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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Anyone had >2 month relapse?

I have had wicked vertigo and balance issues for about 2 months now. I thought relapse at first, but after IV steroids and time has passed I am still really screwed up. I can hardly walk a straight line and I am SOOO DIZZY. I fear that this is a general worsening. I have not really heard of people having this type of ordeal last so long as a relapse. I have not really heard ...
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Seasonal MS attacks


I have had one MS attack every year since the condition first appeared six years ago. And it always happens in spring (except one summer when a lumbar puncture brought a huge attack on.)

I know that some conditions can be seasonal. Autumn, for example, is a bad time for men with heart conditions owing to the changes in hormones that are experienced when the weather changes (or so I read once).

Does anyone ...
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Fruit juices and drug absorbtion

How do you feel about that? Will it have an impact your diet?
--Frank ... 160050.htm
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In your own words, describe a "Relapse"

Thanks in advance to everyone that reponds here.

Trying to get a better understanding of how to tell if you have a relapse or flare up and what is the difference in your opinion.

Thank you so much.... :wink:
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How can you tell when it's MS or the Meds you are taking???


I have MS. Recently diagnosed in Feb 2008 after an incident in Jan 2008. I was orginally placed on Betaseron which I toughed out for a few months but could not deal with how sick it made me. I was also on Baclofen and Provigel. As of July I started Copaxone and I stopped the Provegil and Baclofen ( both didn't really do alot for me and I was sick of taking them just ...
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My vascular (?) problems - related to MS?

Hi to all,

first of all, I have my MS diagnosis since 2004, had about 15 relapses since then, remission incomplete.

I've been reading about MS as a vascular disease and want to ask you something. This year I have noticed some strange blood spots emerging spontaneously under the skin. They are not bruises, I have not hit myself with anything. They come and go, sometimes here, sometimes there - randomly.

Some pictures:
Image ...
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Not specific to MS

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EBV and B-cells

Another interesting story can be found on it tells that FTY720 seems to have anti-viral potential - at least in low doses.
Again there may be questions raised regarding an infectious cause of MS...

Just a thought, could it be that immune-system-rebooting (Campath / HDC) acts through killing the infected host-cells of EBV (B-cells) and thereby eliminating the EBV infection, and thus maybe the primary dissease cause?
In ...
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Uninsured and Unsure

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