebooting (Campath / HDC) acts through killing the infected host-cells of EBV (B-cells) and thereby eliminating the EBV infection, and thus maybe the primary dissease cause?
In ...
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Uninsured and Unsure

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Provigil for fatigue

Has anyone had their insurance refuse to pay for Provigil?

Mine has and Dr is calling to try to get them to pay.

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Hiring a maid

I am thinking about hiring a maid to come in every two weeks or so.

My husband does most of the day-to-day stuff like laundry, dishes and cat litter, but I'm ashamed to say things such as vacuuming, floor washing, the bathtub and the fridge will often go uncleaned for weeks or even months. I can't keep up anymore and looking at the mess just makes me feel depressed, embarrassed and inadequate. I can't even ...
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Vit D study shows 26% increased death risk

This study finds an overall 26% increased death risk in people with low Vit D levels: ... 195629.htm

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Question about pain...

Okay, last question...

Pain, am I alone with the whole pain thing? Pain in the hips with any activity, pain to the touch on the arms, sacrum and hips? Pain behind the eye and migraines that kill?

I think that the fatigue comes form all of the pain...any thoughts?

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Is there any connection with a positive ANA and MS?

Hi~I am wondering if there is any connection with a positive ANA and having MS? Also wondering about elevated liver enzymes (or auto immune liver disease)? How about Iron deficiency Anemia?

Are these common things among the MS diagnosed?

I look forward to hearing from you all~
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